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Okay, welcome to my new epic. :D

Moves the timeline forward 300 years or so, so all new characters, but lots of familiar names, locations and....erm......stuff. It's still Star Wars, but we in the future and with no silly Vong, or Dark Side Jacen or the other silliness that came after.

Think of it as Legacy, but further on and different :).

This first part is the introduction, so we'll start with a timeline and a series of profiles for each of the main factions involved, just to make the run in easier and to make the history clearer.

Timeline today and first of the intros for the factions. Then more in a couple of days, should be kicking into the story by middle of next week :)



Timeline of the Galaxy since The Darkest Days

37 ABY

Skye Alliance officially formed with Trinity Oslo-Tarn as ruler for life. Skye Constitution signed which guarantees that her children and her descendents will be the rightful heirs to the Skye throne and rule of the Alliance. Skye Alliance Military officially formed.

Skye Alliance Parliament formed on Agamar to handle the day-to-day affairs of the Alliance.

Though initially small the Alliance will eventually grow to encompass thousands of worlds. Across the galaxy numerous worlds -many of them in the Rim- declare their independence from Republic rule. The situation is further complicated when sixty percent of the Republic's military force mutinies with entire crews returning to their homeworlds. A large portion whose worlds now fall within the Skye Alliance sign up with the Skye military.

General Octavia Terah officially resigns her commission rather than be dragged into the political infighting that begins to dominate the New Republic. She retires in peace to her homeworld of Tatooine and writes her memoirs.


Wedding of Jenna Tarn and Zane Irelon.

Duncan Tarn-Irelon born. Diplomats from Mon Calamari, Corellia, Anzat, Kashyyyk and Hutt Space begin a series of meetings that will eventually lead to the formation of the Free Worlds League. Skye weapons development program develops the first generation of Battlesuits, giving the Skye Alliance an advantage it will hold for nearly ninety years.

40 ABY

A secret meeting on Bespin results in the creation of the Outer Rim Federation, a loose alliance of worlds dedicated to protecting each other from the war machine of the Republic. Marcus Tikonov becomes the Federations first ruling Duke and creates his government offices on Bespin. Visage Enterprises sets itself up as a fully independent organization, tied to no one particular government. Coruscant Bombing Memorial completed and first memorial service held.

43 ABY

Oberon Confederation formed with Naboo as capital and Takayoshi Fuchida at its head as Chancellor. Jaina Solo marries Jagged Fel.

45 ABY

Mek takes Captain-General rank and officially forms the Free Worlds League basing her rule on Mon Calamari. Baroness Lesk Chou forms the Circinus Federation on Almania rather than submit to the rule of Skye or Mon Calamari and creates an 'island' of worlds between the two larger nations. Elisa Solo-Fel born.

47 ABY

Having lost almost half its territory to the fledging nations that have been formed, anger within the New Republic Senate forces Gorak to issue a statement warning the other leaders not to try to claim the worlds that are unaligned.

Diplomats from all nations step up efforts to convince the unaligned worlds to pick a nation.

In the Corellian System, a tense stand off begins between Republic forces guarding Centrepoint Station –which is still in Republic hands- and forces of the newly formed Free Worlds League, supported by Correlian Defense Force assets.

50 ABY

Minor conflicts erupt as all six leaders send small, but organized forces to secure the thousands of worlds that have remained independent. During one catastrophic battle between Republic and Free Worlds Forces at Hyperion, the Star Destroyer Alegro is forced to make a blind jump to hyperspace. The Nobility Class vessel and her crew are never seen again.

Fighting erupts at Centrepoint Station between Republic and FWL forces.

51 ABY

Skye secret police organization, the Internal Security Force (ISF) is created to assist in dealing with Republic sponsored terrorism.

53 ABY

After three years of attritional fighting, the New Republic is forced to concede Centrepoint Station to the Free Worlds League. Retreating Republic troops succeed in sabotaging the massive space stations power source and are also able to destroy all data contained in the memory banks.

56 ABY

Duncan Tarn-Irelon falls to the dark side, takes the name Darth Shadow and launches a one man reign of terror across numerous worlds in both the Skye Alliance and the New Republic that claims the lives of several Jedi including Mara Jade-Skywalker and Jacen Solo and cripples Zekk. Jenna Tarn-Irelon disappears and sometime later the shattered remains of Darth Shadow's ship are found in the Sarna system. Neither son nor mother are found.

59 ABY

Unexplained failure of holonet across entire Skye Alliance. Trinity Oslo-Tarn blames New Republic for underhand tactics and threatens action.

Three days later, all holonet service is inexplicably restored followed by a seven-day outage across the Rim Worlds Republic.

60 ABY

Trinity Oslo-Tarn incapacitated by stroke. Malcolm Tarn takes the throne of Skye.

61 ABY

Luke Skywalker hands the title of Grandmaster of the Jedi Order to his nephew Anakin Solo. Two days later Luke is found dead in his quarters, no explanation is ever found for his death.

63 ABY

Jaina Solo-Fel founds the Jade Knights, a militant arm of the Jedi Order dedicated to carrying out the tasks and missions the Order officially cannot become involved in. Jasek Tarn renounces his ties to the throne of Skye and fights off stiff competition to become leader of the Jade Knights serving under Jaina herself.

65 ABY

Takayoshi Fuchida dies. Juliano Fuchida becomes Oberon Chancellor.

66 ABY

Trinity Oslo-Tarn dies. Marcus Tikonov killed in shuttle disaster; Ishtar Tikonov takes throne of Outer Rim Federation.

68 ABY

Urizen Tarn born.

69 ABY

First mission of the Jade Knights inadvertently reveals that the elder Bel Tarn and Darth Shiva were one and the same. The New Republic still reeling from the actions of Darth Shadow rises up in anger and Chief-of-State Gorak demands reparations from Skye. When Malcolm Tarn refuses, both sides begin preparations for war.

71 ABY

First Republic/Skye War begins with a preemptive strike by Skye forces against a Republic base on Myrkr. The war sees the official debut of several brand new designs including the Republic's Legacy Class Destroyers and Skye's Phantom class starfighters.

72 ABY

Skye forces suffer a devastating defeat at Taanab with massive losses. In retaliation, Skye forces launch an ill planned and near disastrous second strike. In the second battle however, Hapan forces repaying an old debt to the Tarn bloodline arrive at the last moment to support the Skye attack. Mek dies and is replaced by Tsillin Dab as Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.

74 ABY

Hapes Consortium allies with the Skye Alliance. As a reward for their support at Taanab the Hapan's are permitted to negotiate their own conditions. First Republic/Skye war ends with the capture of Balmorra by Skye forces. Republic and Skye diplomats sign a cease-fire between the two nations. The Republic vows to never surrender its claim to Balmorra, but refrains from breaking the tenuous cease-fire.

78 ABY

Pirates calling themselves the Blackwind Pirates and basing themselves out of Giju launch several raids against Fondor and Mrlsst. Initial attempts to destroy them are unsuccessful.

80 ABY

A sizable Republic strike force obliterates most of the Blackwind Pirate force as well as their home base. The assault is supported by a Jade Knight strike team responsible for the killing of the pirate chieftain and the destruction of his base. The surviving pirates flee into the unknown regions and take several worlds. Over the next century they will expand their holdings and form the pirate kingdom known as the Tortuga Dominion.

81 ABY

Lesk Chou is assassinated and her nephew Rikard Chou seizes the throne of the Circinus Federation. New Republic Chief-of-State Gorak is implicated in a banking scandal and though his innocence is proven, his reputation is left tarnished.
Cult of Palpatine formed. A quasi-religious group, the cult begins as little more than a dozen members on Anaxes. It worships Palpatine and his ‘teachings’ and believes that Palpatine will once again be reborn to retake his throne and restore the Empire.

83 ABY

Gorak loses a vote of no-confidence and is replaced by the Deveronian Lak Jiv as New Republic Chief-of-State. Lak Jiv's first act is to move to incorporate the Jedi Order directly into the New Republic military. Grandmaster Anakin Solo refuses to give up the Jedi's independence and instead with backing from Visage Enterprises forces a deal with the five largest nations that gives the Jedi complete control of the worlds of Camaas, Yavin IV, Ossus, Kashyyyk, Endor and Zhar as well as the Alderaan system. Full details of the deal are not made public, but it is revealed that the Jedi wish to maintain their independence to work to prevent any nation from using terrorism tactics against civilians. Solo signs an agreement with Visage Enterprises that allows the company to provide security to the Jedi worlds.

84 ABY

Lando Calrissian and Tendra Risant-Calrissian are killed along with fifty civilians and workers in an explosion on the Varn mining world.

85 ABY

First reports of a ghost ship near Deneb. Initial descriptions indicate the likelihood of it being the missing Alegro. A follow up search finds no sign of the vessel.

88 ABY

Lucas Antilles, adopted son of Wedge and Tyria Antilles develops the first viable plasma based weaponry.

89 ABY

Republic scientists begin initial research into temporal manipulation as part of Project Deimos on Hyboria. Skye agents succeed in acquiring a portion of Lucas Antilles research.

90 ABY

Elisa Solo-Fel and Jasek Tarn marry despite opposition from Elisa's parents.

92 ABY

War breaks out between Free Worlds League and the New Republic. The Circinus Federation seeing an opportunity also attacks the Free Worlds League taking several worlds including Lianna and Raxus. Two days later, fighting also erupts between Oberon Confederation and Outer Rim Federation with fighting spilling into several Republic systems. Skye Alliance initially remains out of the conflict, but within a month Skye Military Command vessels drop from hyperspace around the FWL worlds of Kentares and Contruum and demand the surrender of those worlds. Contruum surrenders almost immediately, but Kentares resists prompting a full invasion. Frustrated by the slow progress of his troops on the eve of the new year, Hector Rowe, the commander of the Skye forces at Kentares orders an orbital bombardment of the capital city resulting in millions of deaths in what will become known as the Kentares massacre.

93 ABY

In shock at the events at Kentares, the leaders of all warring nations declare a ceasefire. Malcolm Tarn personally orders his troops to hunt down Hector Rowe and those loyal to him. Rowe and the crew of his flagship, the Intruder Class Destroyer 'Retribution' attempt to flee into Republic space, but a Hapan battle group intercepts them before Rowe can reach the border. Dragged back to Skye in chains, Rowe is put on trial and eventually executed for his crimes. Malcolm Tarn is forced to cede a number of worlds back to the Free Worlds League as compensation.

94 ABY

An accident on Hyboria destroys the Project Deimos labs and obliterates a large piece of the planet. A follow up investigation finds no sign of an explosion and the lead investigator reports that the missing piece of the planet appears to have melted away, leaving only a smooth edge. Logan Veila-Solo born. Visage Enterprises absorbs Czerka Arms in a hostile takeover.

97 ABY

The Jedi Order founds the neutral space station of Silver Hope in the Alderaan system. It is hoped that the station will serve as a place where the various leaders can gather to settle differences without war. Each nation dispatches a diplomat to remain on the station on a semi-permanent basis.

99 ABY

Jaina Solo-Fel passes away following complications arising from an injury sustained during a Jade Knight mission three days before. Jagged Fel takes his own life rather than be separated from his wife. One day later, Angus Fel-Tarn is born.

101 ABY

Ishtar Tikonov dies. Samantha Tikonov proclaimed Duchess of Outer Rim Federation. Warran Tikonov born
Cult of Palpatine comes to the notice of New Republic Intelligence after a bombing on Anaxes kills the Governor.

