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 Post subject: The RS Plot
PostPosted: Sun Apr 04, 2010 9:20 am 
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Hello writers one and all!

This is a friendly neighbourhood announcement regarding the new style RS Plot. However, for those who are not 'current' in the plot, do not fear, for there is a handy synopsis!

    The Imperial Remnant secretly designed a plague. It was particularly nasty, and the whole galaxy got infected, a LOT of people died. However, the Imperial Remnant was not only evil, it was sneaky! It had built up a HUGE fleet, and positioned supporters in the New Republic. When the Imperial Remnant released the cure for the plague (which they'd prepared) the majority of the galaxy welcomed them with open arms. Those who didn't, the Imperials reclaimed the old fashioned way.

    Within a space of 6 weeks, the balance of power shifted. The once galactic spanning New Republic was shattered into a thousand Rebel cells, fighting to stay alive, fighting to find each other, and fighting the newly resurrected Empire.

    General Wedge Antilles, the commanding officer of the newly commissioned 'Task Force Renegade', received a hastily coded message from Admiral Ackbar, simply telling him to hide. Wedge took it upon himself, to turn his force into one military unit, fighting against the Empire, with no backup or assistance, searching for allies, as well as hurting the evil Galactic Empire once more.

    Reorganising the Task Force (including shifting ranks around to suit roles), Wedge and the rest of the gang find themselves alone, fighting the good fight...

Now, the change in situation has also given us a change in plot. There's always been a group of writers who are more aware of what's going on in the plot. This can be because they've got a lot of long term ideas, or because they're online the same time as a lot of people, and discussions occur.

This can lead to a frustration for some, as they don't want to 'ruin' the plot by plotting something which goes against the plan. This in turn can stagnate the plot. We tried writing a plot WITHOUT an over arching plan, which turned into Plot 16. And since there wasn't a plan, no-one wrote anything. Therefore there NEEDS to be a plan, there NEEDS to be a person (or persons) helpfully steering the plot in the right direction.

So, we move on to 17. It's all different, it's all new, we've got new characters, new placements for old characters and a new verve for writing!

Plot 17 will be about the hunt to track down Elassar, and the COMPNOR cell that has him. This can be as long or short as we want to make it. As discussed in the previous thread, there will be a series of Directors, each one taking a section of the plot. Gav will be 'directing' 17a. It's his job to start it off, and point it in a meaningful direction, all the while looking towards the overarching goal of rescuing Elassar/finding COMPNOR.

The new setup/rosters for Rogue, Wraith, High Flight, Firestorm etc, will be on Plotpedia, hopefully with characters fleshed out!

I'm guessing that Gav will be posting the first story of 17a soon... So... Let's get to it!

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