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 Post subject: Defection of Theran Rel
PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2008 1:48 pm 
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It had been a long and arduous fight; the battle of Endor had taken a lot out of the Empire. Theran watched out of the Victory Star Destroyer MK II Requiter’s view port, the stars stretching out as they passed by. Letting out a sigh as they reverted back to real space, he saw the Imperial Star Destroyer Augmenter hanging over the moon of the third planet in the system.

“Commander, I have General Pardess on the com,” called out a comm tech, disturbing Theran from his observations.

“Relay the message to the briefing room, I’ll take the communiqué there.” Ordered Theran as he moved passed the tech and out off the bridge. Quickly making his way to the briefing room, Theran brought up General Pardess on the holo com. “General, what can the Requiter do for you? We were busy performing policing actions out by the rim of our sector, I’d like to return to the area before pirates decide to prey on the orbital stations in the area.”

“Commander, I need you and the Requiter to help me deal with a small insurrection on a nearby lunar colony.”

“An insurrection sir? How can the Requiter help in this matter, shouldn’t the Augmenter have sufficient abilities for the task?” Asked Theran, puzzled by the reassignment.

“Commander, your place is to do as I say and not ask questions. Do you understand?” Growled Pardess.
Snapping to attention, Theran had hardly replied in the affirmative before the General had cut the communiqué. Frowning to himself, Theran tried to think of reasons the General needed the services of the Requiter. The ship was well suited to policing actions against pirates and the occasional rebel strike. However against insurrectionists, the Augmenter was more suited to provide the fear and manpower needed to quell the problem. Deciding that he would deal with the issue when it was presented to him, Theran made his way back to the bridge. Upon arriving, he gave out the orders to follow the Augmenter and sat down in his command chair.


It took, several hours to drop out of hyperspace, the Requiter’s triangular hull reverting to real space just to the lower right of the larger Augmenter. The moon in question was a lush green, with splotches of blue dotting the surface. Turning to face the weapons controller, Theran ordered for all the guns to be readied and shields be raised before turning to his flight controller and ordering all fighters prepared to launch.

The Requiter’s two squadrons of fighters, consisting of a squadron of TIE Interceptors and a squadron of the newer TIE Advanced that the Requiter held onto after the hunt for Admiral Zaarin, each squadron was led by men that had flown with Theran during the Galactic Civil War, and were well-established pilots. Just as the weapons controller called out that all weapons were ready, the bridge rocked as two explosions dotted the bow of the Requiter.

“Con, what was that?” yelled Theran, the con officer scrambling to find the source of the detonations at Theran’s shout.
It only took a moment before he responded, “Sir, we have incoming pirate craft. Several Y-wings, five sir, and what looks like two squadrons of Z-95 Headhunters sir.”

“Scramble all fighters and open fire on all incoming craft. Tell the gunners to prioritize any incoming ordinance directed at ourselves or the Augmenter over that of starfighers.” Quickly ordered Theran, before moving to the tactical display.

Watching the red dots move ever closer to the two larger dots, the sensors identified the incoming crafts profiles and they changed from dots to their respective crafts. The Y-wing’s stayed behind the Z-95’s, with the Headhunters in a tight formation. As they closed in the fighters from the Requiter and Augmenter deployed and moved to engage the hostile craft. Frowning to himself, Theran was bothered by the Z-95 formation, a nagging feeling in the back of his mind.

Then just as suddenly he remembered a similar formation, one that he saw at the Battle of Endor, X-wings in a tight formation breaking apart and A-wings blasting through to cut apart the distracted and unsuspecting enemy craft. Whirling about to his Starfighter controller Theran yelled out, “Tell our fighters to circle around and attack the formations from the side, no one is to attack from the front!” However, even as his order went out, the Z-95’s broke apart and several old V-19 Torrents tore through the first and second lines of the Imperial Craft, the Z-95’s breaking up of the formations even farther and the Y-wing racing through the space that had been created for them.

Grinding his teeth, Theran ordered all starfighters to return to the Requiter and defend it from incoming torpedoes. Scanning the tactical display, Theran saw that his squadrons were down to quarter strength for his interceptors and three quarter strength for his tie advanced. Reorganizing the Interceptors into a fourth flight for the advanced squadron, his fighters moved in a screen for the incoming enemy fighters.

It was only after a large explosion rocked the bridge, the communication pit erupting into flames that Theran noticed the Augmenter giving no support to the Requiter, and the Y-wing were capitalizing on the negligence. Ordering his fighters to return to the hanger, he had started moving toward the communication pit when another tremor rocked the star destroyer. Looking over at the tactical display, warning lights were popping up all over the 3D display of the Requiter.

Fearing for his crew, Theran ordered all remaining power to be transferred to the shields. He then ordered for the engines to cut power and start the Requiter drifting as though she were dead in space. Once all of his orders were given, Theran let out a sigh of relief. Turning to his second in command, “I hope that those rebels leave us alone for a bit, so we can exact repairs. Start treating the wounded and get the ships systems back online.” He ordered. Hearing a faint whining sound, he turned back to the holo display, just in time to see a fireball erupt from it before everything faded to black.