103 ABY

Malcolm Tarn dies and is succeeded by his son Urizen Tarn.

104 ABY

Second round of sightings of the Ghost Ship Alegro, this time in orbit around Eriadu. Like before, follow up searches find nothing.

105 ABY

Anakin Solo dies. Kol Skywalker becomes Jedi Order Grandmaster. Juliano Fuchida dies. Anton Fuchida becomes Chancellor of Oberon Confederation.

106 ABY

Tsillin Dab assassinated. Oro Rix becomes Captain-General of Free Worlds League.

107 ABY

Following a failed attempt on Urizen Tarn's life, the ISF begin a purge of Skye's military, political and economic echelons. Over a hundred individuals are executed and hundreds more imprisoned. Tancred Tarn born.

110 ABY

Outer Rim Federation Bloodsword fiasco occurs.

111 ABY

Fall out from Bloodsword fiasco causes extreme unrest in Outer Rim Federation leading to economic collapse. New Republic Intelligence reports that Cult of Palpatine has expanded to forty seven worlds in the New Republic.

112 ABY

Samantha Tikonov assassinated. Nikolai Hasek seizes Outer Rim Federation rule. Outer Rim Federation civil war begins. Both the Republic and the Oberon Confederation take advantage of the conflict to seize a number of worlds from the Outer Rim Federation.

114 ABY

Nikolai Hasek killed on Bespin. Warren Tikonov takes throne of Outer Rim Federation. Outer Rim Federation civil war ends. Skye begins deployment of Typhoon class battlesuits.

115 ABY

Free Worlds League agents steal the plans for the Typhoon class battlesuit. Free Worlds League scientists begin development of their own battlesuit, the Falcon battlesuit.

116 ABY

Jasek Tarn and Elisa Fel-Tarn killed during battle against Sith worshippers. Logan Veila-Solo takes command of Jade Knights. Angus Fel-Tarn elevated to Knight.

119 ABY

New Republic senate corruption investigation begins. NRI foils Cult Of Palpatine bombing attempts on Kuat.

120 ABY

New Republic senate corruption investigation ends. New Republic senate corruption trials begin. Seventy eight senators relieved of their posts. Chief-of-State Lak Jiv implicated in corruption and removed from office. Ian Cameron elected as Chief-of-State based on his vow to clean up the corruption in the government.

121 ABY

New Republic senate corruption trials end.

124 ABY

Liza Fuchida born. Jedi Order, with backing from Urizen Tarn and Oro Rix propose the creation of a series of rules regarding how war is to be fought. These tenets effectively ban the use of high destruction tactics such as atomics, orbital bombardment and biological and chemical weaponry. In addition, the Alderaan Convention as it becomes known also offers greater protection for civilians and prisoners-of-war. All but one of the nations add their signature. Rikard Chou claims that the Alderaan Convention is a plot by the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League to destroy his nation by handicapping his troops.

125 ABY

Circinus Federation launches several simultaneous strikes against the Skye Alliance and Free Worlds League. In the Skye Alliance Ord Radama is hit by several atomic weapons and sixty percent of its surface rendered uninhabitable. In the Free Worlds League, the native population of Dellat is wiped out when a bio-plague is unleashed on the populace. A counterattack by Skye Alliance AND Free Worlds League forces on Muskree sees the joint deployment of both nations forces. Circinus troops unprepared for the ferocity of the counterattack and surprised by the cooperation between the attacking nations often surrender rather than fight. Rikard Chou killed on Vaynai when he attempts to lead the battle himself.

126 ABY

Circinus Federation surrenders and signs peace treaty with both Free Worlds League and Skye Alliance. The treaty allows the Federation to retain its worlds, but also reduces the Circinus armed forces to ten percent of their pre-war numbers. Carla Von-Rhors takes throne of Circinus Federation and immediately signs Alderaan Convention.

127 ABY

Free Worlds League and Skye Alliance sign non-aggression pact. Joshua Loran, a Mandalorian protector claiming to be from the bloodlines of both Boba Fett and Garik Loran ascends to the rank of Mand’alor.

129 ABY

Mandalorian sector declares independence and forms it's own nation with backing from the Jedi Order. Both the Free Worlds League and Skye Alliance lose worlds to the new nation, but are unwilling to fight the Mandalorians for possession of the region.

130 ABY

Mandalore signs the Alderaan convention to the surprise of many. Last remaining Imperator/Imperial Class Star Destroyer –the Rebel Dream- decommissioned by the Oberon Confederation.

131 ABY

Circinus Federation scientists succeed in reverse engineering their own battlesuits using examples captured from Skye Alliance and Free Worlds League during Battle of Vaynai and complete the prototype for the Scarab battlesuit.

133 ABY

New Republic begins first test phase for the Intrepid Class Star Dreadnaught. The prototype, the 'Intrepid' is launched amid little fanfare.

135 ABY

Third round of Alegro sightings. This time the sighting occurs at Bilbringi where the Intrepid is undergoing engine tests. Dozens of witnesses see the ghost ship cut across the Intrepid's bow before leaping to hyperspace. Review of sensor scans are inconclusive.

136 ABY

The last of the Rakata dies. The founders of the long dead Infinite Empire are now extinct.

142 ABY

Urizen Tarn succumbs to illness and passes away. Tancred Tarn assumes the throne of the Skye Alliance.

143 ABY

Tancred Tarn orders reorganization of Skye military forces.
Intrepid class Star Dreadnaught enters service with New Republic military.
Cult of Palpatine cells destroyed by NRI on Anaxes, Coruscant and Bilbringi.

145 ABY

Millennium Falcon is found in a storage shed on Corellia. The antique vessel eventually finds its way to the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. Reorganization of Skye military into the Armed Forces of the Skye Alliance (AFSA) completed.

150 ABY

A power plant explodes on Garqi killing thousands of people in the nearby city of Port Howard. Investigation by the ISF traces the explosion back to Republic agents. Tancred Tarn demands that the Republic surrender those responsible. Chief-of-State Ian Cameron refuses to do so and instead demands that Skye surrender worlds taken during the First Republic/Skye War. In reply, Tancred Tarn declares war. Second Republic/Skye War begins.

151 ABY

Republic forces attempting to take Balmorra are soundly defeated when Anya Tarn -second cousin to Tancred Tarn- leads a battalion of Typhoon battlesuits in a boarding action of the Intrepid class Star Dreadnaught 'Shark'. During the ensuing battle the Republic Seventh fleet is decimated. Rather than return to be thrown into another battle, the survivors take the remaining vessels in the fleet and begin making a series of randomized jumps that take them through Free Worlds League space and will eventually lead them to the scattered star clusters at the edge of the galaxy.

153 ABY

AFSA forces mount a series of devastating raids against Republic held positions on Ord Mantell, Obroa-Skai and Iridonia. Reeling from the attacks Republic forces mount a counterstrike against Ylix that serves only to utterly destroy the Republic Eleventh fleet. Eventually, Tancred Tarn declares that the balance has been redressed and signals an end to the fighting. Second Republic/Skye War ends.

154 ABY

The Remnants of the Republic Seventh fleet after two years of slow, secretive travel across the galaxy reach a star cluster on the edge of the galaxy. The demoralized survivors settle on the handful of habitable worlds in that region. The largest concentration of survivors are aboard the Viscount Class Cruiser 'Taurian' and the world they settle on is named after their vessel. The survivors eventually take the first steps that will lead to the creation of the Taurian Concordat.

155 ABY

Ian Cameron killed by assassin. Velst Sov'lon elected New Republic's Chief-of-State.

157 ABY

In exchange for a number of Mandalorian built starfighters, the Free Worlds League provides the Mandalorians with several examples of battlesuit technology. New Republic begins creation of their own battlesuits.

160 ABY

Taurian Concordat founded. Jehan Centralla, former commander of the Taurian takes the throne.

161 ABY

Defectors from the New Republic provide both the Outer Rim Federation and the Oberon Confederation with battlesuit prototypes. Chiana Tikonov born.

163 ABY

Tancred Tarn makes his third cousin Stefan Amaris his chief advisor. The two sign an agreement that allows Stefan to build up a private army to help provide additional security for Skye worlds.

164 ABY

Velst Sov'lon issues Executive Order 57 in wake of report hinting at low morale and level of competence amongst the military. Reorganization of New Republic military begins. Skye forces begin deployment of Dragon Class battlesuit and Sabre class starfighters.

165 ABY

ISF agents report massive buildup of Republic forces along the Republic/Skye border. Tancred Tarn orders Skye forces to match positions on the Skye side of the border. Unwilling to strip forces from other borders, Tancred is forced to strip them from the core Skye worlds and sends them to the border with Anya Tarn in command. By the end of the year only a handful of AFSA forces protect the core planets with Stefan Amaris' private forces in majority control.

166 ABY

Stefan Amaris murders Tancred Tarn and every man, woman and child currently on Skye with a drop of Tarn blood. Declaring himself ruler of the Skye Alliance, Stefan orders that the entire Skye military obey his commands. A full third of the military responds to his call. Forty percent of Skye worlds come under his direct control.

167 ABY

Anya Tarn takes full command of the remainder of the Skye military and declares war against the Usurper. She dispatches envoys to both the Mandalorian's and the Free World League and then moves against the Skye Alliance core worlds. Skye Alliance civil war begins.

169 ABY

Republic forces attempt to move against several worlds in the Skye Alliance. To their surprise, they are repulsed by Mandalorian 'Peace-Keeping Forces' which have landed on those worlds to free up Skye troops as part of Anya Tarn's 'Operation Liberation'.

170 ABY

Bolstered by supplies and manpower from the Free Worlds League, Anya Tarn leads her loyal forces against Stefan Amaris' core forces. Operation Liberation begins. Sergio Fuchida Born.

171 ABY

Anya Tarn liberates Skye and clad in a Dragon battlesuit executes the Usurper and his entire family in retribution for his actions. Proclaiming herself ruler, Anya invites the Skye troops who had sided with Amaris to surrender. Many do so, but the offer is not extended to the remnants of Amaris' private army. Instead, they flee into the unknown regions along with Skye forces that chose not to accept Anya's offer. Skye Alliance civil war ends.

172 ABY

As the price for the support she received from the Free Worlds League, Anya Tarn cedes a number of worlds to the League creating a wedge into Skye Alliance space. Aaron Tarn born. ISF begins a massive purge to remove dissenters and those who harbored loyalties to Amaris. Skye military reduced by nearly a half, forcing Skye High Command to begin a massive recruitment drive. Entire noble bloodlines are exterminated and with civil unrest high Anya Tarn is forced to declare martial law across the entire Skye Alliance, curfews are enacted and borders are sealed and a communications blackout is put in place across the entire Alliance. All traffic in and out of the Alliance grinds to a halt. For the next six years, the only sign of Skye forces are the battle groups that patrol the border systems and ruthlessly eliminate any intruders.

174 ABY

In attempt to penetrate the shroud of silence and secrecy blanketing the Skye Alliance, the New Republic dispatches several recon ships into Alliance space. None are seen again. Carla Von-Rhors dies. Jerome Von-Rhors takes position of Baron of the Circinus Federation. Anton Fuchida dies. Liza Fuchida becomes Chancellor of Oberon Confederation.

