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 Post subject: RS Plot 15m
PostPosted: Wed Nov 12, 2008 4:57 pm 
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I know, I know... But this needed to be written, and it didn't fit anywhere else! Don't worry, it doesn't change anything... At least until I start writing for Plot 17!!

The doors to her personal quarters slid closed behind him. Face blinked, the image of Asha lying on top of the covers, smiling up at him as she skimmed through the last shipping manifest flashed before his eyes briefly, forcing him to close them tight, stopping the welling up of tears.

It had been an emotional few weeks, with Asha’s death still fresh in his mind, the death of Shira, followed almost instantly by the discovery of his son and the last of the funerals from the Battle of Bormari finishing, Face hadn’t really had time to assimilate all the data.

He looked down into his arms, still marvelling at the small form of his sleeping son. He still hadn’t decided how he was going to cope with the little guy. Leaving Wraith seemed to be the only real option, but that still didn’t sit right with him. He sighed, the movement making Jaden squirm slightly. Face gently lay him down in the cot which Kai had somehow managed to acquire and sat on the bed next to him, gazing down at him as his mind churned over everything and nothing all at once.

A blinking light on his data terminal showed knew messages had arrived to his personal comm. unit. Slowly, so not to disturb Jaden, Face slid over to his small desk unit and activated the screen. There were several messages, most of them were official, but two caught his eye.

The first was from Lucius, his friend and business manager. Face read the text, it was succinct and thorough, just like Lucius. But still somehow managed to show his oldest friends personality.

“Congratulations of the news. Your will and stock options have been amended to show your new situation. I have taken the liberty of ensuring that Jaden’s name and relationship to you have been omitted, as far as anyone needs to know, he does not exist. I’m assuming that you want it this way. If not, I’m sure I can get a headline in 90% of the holomags by tomorrow.

I’ve attached schematics of the latest TDLx1 Nanny Droid, since I’m assuming that you’ll be requiring some assistance with him. I don’t think your extensive training really covered changing babies. I’ve also arranged for the latest model to be shipped to Ziggy at his TechDen. He assures me that he’ll have the additions, upgrades and programming done in a week, and the droid sent to you within a week of that. He doesn’t know it’s for a son, he’s assuming that it’s for an operation.

Good to hear from you again. Next time, I hope it’s not another offspring that means you need my help.



PS. Rumours are the Mandalorians have possibly found a new vein of Beskar. I’ve bought several million stock options in MandalMotors. I realise you’re not a big fan of business, but thought you’d appreciate it, considering your colleagues.

PPS. I’ve attached the latest profit and loss report. Something I have to do, since you own the company. Read it to Jaden if he can’t sleep.”

Face smiled, briefly flicking through the business report, briefly noting that it had been a good year, and he now had approximately 8.7 billion credits at his disposal. He snorted in amusement. One thing was for certain, if he didn’t want to, Jaden would never need to work.

The second message was a good deal larger. It was a holomessage, timestamped several months ago. Face paused, looking closer. It wasn’t a holomessage… it was… a codekey for a holoprogram stored in the Saculs mainframe. He narrowed his eyes, puzzled. The message didn’t appear to be from anyone, just a standard NR data relay service. Frowning, he keyed the comm. unit, turning the volume down low. “Sacul?”

Her image flashed to life on the screen. “Colonel?”

Sacul, what is program EplisonFS12?”

There was a brief pause as the Sacul accessed her extensive memory. “It is a personality interface coded by Major Bevan several months ago.”

“A what?” Face looked baffled.

The Sacul’s image rolled her eyes. “Can you remember LoranAlpha? The training program with Shira’s personality?”

Face clenched his teeth, conflicting emotions suddenly surging through him. “Yes.”

“This is from Locker. It’s not a training program, it appears to be his will.”

Face blinked, surprised. “His… will?”

“Instructions for Firestorm.” The Sacul continued. “At least, according to the header file. It’s a one-off program. It’s not designed to have multiple plays, just the one.”

“Can you route it through to my console?”

“Of course. But wouldn’t you prefer it to be ran in the training suite?”

“It’s not Locker, it’s a program.”

“Obviously, but if he wanted it to be simply a message, he would have recorded a message. He’s created a personality interface.” The Sacul responded logically.

“I can’t, I’ve got Jaden…” Face tailed off, glancing back at his son.

The Sacul sighed, exasperated. “Jaden’s body temperature is in the optimum range, as is his heart rate and oxygen consumption. His brainwave patterns show him to be comfortably asleep, and will not be waking for the time it will take you to run the program.” At Face’s bewildered look, the Sacul smiled. “Face, nothing goes on inside my hullplates without me knowing about it. Jaden will be constantly monitored every millisecond he is on board. You have my word.”


“Aliit ori'shya tal'din.”

Face shook his head in surprise and then smiled. “You’re right. When did you learn Mando’a?”

“Two seconds ago.”