Waking up in the medical bay, Theran found himself laying on a medical cot, General Pardess standing over him. “Commander, I see you’ve finished your nap,” growled Pardess. Sitting up, Theran looked over at him confused. “Sir?”

“You failed to adequately protect my star destroyer. On top of that I feel that your skill are insufficient as a commander of a star destroyer, as such I am relieving you of your command, my second, Captain Greeve will take charge.”

“Sir, I must protest!” interjected Theran.

“Commander I don’t care about your protests or what you’ve done. All I care about is the fact that you were, and still are a proponent of Darth Vader’s. You are hearby confined to quarters until further notice.” And with those words, Pardess left the room and two storm troopers entered.


Sitting in his room, his astro droid “Vader” making mourning whistles, Theran looking at his only holophoto decorating the room. Theran and Darth Vader taken by a former squadron member during the civil war, during his tour aboard the star destroyer Garrett. “My Lord, I don’t think this is what you meant when you said it was my job to protect the empire, things have gone downhill fast without you at the helm of the Navy. The Moffs and Warlords are tearing the Empire apart… I’m glad you didn’t live to see this.”

He was broken out of his musings when, a knock at his door occurred. Calling out for the person to enter, Theran was surprised when his former XO came in. Shocked, Theran asked, “What are you doing here? You know I’m under house arrest.”
“Sir, I hate to tell you this but I’m actually a republic intelligence agent. We wanted to make sure we, that is the Republic, kept tabs on you.” Looking over at his holo of Lord Vader, Theran made up his mind. “Why are you telling me this?” He said, subtly reaching for his blaster belt from his bedside table.

“I’m offering you a chance to defect, a chance to help people, save lives.”

“Oh, isn’t that what the Empire is trying to do, keep order in the galaxy. If I remember right, you were the ones that became terrorists and killed the one man who could have kept the galaxy together.” Said Theran, trying to get more information out the agent.

“Who was going to keep the galaxy together? Palpatine? He was a corrupt and vile man.”

“Who said anything about Palpatine, I was referring to Lord Vader.”

At that, the agent let out a sigh of frustration, “Look, I don’t like the fact that you served with Vader, I also don’t like the fact that you damn near took out several squadrons of rebels total. But this is a one time opportunity, we want this star destroyer, help us and we help you… got it?”

Looking at the man’s frustrated expression and deciding that he was serious, Theran looked out the view port to gather his thoughts. “Well if I do go with them, what then. Will I be able to do anything, flying is my life, I don’t think I could live without the comforting swirl of hyperspace to keep me company. Also I would be turning my back on all the comrades that have fallen before me.”

Cursing himself for his indecisiveness, he looked around his room slowly, as if taking it in for first time. It had one or two holo’s of friends long since gone, most at Endor. Finally his eyes came to rest on a holo of Lord Vader. Feeling lost, for the first time since the conclusion of Endor, Theran began to think on his reasons for staying with the Empire. Surprised, Theran couldn’t find any reasons for him to not accept the rebel agents offer, aside from committing treason that is. He had no family, all his friends had perished against the rebels during the war, and his main motivator and inspiration Lord Vader had, according to rumors joined Skywalker in killing the Emperor. Not to mention that the current imperial leadership was more interested in gaining personal power, rather than policing the systems they held.
Well, in the end, it wasn’t really a decision at all. Lord Vader always had the right idea, Theran was just a little slow in follow his lead. Raising an eyebrow at his picture of Vader, as if asking it for permision. Theran Looked back to the agent, standing up he grabbed his blaster belt, strapping it on. “Well, lead the way, O leader of mutinous thoughts. We had a Star Destroyer to capture.”

The command crew of the Requiter was surprised when Theran and several other officers, flanked by stormtroopers entered the bridge. Walking up to the new commander of the Ship, Theran quickly drew his Westar-34 blaster and shot Greeve under the chin, the man dropping before he could utter a sound. Turning the rest of the crew, stormtroopers training their weapons on the crew, Theran addressed all those assembled. “Soldiers of the Imperial Victory Star Destroyer Requiter, I am hereby commandeering this ship and defecting to the Rebel Alliance at this time, the Empire has lost sight of its true goals.. All crew members willing to defect man your posts, any disagreeing crew members, the stormtroopers with currently training their weapons will escort you to the docking bay for immediate disembarking from the vessel by use of transports. That is all.”

Waiting for the green light, signaling that all non-defectors were loaded up on the transports. Theran watched the Augmenter from the viewport, the vessel making its way towards a nearby Refugee convoy. “Lieutenant, patch me through to the Augmenter’s comm channel, I want to hear what they are saying.” Theran only had to wait a moment before, General Pardess was heard over the speakers.

“Rebel vessels, for violating Imperial space prepare to be destroyed.”