175 ABY

One of Emperor Palpatine's last remaining storehouses is found on Aridus by an Oberon Confederation investigation team. Within days the entire site is placed under a military cordon. Shortly after, a Jade Knight strike team disguised as Republic operatives successfully destroys the storehouse and the deadly artifacts within to prevent the powerful weapons being deployed. Liza Fuchida demands an explanation and reparations from the Republic. Republic Chief-Of-State Velst Sov'lon refuses and denies all knowledge of the incident. In response, Liza Fuchida declares a state of war. Republic/Oberon war begins. Oberon forces launch strikes at several key worlds along the Republic/Oberon border including Thyferra, Kamino, Kothlis and Tynna. In return, Republic forces launch a deep strike at the worlds of Rodia, Druckenwell and Falleen. Forced to pull forces back from their attacks to defend against the Republic strike, Liza Fuchida is forced to yield the previously attacked border worlds back to the Republic and eventually sues for peace. Republic/Oberon war ends.

176 ABY

The recent actions of the Jade Knights on Aridus angers many within the Jedi Order, specifically those who still follow the old beliefs and ideals. In an attempt to prevent a schism within the order, Raul Solo, current Master of the Jade Knights agrees to several restrictions on the Jade Knights activities and mandate.

178 ABY

After almost six years of silence from the Skye Alliance, Anya Tarn reopens the borders and re-establishes communications with the Free Worlds League. Anya Tarn and Oro Rix secretly meet on The Wheel in Free Worlds League space. As part of an alliance Anya Tarn agrees that no Skye vessels will enter FWL space for at least fifty years. In return, the League will agree to the same.

179 ABY

The Republic world of Teyr is quarantined following an outbreak of what would become known as Teyr-X. The malady is traced to a medical research facility on Teyr and estimated to have been released when a containment breach occurred. A subsequent investigation discovers that the facility had faulty containment seals.

Anya Tarn creates the Republic March and the Circinus March, two thirty light year thick corridors of worlds that run along the borders with the respective enemies. Each March is placed under the stewardship of a ruling Duke with the military forces under the command of a Field Marshall. The Fel's take the stewardship of the Republic March beginning with Anton Fel II with his eldest son Darik taking the Field Marshall role. The Dukeship of the Circinus March is taken by Jord Onasi as is the Field Marshall Role.

Anya hopes that the semi-independent nature of the Marches will permit more efficient defense in those areas.

180 ABY

Anya Tarn lifts the declaration of martial law imposed eight years earlier. The Nagelring is formed on the Skye world of Toprawa. Over the next century, the Nagelring will become the Skye Alliance's premier military academy. Declining health forces Velst Sov'lon to step down as New Republic chief-of-state. His chosen successor Julia Diago ascends to the position of Chief-of-State.

182 ABY

Jehen Centralla assassinated. Strelok takes throne of Tuarian Concordat. Carla Von-Rhors dies. Tassa Kay takes throne of Circinus Federation.

Oro Rix forms the Mon Calamari Institute of Science, A combined academy/research school that will become a beacon of higher learning and research. Consisting of seven colleges dedicated to Biology and Medicine, Military Science, Engineering, Mining and Metallurgy, Chemistry, Finance, and Political Administration, the MCIS will over the next century become one of the most prestigious academies in the galaxy. The MCIS will also be responsible for turning out some of the most highly trained soldiers, pilots and naval crewers in the galaxy.

183 ABY

Jaken Skywalker becomes Grandmaster of the Jedi Order and invites the rulers of the six ruling nations to attend a conference on Camaas aimed at creating some sort of lasting peace between the great rivals. Surprisingly, the offer is accepted by all and with the Mandalorians hired on to escort the delegates through Republic space, the first Camaas conference is held at the end of the year. Though little is accomplished at this first conference, many observers remark that a new era of peace may be on the horizon.

184 ABY

Forces from the Taurian Concordat launch a series of raids into Free Worlds League space with the aim of securing resources and technology to support the still weak pirate nation. Fwillsving, Kubindi and Tuna all suffer moderate damage as the planetary militias fail to repel the raiders. At Honoghr, a Free Worlds League fleet is on maneuvers and destroys the invading force. Strelok sends several messages to Oro Rix, taunting the Captain-General over the Concordats victories.

185 ABY

Oro Rix steps down in humiliation following Strelok's taunting. Tsillen Akdool becomes Captain-General of Free Worlds League.

186 ABY

Fourth Alegro sighting. This time at the massive junkyard in System 6734774-XHU in Republic space. The vessel cuts across the bow of a tug before leaping to hyperspace. Warren Tikonov dies. Chiana Tikonov takes throne of Outer Rim Federation.

190 ABY

Another round of raids by the Taurian Concordat meet with disaster when the Free Worlds League forces spring traps on Rinn, Aduba III and Kessel. The FWL forces pursue the shattered Taurian fleet back to the Concordat and succeed in smashing the Concordats military infrastructure setting the Taurians back several years. Strelok swears his revenge against the League.

191 ABY

Quarantine of Teyr lifted. Anya Tarn dies. Aaron Tarn takes throne of Skye Alliance. Strelok sends envoys to New Republic.

192 ABY

Second Camaas Conference held. Little is accomplished other than discussion about the Taurian Concordat.

193 ABY

Secret negotiations between New Republic and Taurian Concordant come to fruition when both nations launch simultaneous strikes against the Free Worlds League. Republic forces penetrate as deep as Nal Hutta and lay siege to the Hutt homeworld as well as Nar Shaddaa, Ganeth, Toydaria, Lannik and Nimban. At the same time, Taurian forces strike at Honoghr, Aduba III, Rinn and Fwillsving. Free Worlds League forces hit back swiftly driving the invaders from the old Hutt worlds as well as Rinn, Honoghr and Fwillsving before becoming bogged down on Saki as both invading forces join together and strike deeper.

Sensing weakness, the Circinus Federation also hits the League as Tassa Kay seeks to settle old scores by ordering a deep strike at Mon Calamari. Though agents within the Federation tip Tsillen Akdool to the attack, she is unable to summon enough units to defend her capital without sacrificing numerous border worlds and instead prepares to defend Mon Calamari with a massively under strength force.
Fortunately Aaron Tarn is also forewarned of the attack and dispatches an entire battlegroup to hit the Circinus Federation. He also sends reinforcements to Mon Calamari to assist in the defense, but unwilling to breach the agreement cemented by his mother that no Skye forces would enter League space, he instead dispatches two mercenary units, Group W and the Eridani Light Horse. With the space and ground forces of the mercenaries which arrive mere hours before the Federation attackers, Akdool is able to mount a successful defense in a raging battle that lasts just over three days. Both sides suffer heavy losses, but the Federation is forced into full retreat. Bolstered by news of the victory other League forces strike back hard against the Republic and Taurian invaders driving them back out of League space, before digging in against counterattacks.

Public backlash forces Julia Diago to call a ceasefire and pull Republic forces back though the Republic is successful is retaining control of several systems including the entire Corellian sector. Likewise Tassa Kay also calls a ceasefire as Skye forces take Ziost, Elom and Gala. Without support the Taurian forces retreat back to the Concordat. Tsillin Akdool lauds the victories and secretly contacts Aaron Tarn to arrange a new meeting, this time on Ossus and to be held one year hence.

194 ABY

Aaron Tarn and Tsillin Akdool meet on Ossus and continue the talks of alliance begun by their predecessors. The meeting is top secret with only the rulers themselves, a single pilot each and three Jedi Masters with any knowledge of the meeting. Within two weeks an agreement is reached that will begin the creation of a full alliance. As part of the Alliance, both sides will enjoy increased trade, share information and research and maintain a mutual defense pact. In addition, academy cadets from Skye's Nagelring would get the chance to attend the Mon Calamari Institute of Science and vice versa allowing for cross learning between the two nations forces. The full details of the meetings will not become clear for nearly thirty years.

195 ABY

Liza Fuchida retires. Sergio Fuchida takes throne of Oberon Confederation.

196 ABY

Liza Fuchida dies. Dale Tarn born.

200 ABY

Survey teams discover several previously unknown asteroid fragments in the Tapani Sector. Further investigation reveals the existence of several ruined structures on two of the fragments. Though the discovery is classified at the highest levels by New Republic Intelligence, a leak reveals that the ruins bear insignia and equipment from the destroyed Project Diemos facility. Some scientists upon hearing the news theorize that the science team on Hyboria had inadvertently discovered a form of wormhole technology. Without the research from the project however, it is unlikely the circumstances that led to the loss of the project will be revealed nor the technology rebuilt.

201 ABY

Fifth Alegro sighting, this time in Skye space in the Taanab system. The ghost ship is apparently boarded by a pair of marines from an AFSA destroyer, but it jumps before the marines can be retrieved.

202 ABY

Unusual stellar event occurs in the Falleen system. A reaction between solar radiation and pollution in the atmosphere creates an atmospheric light show that lasts three weeks and draws tourists from all over the Oberon Confederation.

203 ABY

Outer Rim Federation Decree of Unity issued.

204 ABY

Free Worlds League Special Resolution 4875 passed. It comprises several emergency mandates that would be initiated should Mon Calamari ever fall to an attacking force.

207 ABY

New Republic agents are captured whilst attempting to incite civil war in the Oberon Confederation. In retaliation, Sergio Fuchida orders a strike against Bestine, crippling the worlds shipbuilding industry for the next decade. Second Republic/Oberon war begins. Julia Diago's opponents in the New Republic senate reveal information that proves Diago was complicit in an attempt on Sergio Fuchida's life. Backswing in public opinion forces Diago to resign. Jerome Parsons becomes Republic Chief-of-State. Parsons immediately orders a ceasefire and offers the Confederation reparations for the assassination attempt on condition that all Confederation forces leave Republic space. His honor satisfied, Sergio Fuchida agrees and gives the withdrawal order.

208 ABY

First Nagelring cadet to attend the MCIS arrives on Mon Calamari. One week later, the first MCIS student to attend the Nagelring arrives on Toprawa.

209 ABY

Kirk Fuchida born.

210 ABY

Selanta Tikonov born.

211 ABY

Skye Alliance Survey team in Outer Rim discover previously unknown tomb of a Jedi Knight from the days of the Old Republic on the world of Mirach. They also discover semi-preserved remains of Bel Tarn, missing for nearly two centuries. Bel Tarn posthumously credited with discovery.

212 ABY

First Nagelring cadet at MCIS graduates. First MCIS student at Nagelring graduates.

213 ABY

Circinus Federation Death Commandos formed.

215 ABY

Third Camaas Conference held. Nothing achieved.

216 ABY

Aaron Tarn killed in accident in his palace. Dale Tarn takes throne on Skye Alliance.

217 ABY

Mandalorians engage in a series of skirmishes against Skye forces. Minimal casualties on both sides. Mandalorians briefly take control of Contruum before falling back to Mandalorian space. Skye analysts postulate that the attacks were little more than sabre rattling and training for a new generation of Mandalorians. Dale Tarn chooses not to press any counterattack against Mandalorian space, instead using data gathered to tighten defenses along the Skye/Mandalorian border.

218 ABY

Chiss Ascendancy agree to several meetings with Dale Tarn's representatives on Nirauan.

220 ABY

Outer Rim Federation passenger liner 'Empress' Misjumps. Debris found scattered across projected hyperspace exit point at Sluis Van. Vessel believed lost with all seven hundred seventy five passengers and crew. An investigation into the disaster begins.