“I’ll clear out the training room and have the program prepared for when you get there.”

“Thanks Sacul.”


“Show off.”


The soft hum of the internal generators was the only sound as Face padded quietly into the training room. It was just before midnight, ship time, and the majority of the Wraiths were either still out at the various wakes and celebrations, or in their own quarters on the Sacul. Entering the holographic training area, Face smiled. This was one of the few areas on the ship left intact after the battle. Still, he’d seen the new designs for the Sacul (ironically, approved, tweaked and updated by the Sacul herself) and the training room was scheduled to be shifted to the front of the ship. He knew it would be some time before his sense of direction caught up with him, but for now, the training room was a familiar sight.

Once of the training droids stood in the middle of the room, it’s servomotors already configured to Lockers shape. Face took a deep breath, and then looked at the ceiling sensors. “OK Sacul, execute program.”

The background hum increased infinitesimally, as wordlessly, the Sacul flickered the hologram projector to life. The light around the training droid flashed, and then, there stood Locker.

Face smiled. “You look good for a dead guy.”

Locker looked down at his body. “Yeah, I guess so.” He grinned. “What happened to me?”

“You stayed behind on a Super Star Destroyer to protect Firestorm as they escaped. Last images show you were mortally wounded, and took out about fifteen heavy troopers. Firestorm would have been a sitting duck. Real Mandokarla there pal.”

“A warriors death.” Locker nodded, satisfied. “I guess you’re wondering why I’ve left you this program?”

“To engage me with witty banter and repartee?”

Locker froze for a second, as if trying to access memories that weren’t there. The pause was minute, but served to reinforce that the personality matrix didn’t have all the answers. Locker continued as though he’d never heard Face’s comments. “I’ve left this, as I wanted to make sure that Firestorm continued the way I planned if I died.”

Face nodded. “I thought as much.”

“I know you’ve guessed who my father was.” Locker continued. “But I’m going to give you some more specifics. He was Kav, or RC1120 as he was also known. He fell in love with my mother, a Corellian woman after the Clone Wars. When Order 66 was issued, he was struck down by the Jedi he was ordered to kill and declared dead. My mother found him, and nursed him back to health. They fell in love, and a few years later, they had me. He had joined one of the fledgling Rebellions, and got himself killed in one of the early battles. I was 4 at the time, and can barely remember him.”

He paused, collecting his thoughts before continuing. “I’ll never know whether he was actually carrying out Order 66, or if the rest of his squad were doing so, and he just got caught up in it. He never told my mother, and she never pressed him. Shab, I don’t even know the Jedi he was assigned to.” He shrugged. “Anyway, he left behind one of these personality matrixes, and told me all about his Mandalorian heritage, from then on in, I wanted to follow in his footsteps. He died fighting the Empire, so that’s where I went.” He smiled. “Following a father I never knew, kinda dumb huh?”

“I’m a father now.” Face blurted out, unsure why he wanted to tell Locker.

Locker froze once more, this time for a couple of seconds, his features immobile, suddenly, he smiled, but it was a bland, general smile, showing bemusement as opposed to genuine warmth. “I’m sorry pal, I don’t know how to respond to that.”

“That’s OK, it was kinda out of the blue for me too.”

“I’m sorry pal, I don’t know…”

“So, what do you want me to do with Firestorm?” Face cut his friend off, not willing to see the reminder that he was only talking to a program.

“You’ve probably noticed that a lot of them have started leaning towards the Mandalorian heritage that I’ve been slowly teaching them. And I don’t mean just the swear words. I don’t know where it’s heading, but I want to make sure it continues in the same direction.”

“If they all turn Mandalorian, then won’t Firestorm kinda leave the New Republic?” Face asked, confused.

“Mandalorian’s are soldiers for hire, as long as the New Republic keeps paying, they’ll keep working.” Locker pointed out.

Face shook his head slightly in confusion. “I hope you’re right pal.”

“Trust me.”

“So, what do you want me to do?”

“I need you to find my successor.”

“Excuse me?”

Locker grinned, and spread his arms wide. “It’s a big galaxy Face, there must have been more Clones who sired offspring, and some of them might even be in the New Republic. I want you to find my half brothers and sisters, and find one who can take on the job.”

Face’s eyes widened. “You want me to what?”

There was a brief pause once more, then Locker repeated himself, the same gestures and mannerisms to an eerie perfection. “I want you to find my half brothers and sisters, and find one who can take on the job.”

Face released a low whistle. “And how?”

“My personal data contains various genome and DNA information. I’m sure you can find someone who can run the check through New Republic systems.”

“I.... I guess I could.” Face swallowed. “If this is what you want me to do.”

“I do. Firestorm is my baby Face, same as Wraith is yours. I want Firestorm to continue heading where I pointed it.”

“You can trust me.”

Lockers final smile was genuine and huge. “I know pal, I always did.”

With that, the hologram flickered off.

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