Whipping around Theran quickly ordered his command to action. “Prepare to fire, all guns, target the Augmenter!”

The Augmenter’s first shots struck a transport vessel midship, the vessel erupting into a ball of fire. Before the Augmenter could fire another salvo, the Requiter opened fire, its opening salvo catching the Augmenter along the side of command deck, gouts of flame erupting from where the shields didn’t hold. The Augmenter’s retaliatory salvo rocked the Requiter, rolling the ship to the left slightly.

As the vessels exchanged salvos, an emergency light drew Theran’s attention away from keeping his vessel in one piece. “Bridge, what’s the emergency?”

“Sir, enemy fighters are engaging us. We require reinforcements.”

“Don’t worry, help is on the way.” Turning to his second in command, Theran gave him command of the ship and bolted towards the hanger.

Vader situated in his socket, Theran powered up his Eta-2 fighter and blasted out of the hanger flanked by the reserve starfighter’s following his lead in their own formation. Entering the engagement area, his first thought to was, “I hope I’ve still got it.”

The furball ahead was easy to spot; calling up his IFF he quickly tagged the nearest enemy fighter. On his first pass into the furball, he throttle hopped behind the fighter and with a quick blast from his laser cannons vaporized the TIE. “All friendly squadrons, reinforcements have arrived. “All fighters proceed to mop up and then engage the Augmenter.” commed Theran as he was forced to avoid enemy fire, whilst Vader streamed profanity in Huttese at the enemy fighter. Letting out a chuckle, Theran
quickly set about leading the enemy fighter towards a friendly that had a similar issue.

“Kath Five, this is Grinner Lead, I am at point five-six. Lets give our uninvited guests a slip-jaw.”

“Roger Grinner Lead, moving to your position. You fly high, I’ll go low.” Was the response Theran received.

The two fighters cut towards each other, only taking half a second for Theran’s spinning Eta passed over Kath Five’s TIE
Interceptor. Their guests however, couldn’t react fast enough and slammed into each other. “Score one for Five and Lead.” Called out Kath Five, moving to Theran’s wing.

“Greetings Five, lets go hunting.”

“Roger Lead. Command, this is Kath Five, changing designation to Grinner Two.”

Taking stock of the furball as he looped around, Theran noticed that his fighters were quickly taking down the opposing TIEs. Most of his fighter group had survived the ambush intact, with the Augmenter’s forces taking the brunt of the ambush.
“Ok, Two lets hit that star destroyer, target the bridge deflector shields.” Ordered Theran, both craft moving to engage the star destroyer.

It took several passes to take out one generator, but as they turned for a run on the second generator, concentrated Turbolaser fire forced them to break off their attack run. Swinging around, they started a second attack run. Entering range, both fighters opened fire on the remaining shield generator. It was only Vader’s shrill whistle that warned him. Breaking down and to the left, cutting under Grinner Two, two TIE’s cut through the space he previously occupied and blasting through Grinner Two. His fighter lurching as he felt a couple of shots slam into his shield, one blast leaving a carbon score long the starboard wing.

Quickly cutting power and jamming down on the rudder, letting his inertia carry his craft parallel to the TIE’s. Theran spun the nose of his craft ahead of the TIE’s and opened fire. His laser’s punching through the cockpit of one TIE and blowing off a solar panel of the other fighter. Quickly punching it to full throttle, and ignoring Vader’s chirping laughter at the destruction, he streaked towards the remaining shield generator. However when it was in range, the streaks of proton torpedos slamming into it and their subsequent fireball make him pull high and to the right, gouts of flame reaching for his fighter. Rolling his craft so he was oriented with the Augmenter above him, he watched a squadron of B-wings race between him and the star destroyer.
As the B-wings moved into formation for another pass on the Augmenter it jumped into hyperspace, leaving the convoy, the Requiter and the B-wings the sole ships in the system. Switiching to a broad band frequency Theran attempted to contact the B-wings.

“Rebel flight, this is former Imperial Officer Theran Rel. We wish to defect to the Alliance, please respond.” After repeating the message several times, Theran received a reply.

“Mister Rel, the Alliance welcomes you at this time. We will escort you to the nearest rebel fleet.”

“Rebel flight, this is Rel, we understand and are at your command, give the signal and we will slave you navi computers.”


Theran found himeslf standing at the bridge of the Requiter, probably for the last time he thought to himself, watching the swirls of hyperspace pass around him. Letting out a sigh, he turned to his remaining crew memorizing their faces. Feeling the reversion to real space, Theran watched the Rebel Fleet move to intercept the Requiter. Watching the vessels move ever closer, he muttered the phrase he had once heard as a child. “May the force be with us all,” For this was the start of a new journey for him, one he planned to take him away from his crew, and back into the seat of a starfighter.

"Your generic TIE grunt is just plain suicidal. And the TIE Defender jockey is bloodthirsty. But the TIE Interceptor pilot, he's suicidal and bloodthirsty..."

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