222 ABY

Fourth Camaas Conference held. Dale Tarn and Sergio Fuchida both refuse to attend on basis that nothing will be achieved. Nothing is achieved.
A former Republic soldier named Morgan Varik reforms the Genyosha as a combined arms mercenary unit. Morgan promptly signs a contract with the Free Worlds League for Garrison duty on the Mandalore/Free Worlds border.

223 ABY

Sixth Alegro sighting. Salvage expert Austin Loran and the crew of the Salvage Hauler 'Sacul' succeed in boarding the ghost ship in the Telti system and gain control of the vessel. Bodies of two Skye marines found. Investigation of interior reveals that an accident had crippled the life support systems and left the ship in the hands of droids who continued to maintain the vessel and program random hyperspace jumps.

Empress Investigation uncovers several severe flaws in the Empress' design and the Investigation begins to dig into the records of the owning company, StarWays Inc.

225 ABY

Crew of the Sacul recover an ancient Alderaanian Thranta Class War Cruiser, the Fidelity. Originally slaved to the Another Chance, the Fidelity has been wandering space for over two hundred and fifty years. Using information found aboard, several weeks later Austin Loran and his crew locate the Courage, the final Thranta Class War Cruiser still unaccounted for.
Subhash Indrahar becomes head of the ISF, a position he will hold for over a hundred years.

Empress Investigation concludes with the arrests and trials of several StarWays board members. All are found guilty of Corporate Negligence.

226 ABY

Skye Alliance Shadow Dragons formed. Grant Tikonov born. In a series of minor skirmishes, the Genyosha clash with Mandalorian strike forces.

227 ABY

Scientists at Mon Calamari Institute of Science develop several new battlesuit systems that immediately begin testing amongst MCIS cadets. Free Worlds League shares developments with Skye Alliance as per agreement of 194 ABY. Genyosha contract with Free Worlds League expires. Genyosha signs a new contract with FWL, this time for the Genyosha to make a series of strikes into Taurian concordat space.

230 ABY

Chiana Tikonov dies. Selanta Tikonov takes Outer Rim Federation throne. Joshua Aveller marries Allyce Levin-Tarn.

231 ABY

Alessendro Tarn born, though only a cousin to Dale Tarn he does have a legitimate claim to the throne if Dale does not bear any heirs.

232 ABY

Separatist advocates take control of Wayland, Bandomeer and Serenno.
A contract dispute leads Morgan Tarn-Varik to refuse to honor the contract with the Free Worlds League. Jedi mediators agree with the Genyosha stance that they were all but abandoned when a FWL support force pulled out of a strike with the Genyosha in Taurian space. Tsillin Ackdool accepts the ruling and releases the Genyosha with their contract as well as publicly chastising the commander who ordered the FWL pullout.

234 ABY

Wayland, Bandomeer and Serenno declare independence from Skye Alliance. Dale Tarn orders AFSA forces to blockade the rebellious worlds. Genyosha signs garrison contract with Skye Alliance.

235 ABY

Wayland and Serenno return to Skye Alliance.

236 ABY

After two years of blockade and with its citizens close to rebelling against the separatist governor, Bandomeer returns to the Skye Alliance.

237 ABY

Oberon Confederation agents ferment civil unrest in Outer Rim Federation. Corval founds the Outer Rim Freedom Party and with Oberon funding begins to build up his own forces.

238 ABY

Second Outer Rim Federation Civil War begins with a Freedom Party strike against Nkllon that cripples the Tendrando mining facility there. Loyalist forces immediately strike back hitting a Freedom Party fleet at Bakura.

239 ABY

Selanta Tikonov discovers information linking the Oberon Confederation to Corval and uses the information to request help from the Jedi Order to stopping the civil war. Jade Knight operation captures Corval. Second Outer Rim Federation Civil War ends.

240 ABY

Skye Alliance Jolly Roger Affair takes place. Katrina Tarn born. Genyosha contract with Skye Alliance expires. A new contract is negotiated and signed.

243 ABY

Selanta Tikonov forms Outer Rim Federation Intelligence Service (ORFIS). Morgan Varik jr born.

245 ABY

ISF agents uncover black market smuggling ring operation on Astrokazy, a world on the very edge of known space in the Tingal Arm. Additional evidence is found that links the operation with the descendants of those who had fled following the defeat of Stefan Amaris. Lucia Tarn born.

246 ABY

Sergio Fuchida steps down. Oberon Confederation throne passes to Kirk Fuchida.

249 ABY

Survey team near Belsavis find and inadvertently activate an Eye Of Palpatine Dreadnaught. The sister ship of a vessel that was destroyed two centuries previously, the 'Eye' attempts to carry out its mission to attack the Jedi that had been hidden on Belsavis during the days of the Galactic Empire. It's hyperdrive inoperable, the ancient vessel begins a sublight journey that will take a thousand years for it to reach its destination. Two Outer Rim Federation battlegroups scramble to intercept the vessel and succeed in destroying the dreadnaught, but suffer heavy losses in the process.

252 ABY

Austin Loran and crew of Sacul recognized by several key universities for their contributions to the recovery of starships of historical significance.

253 ABY

Sacul is lost with all hands when the still active destruct system of an old Victory Star Destroyer activates during a salvage operation. Morgan Varik steps down from command of Genyosha and hands command to his son Morgan Varik jr.

Julian Tiepolo becomes Jedi Order Grandmaster.

254 ABY

Dale Tarn dies. Alessendro Tarn seizes Skye throne from his cousin, Katrina. Despite unrest, fourteen year old Katrina does not press her claim.

255 ABY

During a trip to Agamar, Katrina Tarn meets Arthur Luvon, a young noble who opposes Alessendro's rule. The meeting is completely innocent, but believing that the two may be plotting against him, Alessendro orders the ISF to take Katrina and Arthur into 'protective' custody. Unfortunately, the orders are garbled during transit and the onsite ISF commander attempts to have Katrina and Arthur killed. Both escape the attempt and will spend the next seven years on the run.

256 ABY

Skye Alliance Operation Concentrated Weakness begins. Alessendro orders Genyosha troops to fire on protesting civilians. Morgan Varik jr refuses to follow the order. In response, Alessendro orders the Genyosha destroyed, but the mercenary unit flees into Free Worlds Space.

257 ABY

Selanta Tikonov assassinated. Grant Tikonov becomes ruling Duke of Outer Rim Federation. Katrina Tarn meets Morgan Varik jr for the first time. The mercenary commander pledges his allegiance to Katrina.

259 ABY

Fifth Camaas Conference held. Republic Chief-of-State Jerome Parsons sponsors Taurian Concordat and despite non-attendance by Skye Alliance and Oberon Confederation, the Concordat is accepted to the conference.

260 ABY

Alessendro Tarn implements several measures that curb civil liberties as civil unrest continues across Skye Alliance. Katrina Tarn begins the creation of a power base to create opposition to Alessendro’s rule. Republic troops breach Skye border defenses and strike as deep as Garqi.

262 ABY

Riding a massive wave of support from across the Alliance, Katrina Tarn returns and forces Alessendro to resign. Katrina Tarn becomes Queen of Skye. Katrina overturns the shoot-on-sight order on the Genyosha and signs a new contract with Morgan Varik jr.

263 ABY

Katrina Tarn marries Arthur Luvon.

264 ABY

Harrison Tarn born.

265 ABY

Darth Stalker crisis. Jedi order sends Jade Knights to subdue the wannabe Dark Jedi. After a pursuit across seven worlds, the Jade Knights intercept Stalker on Antar and Marius Solo sacrifices himself in order to kill the rogue force user.

268 ABY

Arthur Luvon succumbs to cancer.

269 ABY

Kirk Fuchida killed in terrorist bombing. Rank of Chancellor of Oberon Confederation passes to Kari Marshell.

270 ABY

Four Naboo citizens are executed in connection with the assassination of Kirk Fuchida.

273 ABY

Jerome Parsons stands down as Republic Chief-of State following the death of his wife. Reisk Fel'lya elected Chief-of-State.

275 ABY

Harrison Tarn loses his lower left leg in an accident.

277 ABY

Katrina Tarn oversees the resurrection of the insignia and colors of Rogue Squadron and orders the creation of a new Rogue Squadron. Competition for the handful of pilot slots is stiff.

278 ABY

Whilst being refitted for a cybernetic leg, Harrison Tarn meets Arden Sortek and the two become firm friends.

280 ABY

With her popularity at an all time high, Katrina Tarn makes numerous changes and reforms in an effort to improve the way of life in the Skye Alliance.

283 ABY

Outer Rim Federation Operation Striking Eagle takes place.

284 ABY

Tolian Janson's sartorial expose on Emperor Palpatine is published. The piece, entitled 'Palpatine Piffle', is a success despite the fact that it releases no new information about the long dead founder of the equally long dead Galactic Empire.

285 ABY

Droid Revolution on Mechis III takes place. The non-violent uprising is an attempt to improve conditions for self aware droids who wish for the same rights as organic counterparts with the New Republic. Republic Chief-of-State Reisk Fel'lya orders the brutal quashing of the Droid Revolution and the mandatory mind wiping of all droids within the New Republic.

286 ABY

Tsillin Akdool steps down as Captain-General of Free Worlds League. His niece Jesmin Akdool becomes Captain-General. Harrison Tarn marries Jessa Blaylock. Morgan Varik jr meets and later marries Lucia Tarn.

288 ABY

Katrina Tarn and Jesmin Akdool meet on Yavin and under the gaze of several Jedi Masters, formally sign an alliance between the Free Worlds League and the Skye Alliance.

289 ABY

Panicked by the news of the alliance between Skye and Mon Calamari, Tassa Kay begins a build up of the Circinus Federation military, Reisk Fel'lya reinforces the Republic's border with both nations and Strelok gears his forces for raids from the Taurian Concordat into Free Worlds League space.

290 ABY

On Corellia, a man styling himself as a new Darth Vader murders several Drall and Selonian residents in cold blood. Several CorSec officers are killed during the final shootout with the killer who is later revealed to be a former glitterstim addict with no known force abilities.

291 ABY

In a strike designed to test the Free Worlds Leagues forces, three Circinus Federation battlegroups hit Lianna, Jaminere, Dellat and Chandaar. At the same time, another Circinus battlegroup makes a strike at Telos in the Circinus March of the Skye Alliance. In the FWL, Lianna and Jaminere fall during the first wave, but Dellat and Chandaar hold against the attacks as FWL forces regroup. The battle group hitting Dellat is forced to fall back to Lianna, whilst the force hitting Chandaar is destroyed outright by the FWL leagues newest Stalker Class Star Dreadnaughts.
At Telos, AFSA forces led by Harrison Tarn and Arden Sortek succeed in repelling the attack, but the Telos shipyards suffer severe damage. Patrick Tarn-Varik born.

292 ABY

On the first day of the new year, Tassa Kay is assassinated and her successor Calvilena Tortorelli signals a cease fire between the Circinus Federation, the Free Worlds League and the Skye Alliance, though he refuses to return the worlds his troops have won. Jesmin Akdool agrees to cede Lianna and Jaminere for the short term, but vows that one day they will return to the Free Worlds League.

295 ABY

While enroute to raid Honoghr, Strelok's flagship 'the Gorgon' misjumps, scattering debris across three different systems. Marta Kinsolving takes Taurian Concordant throne.

296 ABY

Jacob Tarn born.

297 ABY

Alexandria Tarn born. Asyr Fel'lya born.

300 ABY

Katrina Tarn oversees a reorganization of the Skye Alliance government divisions. During several changeovers of ministers and staff, New Republic Intelligence succeeds in infiltrating several agents into important positions.

301 ABY

A desire to enjoy her life encourages Katrina Tarn to step down from the Skye throne and allow her son Harrison to take over ruling the Alliance.

302 ABY

New Republic initiates Operation Doppelganger, a near successful attempt to place a surgically altered double of Harrison Tarn on the throne. With the assistance of NRI agents within the Skye government, the plot briefly succeeds, but Arden Sortek with help from Free Worlds League agents, proves the Harrison on the throne is a fake and locates the real Harrison swiftly enough to prevent much damage being done. The double suffers a mental breakdown upon being unmasked and Harrison vows revenge. In the wake of Operation Doppelganger, the ISF begin to clean out the Republic agents within the Skye government.

305 ABY

In revenge for the failure of Operation Doppelganger, rogue Republic assassins attempt to wipe out the Skye royal family. The attempts on Harrison and Jacob Tarn are stopped before they can begin, but the attempt on Jessa Blaylock-Tarn is successful as she suffers fatal wounds killing both her assassin and the assassin going for her daughter. Seven year old Alexandria Tarn is forced to watch as her mother takes her last shuddering breaths.

306 ABY

Skye shipyards begin development of Trinity Class Super Star Destroyers and Starfire Class Fighters. Alexandria Tarn enters counseling.

309 ABY

Katrina Tarn secretly begins to train as a jedi.

312 ABY

Harrison Tarn meets with Jesmin Akdool and Kari Marshell to discuss expanding the Skye/FWL Alliance to include the Oberon Confederation.

313 ABY

New Republic begins deployment of Photec Class Destroyers.

315 ABY

Jacob Tarn meets Hanna Leong, the daughter of a high ranking noble from the Free Worlds League. Command of the Genyosha passes to Patrick Tarn-Varik when his father retires to the monastery world of Zaniah.

316 ABY

Alexandria Tarn enters the Nagelring despite psychiatric recommendations that she not do so. Skye and FWL sign a basic alliance with Oberon Confederation. First Trinity Class Super Star Destroyer -the Enduring Freedom- enters service. Three more -the Black Hand, the Minuteman and the Astaria- will be ready for service by the years end.

317 ABY

Jacob Tarn secretly proposes to Hanna Leong and after consultation with Harrison Tarn and Jesmin Akdool, the two agree to keep it a secret for the time being. Though the marriage would strengthen the alliance, the news could also incite other nations to war.

318 ABY

In an effort to increase military numbers, Harrison Tarn orders the creation of training battalions. Infantry and Armour units filled with untrained militia and overseen by one or two academy graduates. The militia troops would be able to gain extra experience that they would not normally get and the graduate would have the chance to prove their command abilities. Skye Alliance Operation Galahad 318 takes place.

319 ABY

Skye Alliance Operation Galahad 319 takes place. Free Worlds League Operation Thor takes place. In a brief skirmish. Skye Alliance and New Republic forces clash on the world of Spica on the Skye/Republic border,

320 ABY

Alexandria Tarn graduates from Nagelring
The first steps towards the marriage of Jacob Tarn and Hanna Leong are taken.
Skye Alliance Operation Galahad 320 takes place. Several New Republic units infiltrate a region of space close to the Skye/Free Worlds border. Training battalion Seventeen is created on Balmorra. Col Levin and Sini Cha are assigned as commanding officers.

321 ABY

*Fractured Galaxy begins*

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To: Grandmaster Julian Tiepolo.
Sender: Rota Vin’fa K’tol – Archivist.
Subject: Galactic Nations And Assorted Factions.

Greetings Grandmaster Tiepolo. As per your recent request I have researched, collated and assembled the information we have on the various nations, factions and groups of this galaxy.

Much of this information was culled from our own archives, but thanks to your assistance I was also able to obtain information from our intelligence sources, information that understandably would normally be classified.

I have endeavoured to assemble the most relevant information into the primary files though more in depth and esoteric details are available via the appendixes and secondary files.

Admittedly, some of our information in some areas is woefully incomplete, despite the Order’s capable intelligence arm. Thus I must apologise for any deficiencies in the information.

If you do require more information or detail on a particular file, please let me know.

Force Be With You.
Archivist Rota Vin’fa K’tol


Faction: New Republic.


Established formally in early 4 ABY, the New Republic is the oldest of the seven primary galactic nations (Not counting the Chiss Ascendancy) and along with the Free Worlds League, the only democratically ruled nation.
Formed from the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic following the victory at the Battle of Endor, it was itself based upon the Galactic Republic, which dated back to sometime around 25,000 BBY, which perhaps gives the New Republic a far greater history from one point of view.

It was not until 7 ABY however, that the New Republic was able to move from an insurgency against the Galactic Empire to an established Galactic Government.

Much of its early years were beset by numerous foes and crises, which hampered its growth. The Krytos Virus, Grand Admirals and other Warlords, the Emperor Reborn, the Noz, the Yevetha, the Imperial Remnant, various Sith lords and Dark Jedi.
In addition, the New Republic has been forced off of Coruscant on three occasions, by the resurgent forces of the Emperor Reborn, the forces of Grand Admiral Reillor and by a loose organisation of Imperial Moffs.

Eventually, following the final collapse of the Galactic Empire in 25 ABY, the New Republic became the dominant force in the galaxy. By this point however, corruption and inept bureaucracy had begun to take hold and when the Neo-Separatists launched an all out war against the New Republic, self-interest and political manoeuvring prevented an effective defence.

At the wars end, Trinity Oslo-Tarn –then ruler of the planet Skye in the Outer Rim- withdrew her world and two hundred additional worlds and systems from the Republic to form the Skye Alliance.
Though her actions were completely legal with regards to the New Republic Constitution, Oslo-Tarn’s actions had a domino effect and by late 47 ABY Republic territory had been reduced by a half as hundreds more worlds either went completely independent or formed their own nations.

In the so-called ‘Harvest Wars’ of 50 ABY – 54 ABY, the New Republic fared badly, failing to secure more than a tenth of the unaligned worlds that were being fought over during that period and losing two full fleet groups in the process.

The first Republic/Skye Alliance war in 71 –74 ABY would also be costly for the New Republic following some initial gains and would result in the loss of the key research and manufacturing world of Balmorra to Skye. Further conflicts in 150-153 ABY and numerous other skirmishes further cement the animosity between Coruscant and Skye.

Later conflicts with the Outer Rim Federation, Free Worlds League and Oberon Confederation would be less costly for the Republic and often more beneficial.

Corruption however has long been a problem within the New Republic. The Senate Corruption investigation of 119 ABY and the subsequent trials caused significant upheaval within the Republic Senate and much of the government. Despite this, it is still believed that corruption within the upper echelons of the government is still rife and may be weakness the Republic cannot ignore.

Likewise, the Republic involvement in assassination plots against the Skye Alliance Royal Family and other leaders has been a major focal point of protest by a populace that always believed it’s leaders were above such tactics.

With discontent high, it remains to be seen whether the New Republic will hold up against an outside force or if it will self-destruct first.

Key Worlds/Systems

Please note, these are worlds considered Strategically important.

Coruscant – Capital plus Academy World
Kuat – Shipyard
Corellia – Shipyard
Fondor – Shipyard
Bestine - Shipyard
Bilbringi – Shipyard
Duro – Shipyard
Kothlis – Shipyard
Anaxes – Academy World
Empress Teta – Academy World
Teyr – Academy World
Bothawui – Home to Bothan Spynet
Kamino – Planet of the Clone Masters. Cloning banned in 57 ABY.
Thyferra – Primary Bacta Production. Freely trades with other nations however.
Abregado-Rae – Primary Foodstuff Production
Borleias – Primary Foodstuff Production
Nkllon – Resource Mining.
Talasea – Primary Foodstuff Production
Rendilli - Shipyard


The New Republic possesses one of the strongest military forces in the galaxy fully capable of focusing on either defence or attack.

Despite it’s use of Star Dreadnaught and Super Class vessels, the Republic does still favour the hit and run style tactics of it’s Rebel Alliance roots. The larger units open breaches in the enemy lines allowing smaller and faster units to move through the gaps to exploit their advantage.

The current New Republic Supreme Commander is the Duros Jad Hut, a cunning commander who has earned significant accolades from skirmishes with the Tortuga Dominion and the Oberon Confederation.

Military strength – Strong.


The New Republics Intelligence division, New Republic Intelligence (NRI) is perhaps one of the galaxies premier intelligence services though much of their resources have over recent decades shifted more to focus against the Skye Alliance and it’s ISF operations. This has weakened its efforts in other areas.


The New Republic is a democratic government ruled via the Galactic Senate (Note: Efforts were made years ago to amend the name to Republic Senate to little success)
Most large-scale decisions regarding economics, politics and general day to day processes. Most decisions are made via majority voting from Senate members though it’s been said that the Senate can argue for months just to get a simple change made to a trade agreement.
It is perhaps within the Senate that the Republics levels of corruption are at their highest with votes often for sale to the highest bidder.

Above the Senate lies the Advisory Council. It is here that the major decisions are made regarding the Military and Intelligence decisions as well as deciding whether something should be shared with the Senate.

Above the Advisory Council sits the Chief-of-State, nominally the main power of the New Republic. It is the Chief-of-State alone who possesses the ability to send the New Republic into war (Beyond low level skirmishes) though to do so without the support of the Advisory Council would be considered political suicide.
Though it’s considered that a Chief-of-State holds their position for life, a simple vote within the Senate can be sufficient to force a new election. Likewise, Chief-of-States have in the past been removed from office through arrest, death and illness as well as simply choosing to stand down.

The current Chief of State is Reisk Fel’lya of Bothawui.. He’s successfully contested the last seven elections called against him and has held the Chief-of-States post for nearly fifty years leading to speculation that the majority of the Senate is in his pocket.
The Bothan also harbours a grudge with the Skye Alliance over the loss of several family members in a skirmish in 296 ABY and has in recent years been stepping up his rhetoric against the New Republics long-term foe.

It is also the belief of our analysts that he was the brains behind Operation Doppelganger (The attempt to replace Harrison Tarn with a surgically altered double) and the assassination attempts against the Tarn Royal family in 302 ABY and 305 ABY respectively.


The New Republic is a few trade nation and as such much of its economy is dependent upon trade between both its member worlds and with trade agreements with the Taurian Concordat, Outer Rim Federation and with the Free Worlds League via third party agreements (Though some of these are considered illegal by the Senate)

Notable Events

New Republic Senate Corruption Investigation and Trials.
In 119 ABY efforts to clean up corruption within the Republic discovered widespread corruption within the Senate, Executive Branch and the Chief-of-States Office. As a result of the investigation and subsequent trials, seventy-eight senators were removed from their post as well as then Chief-of-State Lak Jiv.

Executive Order 57.
In 164 ABY, ten years after the Second Republic/Skye War, the New Republic military was at it’s lowest level. Morale was low and general competence had declined amongst the military due to rush recruitment and conscription to fill ranks depleted during the war.
Executive Order 57 was enacted by then Chief-of-State Velst Sov’lon to arrest this trend and bring the military up to fighting condition. All levels of the armed forces were reorganised into new configurations determined to be most effective and the military were dispatched on strike and fade missions within the Free Worlds League, Oberon Confederation and Tortuga Dominion. Within a year, the Order was lifted as morale and competence were considered to be back at pre-war levels.

Droid Revolution of Mechis III.
In 285 ABY, a large number of druids on Mechis III that had avoided mind wiping had achieved a degree of self awareness and staged a non-violent uprising on the factory world of Mechis III in an attempt to obtain the same rights for themselves as organic beings possessed.
The uprising was brutally crushed under the orders of Reisk Fel’lya, who ordered that all druids within the New Republic be given mandatory mind wipes every two years.

Operation Doppleganger.
In 302 ABY, the NRI attempted to replace Harrison Tarn with a surgically altered double. Had the plot succeeded, this would have given the New Republic control of the Skye throne and subsequently the Skye Alliance. In fact, I agents report that with the assistance of Republic agents infiltrated in the Skye Government during a reorganisation, the plot did briefly succeed, before the real Harrison was able to prove his identity and unmask the double.

The Assassination strikes against the Tarn Royals in 305 ABY are believed to have been revenge for the failure of the plot, though the attempts against all but Harrison’s wife Jessa Blaylock-Tarn were unsuccessful.

Note: Harrison did vow revenge, though this has not yet materialized.

Relationships with other Nations.

Skye Alliance.
The New Republic and Skye Alliance have come to blows on several occasions, most notably in the First and Second Republic/Skye wars in 71 ABY and 150 ABY respectively, but also in dozens of minor conflicts and skirmishes over the last three centuries.

The Republic/Skye border is perhaps one of the most heavily fortified regions of space with more ships in that single area than in the entire Circinus Federation. Skye’s Galahad war games in 318, 319 and 320 ABY have not helped tensions in that area.

Distrust is high between the two nations and it’s likely to be only a matter of time before another conflict breaks out.

Free Worlds League.
Like the Skye Alliance, the Free Worlds League has been a long term foe of the New Republic dating all the way back to the stand off over Centerpoint Station nearly three hundred years ago.

The growing alliance between Skye and Mon Calamari have led to a breakdown in relationships between the FWL and the Republic, matters not helped by the Republics continued possession and fortification of the Corellia System which had been one of the founding members of the FWL.

Oberon Confederation.
Despite a number of conflicts over the years, relationships between the Republic and the Confederation are currently rising. This may in part be due to the breakdown of the aborted alliance between the Confederation and the FWL and Skye Alliance.

With Republic Diplomats all but prostituting themselves to win over their Confederation counterparts, it’s clear that the Republic is trying to gain a new ally.

Outer Rim Federation
Relationships between the two nations have long been strong despite a few minor level conflicts and it seems only a desire to retain their independence has kept the Outer Rim Federation government from agreeing to become a part of the New Republic.

Tortuga Dominion.
Relationships between the New Republic and the pirate kingdom are none existent. It’s unlikely that even a cordial exchange will occur between the two as long as the Dominion continues its ways of Piracy.

Circinus Federation.
Despite no shared border, the Republic has been courting the Circinus Federation as a potential ally against both Skye and Mon Calamari. Perhaps hoping that should a conflict break out, then the Republic will be able to count on the Federation opening a second front against the FWL or the Alliance.

Taurian Concordat.
Long term allies, the Republic and Concordat have a full trade agreement in place with the Concordat also allowing Republic mining companies to exploit resources within the Concordat in exchange for the latest technology including ships and weaponry.

In recent years, the Republic has also taken to look the other way as Taurian raider parties strike into the Oberon Confederation and Free Worlds League to collect slaves, despite the Republics on laws on Slavery.

Chiss Ascendancy.
Other than a few diplomatic staff, there isn’t anything approaching a relationship with the Chiss, positive or otherwise.

Jedi Order.
Despite the orders role in the New Republics founding and its early days, the Jedi are barely tolerated within the Republics borders. Though free to move around we are treated with suspicion and derided as mystics and freaks.

That said, the order is called upon by the Chief-of-States office to adjudicate disputes.

Mandalorian Clans
New Republic interaction with the Mandalorian clans has been sparse in recent years, though Mandalorian strike teams have been employed as mercenaries to strike against both the Skye Alliance and the Free worlds League.

Faction: Skye Alliance


The Skye Alliance was formed in 36 ABY when Trinity Oslo-Tarn led two hundred other worlds in withdrawing from the New Republic following the Neo-Separatist War of 35 ABY.

During the war Oslo-Tarn had enacted plans laid down some years before and negotiated alliances with the governments of the worlds in that area of the rim, offering them a better future than the New Republic had been offering.

Oslo-Tarn essentially expanded Skye’s monarchy based government to cover her new Alliance placing herself at its head and ensuring the dominance of her bloodline. Initially, Oslo-Tarn and her ruling council held sole judgement over every decision, but within a years a Parliament was created and set up on Agamar in order to handle the day to day decisions, though the body on the throne is the one who makes the far reaching decisions.

The years have not been stable for the Alliance. Several times, brutal purges have been carried out to quell disloyalty and the throne has been usurped twice, in 166 ABY during the destructive five years of the Amaris Coup and the subsequent civil war and again in 254 ABY when Alessendro Tarn seized the throne from his cousin Katrina following the death of her father. Both times, the throne was reclaimed by the rightful lines.

Skye has fought against the Republic twice in two major wars and numerous skirmishes and conflicts. The Circinus Federation has been a frequent thorn in the Alliances side, though has always come out worse in the exchange.

Despite several initial conflicts, the Free Worlds League has been a frequent ally of the Skye Alliance with several examples of mutual assistance throughout the years culminating in a full alliance in 288 ABY. Trade is constant between the two as are officer and technological exchanges.
This alliance has made both the Circinus Federation and the Republic edgy, with tensions only increasing the stronger the alliance becomes.

Key Worlds/Systems

Skye – Capital plus Shipyard
Agamar – Home to ruling Parliament plus Primary Foodstuff Production
Yaga Minor – Shipyard
Toprawa – Academy World. The Nagelring is one of the premier academies in the galaxy.
Obroa-Skai – The Library World. Considered neutral.
Munnilinst – Home of the Galactic Bank. Considered Neutral.
Telos – Shipyard
Balmorra – Weapons and Technology Research
Dantooine – Primary Foodstuff Production
Garqi – Primary Foodstuff Production.
Durbillion/Destrillion – Resource Production.
Esfandia – Shipyard


The Skye Alliance is perhaps one of the best equipped and most highly trained in the galaxy though not as numerous as the New Republic Military.

Originally, the Armed Forces of the Skye Alliance (AFSA) was focused around Clone troops purchased from Kamino, but as recruiting centres were brought into operation the clones were slowly phased out as they died off and replaced with non-clone troops.
Likewise, much of their initial equipment was purchased from third party suppliers who were cut off when the Alliance broke from the Republic and was all thee Alliance had until their own factories and shipyards were up to speed.

The AFSA favours heavy strikes using its heaviest units, but has been known to shift tactics in favour of lighter, faster strikes. Though Alliance commanders are known for occasional daring streaks, they do tend to be ‘by-the-book’ in most situations.

Yvonne Tarn is the current Supreme Commander of the AFSA. Considered rude and abrasive by many, she has a systematic hatred of politics, but is non-the less an effective and talented commander. She planned and oversaw the defence of Telos during the Circinus Federation incursion of 291 ABY.

The Shadow Dragons are an elite wing of the AFSA, primarily used for politically difficult missions. Drawn from the best of the armed forces they are often equipped with equipment still considered experimental and have earned a reputation as one of the best units in the galaxy.

Military Strength – Strong

Note: Recently, on the order of First-Prince Harrison Tarn, a large number of Training Battalions were created. This units consisting of untrained militia overseen by academy graduates appear to be an experiment on Harrison’s part.

It remains to be seen how successful they will be.

Intelligence/Counter Intelligence.

The Internal Security Force (ISF) Skye Alliances intelligence division, answerable only to the throne (Though not always to the person sat upon it), is perhaps the most feared organisation in the galaxy.
To cross the ISF is to forfeit your life and the life of you family, your friends and anyone close to you, as the saying goes.

The current head of the ISF is Subhash Indrahar –the so-called Smiling One- and despite his advanced age and reputation for brutality, he has seemingly reined in the ISFs worst excesses.


As a monarchy, the Skye Alliance is perhaps closer to a dictatorship than its people would admit, but it is by no means a tyranny. Though the ruler on the throne does have final say on everything from trade to military to politics, much of the day-to-day affairs are handle by the Parliament and Prime Minister based on Agamar. Thus, the ruler is able to focus on the critical issues of defending the realm from outside influences.

Apart from the brief period during the Amaris coup, the Tarn family has ruled the Alliance, though its popularity has waned and grown depending on each particular ruler.

The original ruling bloodline, descended from Trinity Oslo-Tarn’s son Malcolm was wiped out when Stefan Amaris murdered Tancred Tarn, his family and every person on Skye with a drop of Tarn blood. The current bloodline is descended from Anya Tar, who slew the usurper and reclaimed the throne, this bloodline is descended from Malcolm’s sister Bel Tarn.

Of note regarding control of the Alliance, was the creation of the Republic and Circinus Marches in 179 ABY by Anya Tarn. This areas of space bordering the New Republic and Circinus Federation respectively were intended to be semi-autonomous regions overseen by a ruling Duke who would have nominal control over all military assets in that area –only the person on the throne can over rule the Duke in this regard.
The Onasi family have long guarded the Circinus border from Telos and are fanatically loyal to the Tarn bloodline, but also fanatically paranoid about the Federations intentions.
Meanwhile, the Fel family oversee the Republic March and despite past loyalty to the Tarns, the current Duke Miles Fel-Tarn attempted to enforce his claim to the throne –a result of marrying current First-Prince Harrison Tarn’s sister Marie- when Harrison’s mother Katrina retired. It was a battle Miles lost and as a result the two have had a fractional relationship since.

Note: It is the belief of our analysts that Miles still hungers for the throne, believing he would make a better leader than Harrison. This may the reason for his ‘secret meetings’ with Reisk Fel’lya on Coruscant.

The current First-Prince (Note: Malcolm Tarn decreed that ruler’s titles would be first Prince and Princess rather than King or Queen. His reasons for this aren’t known) is Harrison Tarn. Well loved and popular, Harrison is –despite his skills as a leader- something of an eccentric.
Even at formal occasions, he is known to turn up in jeans and a casual shirt of some colourful design. He has, in fact, become so well known for his mode of dress that a company on Skye launched a line of stuffed toys. These ‘Harry Bears’ are popular collectables with regular releases sporting his latest fashion disaster.

Despite his eccentricities, he is a more than capable leader, his ability to deflect Miles Fel-Tarn’s attempts to claim the throne show him to be astute politically and his military mind is capable to as shown by his masterminding the successful defence of Spica in 319 ABY.


Thanks to its regular trade both between its member worlds and with the Free Worlds League, the Skye Alliance boasts a healthy economy. It also has limited trade agreements with both the Oberon Confederation and the Outer Rim Federation, but these are heavily restricted by New Republic privateer activity.

Notable Events

Kentares Massacre.
During a spill over conflict between the various nations in 92 ABY, Skye forces laid siege to the Free Worlds League system of Kentares. When the planets leaders refused the demands for surrender, the Skye Commander Hector Rowe ordered a full orbital bombardment of Kentares Prime, the capital city. Millions were killed in the assault alone. Thousands more died of the follow up effects.

Rowe was eventually apprehended and executed after short trial. Malcolm Tarn was forced to make reparations to the FWL and the events later led to the Alderaan Convention.

Skye Alliance Civil War.
Following the Amaris Coup in 166 ABY, Stefan Amaris took control of forty percent of the Alliance (Primarily the core worlds) and nearly a third of the Skye Military. The rest of the Alliance fell under the control of Anya Tarn.
After four years over probing strikes and skirmishes, Anya launched Operation Liberation, a massive drive to liberate the Skye core worlds and unseat the Usurper and in 171 ABY succeeds in defeating Amaris, executing him and his entire family in retribution.

Following her victory, Anya sealed the borders and effectively blocked out the Skye Alliance resulting in a interstellar interdiction that even the Jedi Order was unable to penetrate. This was eventually lifted in 178 ABY .

Jolly Roger Affair.
In a did to destabilize several New Republic and Circinus Federation worlds and leave them ripe for taking, the ISF co-opted several Skye Military vessels and used them to stage pirate raids in Republic and Circinus space.

With the ships and crews carefully disguised, operation is initially a success.

But an incident with a Skye border patrol during a return from a raiding mission leads to disaster when the mainline unit opens fire on the fake pirates.

Following the loss of two of the ‘pirates’ the operation was soon terminated.

Operation Concentrated Weakness.
Two years after seizing the Skye throne from his fourteen-year-old cousin Katrina, Alessendro Tarn launched Operation Concentrated Weakness in response to an increasing number of border raids from the New Republic and falling morale in the military. This involved stripping forces from much of the Alliance and concentrating them along the border with the Republic. This all, but made the border worlds invincible, but left the inner worlds stripped of defence.

Though initially successful repulsing raids against Anobis and Ord Mantell, the plan caused discontent in the inner worlds that had been left under defended. Resulting in civil unrest and protests. Even amongst the military, support for the plan was almost non-existent due to a lack of sufficient facilities and supplies on the reinforced worlds.

The final straw came in 260 ABY when a Republic troops penetrated the so-called ‘unbreachable wall’ and struck at Ithor, Bandomeer and Wayland, with the Fourth Donegal Guards –a unit considered green- penetrated deep enough to strike at Garqi.

Operation Concentrated Weakness would be ended soon after with Alessendro himself being forced from the throne in 262 ABY.

Operation Galahad.
A series of large scale war games carried out by Skye military forces, Operation Galahad has been carried out in 318, 319 and 320 ABY thus far with another series of war games planned for this year.

We haven’t been able to determine the purpose of the war games as yet, but they involve large-scale movements of troops, armour and starships on a scale not seen since the last major conflict with Skye.

They may just be a way of determining the Skye Militaries abilities and displaying the same.

Relationships With Other Nations.

New Republic.
The New Republic and Skye Alliance have come to blows on several occasions, most notably in the First and Second Republic/Skye wars in 71 ABY and 150 ABY respectively, but also in dozens of minor conflicts and skirmishes over the last three centuries.

The Republic/Skye border is perhaps one of the most heavily fortified regions of space with more ships in that single area than in the entire Circinus Federation. Skye’s Galahad war games in 318, 319 and 320 ABY have not helped tensions in that area.

Distrust is high between the two nations and it’s likely to be only a matter of time before another conflict breaks out.

Free Worlds League.
Despite a number of early conflicts (See: Kentares Massacre) the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League have enjoyed something of an incident free relationship.

On several occasions, most notably during the Skye Alliance Civil War, the FWL has provided support and personnel to the Alliance. Likewise, in 193 ABY, when Circinus Forces launched an assault against the FWL capital Mon Calamari, then Skye ruler Aaron Tarn dispatched a number of Mercenary forces to assist in the defence, driving off the attacking force.

These events have contributed to the growing alliance between the two nations. This alliance formally signed in 288 ABY, actually dates back to a series of agreements between Anya Tarn and FWL Captain-General Oro Rix in 178 ABY following the conclusion of the Skye Alliance Civil War.

The alliance primarily focuses on mutual trade and military pacts, but also involves a sharing of personnel (FWL officers attending Skye academies and vis-a-verse) along with research and technology.

It’s likely that the alliance will only get stronger.

Circinus Federation.
Another long time foe of the Skye Alliance, the Circinus Federation has –despite it’s modest size- caused a significant amount of trouble for the Alliance. During some periods, worlds within the Circinus March have seen raids and attacks by Circinus Federation forces almost daily, resulting in some worlds in that region being some of the most heavily fortified.

It is only some curious miracle that the Skye Alliance has not yet seen fit to simply eliminate the Federation. If it were to do so, Federation forces would be unable to resist even thirty percent of Skye’s forces.

Outer Rim Federation
Other than exchanges through diplomats, the distance between the Skye Alliance and the Outer Rim Federation has precluded anything further.

Oberon Confederation.
Despite the lack of shared borders and the distance between, the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League brought the Oberon Confederation into their alliance in 316 ABY. Mostly focusing on trade in this instance, the alliance non-the less, caused consertation in the New Republic.

However, signs are that the basic alliance with the Confederation is deteriorating.

Taurian Concordat.
The Skye Alliance has to this date had no interaction with the Concordat.

Chiss Ascendancy.
Despite trade agreements and regular diplomatic exchanges, it seems unlikely that relations between the Skye Alliance and the Ascendancy will progress further.

Jedi Order.
The Skye Alliance has for the most part been a long-term friend of the Order. We’ve been permitted free passage throughout the alliance and other than a few exceptions we are exempted from ISF interference.

This is primarily in part due to the fact that the Tarn family is force strong themselves, though few of them have ever undergone training beyond basic instruction.

This may in part be to avoid potential conflicts regarding Order influence on the Alliance.

Note: Over the years a number of Tarns have voluntarily removed themselves from the line of succession in order to train as Jedi.

Mandalorian Clans
Though not averse to hiring the Mandalorian Mercenaries, the Alliance has skirmished with them a number of times along their shared border. Primarily, supply raids used to test new warriors the attacks rarely do much in the way of damage. In return, the Alliance often rotates green or inactive troops down to the border to give them valuable experience against the clans.

Occasionally, the Mandalorians do catch the Alliance forces unawares and launch a deeper strike at a more important world.

Faction: Free Worlds League.


Formed in 45 ABY, the Free Worlds League originally comprised the Hutt Empire, the Mon Calamari-Tion Pact and the Corellian Mandate. These three factions were formed (reformed in the Hutt’s case) shortly after they split from the New Republic and within a few years banded together into the Free Worlds League, placing the Mon Calamarian Mek at it’s head as Captain-General

Though similar to the Skye Alliance in its governmental set-up with a parliament with a single leader above, the Captain-General is by no means an absolute ruler. On no less than three occasions, the Captain-General has been recalled or removed from office.

Though it’s existence has been somewhat more peaceful than other nations, the FWL has come under attack on several occasions by the New Republic and Circinus Federation and has over the years been the favourite target of the Taurian Concordat.

Focused primarily around the concept of free trade and mutual protection, the FWL is more of a loose alliance of groups with the parliament and the Captain-General on top than a single nation. Yet the concept has worked remarkably well despite this like of solidity. Unlike several of the other nations, the FWL has not has a civil war, though it has occasionally suffered civil unrest as result of outside influences.

The alliance with Skye has been something of a boon to the FWL. The increased trade along with luxury items not normally available in the FWL has helped boost public opinion of the alliance (as has the extensive public relations drive by the government)

The loss of Corellia, one of it’s founding members, has long been a sore spot for the Free Worlds League and each new Captain-General makes a pledge that one day Corellia will be returned to the League.

Key Worlds/Systems

Mon Calamari – Capital and Shipyard. Also home to Mon Calamari Institute of Science.
Contruum – Shipyard
Lianna – Shipyard and Academy World.
Gyndine – Shipyard.
Nimban- Shipyard
The Maw – Shipyard. Note: Shipyards are located so as to make use of the Maw as a natural barrier rather than being within the Maw literally.
Raxus Prime - Shipyard


The Free Worlds League Mustered Soldiery (FWLMS) is an eclectic mix comprising Mon Calamari designed cruisers, the swift and deadly nightshade fighters built in the Nimban Shipyards to Corellian built battle cruisers still in service despite their age and the loss of the Corellian System to the Republic in 193 ABY.

Despite the mixed and occasionally aged nature of some of the FWL ships and other assets, their technology is amongst the best, surpassing even the tech of the Skye Alliance and the New Republic. Most League starships and larger tanks are equipped with the latest in shield technology –half again as powerful as their Republic equivalent- along with fast tracking guidance sensors and auto tracking turrets.

Likewise, thanks to the Mon Calamari Institute of Science (MCIS), the Free worlds League also possesses some of the best trained officers in the galaxy, perhaps more so than even the Skye Alliance or the New Republic, along with some of the best scientists, politicians and diplomats.

FWL commanders are also known for innovative tactics and an ability to develop strategies quickly to counter most threats.

However, the FWLMS forces are not as numerous as those of the Republic or the Skye Alliance and with large portions also tied up along the borders with the Circinus Federation and defending from incursions from the Taurian Concordat, the League has few free assets it can afford to move around.

Military Strength – Medium.

The Current FWLMS Supreme Commander is General Col Kadorto of Lianna. An able commander who has earned multiple distinctions during campaigns against both the Circinus Federation and the Taurian Concordat, Kadorto has only recently taken the post following his predecessors forced retirement (Reports are that General Dicis backed the wrong party in a political play)

Intelligence/Counter Intelligence

Compared to their military and economic strengths, it is in espionage that the FWL suffers. The League Intelligence Ministry has suffered from under funding for some years along with an overly unnecessary focus on the New Republic controlled Corellian sector.

Both these aspects have left the LIM weak and disorganised.


As a government, the Free worlds League is very similar to the New Republic. A parliament functions much as the New Republic senate does, fulfilling the day-to-day duties of running the nation whilst a single leader acts both as a figure head and makes the critical decisions.

The difference is that unlike the Republic Senate or the Skye Alliance parliament, is that the FWL parliament is divided into two segments. The lower house and the upper house.

The lower house primarily handles the major domestic policies and houses one representative for every world in the League. The Upper house acts as a safeguard, laws and policies passed in the lower house must then pass through a vote in the Upper House, here a smaller number of representatives drawn from a rolling bi-annual lottery debate and either pass the law into force, send it back to the lower house for amendments or strike it down entirely.
The Upper House is also responsible for handling policies regarding external trade and contact.

The Captain-General though sitting above the parliament with regards to all major decisions, is not an absolute ruler. A Captain-General who has stepped beyond the limits of his office, used the office to enrich himself at his nations expense or who has acted in a way detrimental to the League, may be recalled by parliament and removed from office.

Successors are chosen in a manner similar to the New Republic process for choosing a new Chief-of-State. Candidates from both within the parliament and without may stand for election. An outgoing Captain-General may also nominate a successor, though a popular and respected leaders word will carry more weight in this regard than one who has been recalled.

Note: Hutt space is considered a semi-autonomous protectorate within the League. The Hutt’s have been permitted free reign in most aspects within their nation as long as they remain answerable to the League itself. The only restriction against them is slavery, the possession, buying and selling of slaves is forbidden, though certain forms of indentured servitude have been permitted.


With its free trade nature and increased trade with the Skye Alliance, the FWL probably has one of the strongest economies.

This allows large amounts of funding to be ploughed into its research and scientific enterprises and has also allowed it to purchase ships and equipment from both the Skye alliance and the Mandalorian Clans.

Notable Events

Centrepoint Stand off.
Due to it’s status as a potential super weapon and with its workings still a mystery, Centrepoint Station was long maintained as a heavily secure garrison within the Corellian System by the New Republic.

When the Free Worlds League was formed and Corellia pulled out of the New Republic, the garrison force refused to pull out and hand the station over to forces of the newly formed Free Worlds League Mustered Soldiery.

The resulting standoff lasted three years without an aggressive move by either side before the Harvest Wars of 50 ABY spilled over into the regions bordering Corellia.
The resulting battle claimed numerous casualties on both sides.

Even after the end of the Harvest Wars, the Republic continued to filter what ships it could into the system leading to a further three years of attritional fighting.

In the end, the Republic forces pulled out, but not before sabotaging Centrepoint.

Even now, three centuries later, FWL scientists are a long way from bringing it back up to it’s pre-sabotage status.

Special Resolution 4875.
Following the assault on Mon Calamari by Circinus Federation forces 193 ABY, a special resolution was passed known only as 4875.

This resolution outlines a number of mandates regarding what actions are to be taken should Mon Calamari actually fall into enemy hands. The mandates are primarily focused around the reallocation of government and power as well as instructions on the disposition of important data.

Relationships With Other Nations

New Republic
The Free Worlds League and the New Republic have clashed on a number of occasions with neither side truly gaining any real upper hand. This did change somewhat in 193 ABY when the New Republic was able to take and hold the Corellian System. Since then, the Free Worlds League has vowed to retake their historically important worlds in that system.

Skye Alliance.
Despite a number of early conflicts, the FWL and the Skye Alliance have become firm allies, formally signing an alliance in 288 ABY.
Since then, trade has increased between the two along with resource, information and technology changes.
It’s likely that the Alliance will only get stronger over the next few years.

Circinus Federation.
Despite its size, the Circinus Federation has been a major thorn in the FWL side. Numerous raids over the years along with managing to seize worlds and systems, the Federation has drawn the ire of many a Captain-General, though perhaps never more so than in 193 ABY. During that years conflict, Circinus Federation forces launched an all out assault against Mon Calamari.

Despite, meeting the invaders with a force far smaller than the attacking force (Plus two Mercenary Units loaned by the Skye Alliance), then Captain-General Tsillen Akdool led a successful defence of the planet and drove the Federation back.

Since then, the conflicts have been little more than skirmishes and raids.

Taurian Concordat.
The martial almost piratical nation of the Taurian Concordat has struck at the Free Worlds League numerous times. Most times, it’s little more than raiding parties against worlds or preying against shipping, but on several occasions Taurian forces have struck as deeply as Na Hutta and Nimban.

Only on one occasion has the FWLMS ventured deep enough into the spiral arm of the region to strike at the Concordat.

Outer Rim Federation.
The Free Worlds League has had little interaction with the Outer Rim federation

Oberon Confederation.
Despite the lack of shared borders and the distance between, the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League brought the Oberon Confederation into their alliance in 316 ABY. Mostly focusing on trade in this instance, the alliance non-the less, caused consertation in the New Republic.

However, signs are that the basic alliance with the Confederation is deteriorating.

Chiss Ascendancy
The Free Worlds League has had little interaction with the Ascendancy.

Jedi Order.
Though, perhaps not as welcomed as much as we are in the Skye Alliance, the Jedi Order enjoys a favourable amount of freedom within the FWL.

In recent years, the League has been working with the Order to put an end to Taurian slaver raids.

Mandalorian Clans.
Despite a number of skirmishes against the Madalorians, the Free World League has not been averse to hiring them as mercenaries on occasion.

Faction: Circinus Federation


As the smallest of the major galactic nations, it is perhaps a testament to the stubborn nature of the Circinus troops and leaders that neither the Skye Alliance nor Free Worlds League have chosen to sweep aside the smaller nation.

Formed by an alliance of independently minded worlds that refused to become a part of either the Skye Alliance or the Free Worlds League, the Federation has often been seen as little more than a bandit kingdom due to its brutal treatment of its citizens, its predilection for piracy and raiding and its constant rhetoric against its neighbours.

Almost perpetually unstable, the Federation emphasizes external threats to mask its internal problems. Poverty is high as is unemployment (despite 70% of the non-military population conscripted into the factories and shipyards) and crime is high.

The Federation can best be viewed as one large criminal enterprise. Each planet controlled by a gang boss with all of them paying tribute to the one at the top. Assassination is the method of advancement in both the military and other walks of life and most rulers of the Federation have left the office in a body bag.

As the saying goes, “If you haven’t been assassinated in the Federation, then you’re clearly doing something wrong”

Key Worlds/Systems

Almania – Capital
Muskree – Shipyard
Rhen Var – Shipyard (Note: Recently completed. Not yet operational)
Bonadon – Shipyard


Little more than a collection of raiding parties that are occasionally encouraged to work together if the pay is right, the Circinus Military is one in the loosest sense of the term.

Equipment and ships are outdated and held together through the determination of their crews rather than their skills. Most of their ships and armour date back to the beginning of the last century (Rumour has it, they recently recommissioned a pair of Imperator Star Destroyers that had been found in a disposal yard) and much of it is barely functional.

Likewise, crews are poorly trained and inexperienced. Since advancement through the ranks is usually the result of assassination, the conscripts of today are the officer corps of tomorrow. Few fleet commanders have had the necessary training or experience at that level and the battles the Federation does win are usually won through numerical superiority and ferocity.

Yet, despite their weaknesses, the Circinus military is more than capable of fighting and winning when properly motivated. The assault on Mon Calamari in 193 ABY or the successes of 291 ABY speak to this. On both those occasions, the Circinus forces were able to engage and beat aside far more superior forces with few initial losses.

The Death Commandos are the Circinus Federations elite (ie: Trained) troops. Fanatically loyal to whoever is on the throne, the Death Commandoes are effectively a state sanctioned terrorist organisation that has been linked to numerous terrorist strikes within the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League.

Military strength – Weak. But not to be under estimated.

The current (as of the writing of this document) head of the Circinus Federations Military is Baron Calvilena Tortorelli (also the Federations leader)
Cunning enough to have manoeuvred himself to the top of the government prior to assassinating his predecessor Tassa Kay, Tortorelli has also proven himself a somewhat able military commander during battles with both the Skye Alliance and Free Worlds League.


The Circinus Federation is little more than a dictatorship lead by whoever happens to be at the top of the pile. Each individual planet is lead by a Lord or Lady (a polite name for what is essentially a crime boss) and each of these answer directly to the Baron or Baroness.

There is no debate, no voting and no option of sending something back for discussion. The Baron’s/Baroness’ word is final.


Stagnant and on the perpetual verge of collapse, the Circinus Federation economy is almost completely dependant of the small amount of domestic trade and what ever the military brings back from its raids.

Notable Events

Outside of almost constant assassination and constant fighting with its neighbours, it is difficult to find anything of note about events within the Circinus Federation.

Our information from there is limited.

Relationships With Other Nations.

New Republic.
The Circinus Federation has reportedly been accepting diplomatic overtures from the distant New Republic. It is possible that the New Republic may be courting the Federation as a possible ally against the Skye Alliance.

Skye Alliance.
A long time target of the Circinus Federation, the Skye Alliance has weather a spectacular number of raids from the small nation. Over the years, Circinus raiding parties have struck as far as Telos, making off with hostages, materials and even entire ships.

Every time, the AFSA drive them back to the border, but never push further. With the people of the Circinus March and the Onasi family in particular pushing for greater action in dealing with the Federation, might that soon change?

Free Worlds League.

Another long time foe of the Federation, the Free Worlds League has been somewhat less successful than the Skye Alliance in dealing with Federation raiding parties, but has been somewhat more vengeful, with the Federations mining operations on Turtle Bay a recent casualty of the Free Worlds League Mustered Soldiery.

Outer Rim Federation.
The Circinus Federation and the Outer Rim Federation have had next to no interaction outside of the Jedi Order sponsored conferences.

Oberon Confederation.
Ask the average citizen of the Circinus Federation what they think about the Oberon Confederation and you’re likely to get a blank look.

Taurian Concordat.
Despite having no interaction between the two nations, strikes by the Concordat into Free Worlds League space are often used as propaganda by the Circinus Federation as an example of the power of Federation troops.

Chiss Ascendancy.
The Circinus Federation has had no interaction with the Ascendancy.

Jedi Order.
The Jedi Order is not welcome within the Federation. Arrest on sight orders are in place on any Jedi and life in prison in the mandatory sentence for being a force user.

Fortunately, their detection methods are non-existent so our intelligence gathering methods and retrieval of untrained force users are not hampered.

Mandalorian Clans.
Though the Circinus Federation have made efforts to recruit Mandalorian mercenaries, the Federations lack of free funds and nature as a piracy heavy nation have resulted in the Mandalorians turning down the offers.

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Faction: Outer Rim Federation


The Outer Rim Federation was formed by a group of unaligned and allied worlds and systems that wished to band together, but who also refused to fall under the umbrella of the New Republic once again.

Initially ruled by a council of twelve headed by a Duke, the then Duke Marcus Tikonov had the other council members eliminated, making him the sole ruling voice.
Despite this action, his rule was somewhat benevolent and without the interference of his council he was able to initiate a number of programs that have benefited the Federation greatly over the last three centuries.

Primarily a group of alliances held together by one voice than a single nation, the federation has non the less flourished despite a number of economic setbacks in its early years (See: Notable events: Bloodsword Fiasco) and has recently emerged as a trading powerhouse.

However, the price for this has been that the government and much of the nation is run almost like a corporation. Anything that does not show a profit potential or value for money is discarded and as such, research projects that may have been beneficial have often been closed down and the assets shifted elsewhere.

This has led somewhat to an emigration of scientists and great minds to other nations as well as hampering the Federation in the long term.

In addition, two civil wars have also hampered the Federation as well as showing the cracks between the reality and the public picture the ruling Tikonov family attempt to paint.

Key Worlds/Systems.

Bespin – Capital.
Sluis Van – Shipyard
Bakura – Shipyard
System 2578475 – Shipyard
Ison – Shipyard. Newly completed, not yet operational.


Though it lacks ships larger than cruiser class in its fleets, the Outer Rim Federation military is currently undergoing a training expansion that will prepare crews for the dozen Decimus Class Destroyers that the Federation is negotiating to purchase from the New Republic.

Likewise, the newly completed shipyards at Ison are believed to have the capacity for construction of destroyer class vessels and larger, but any ships to be built there will not be ready for at least a year and likely to be longer before they enter service.

In the meantime, the Federations forces are comprised of smaller, swifter vessels as part of the Federations belief that a larger force of smaller vessels can overwhelm a smaller force of larger, more powerful vessels. Though, this philosophy has been proved accurate in limited battles with the Oberon Confederation, it is more likely this belief is a result of the Federation mercantile mindset. For the cost of a single heavy destroyer the Federation is able to obtain or build nearly two-dozen of their Leopard Class Escort Frigates.

Their planetary armed forces are similar in concept. Large numbers of smaller units as opposed to heavier, more expensive units. However, their infantry have been extensively trained in anti-armour tactics. Unconfirmed reports from the last Federation conflict with the Oberon Confederation speak of infantry platoons taking down tanks and even battlesuits.

Despite this training, Oberon garrison forces are often poorly equipped due to ‘budget management’ and some of their smaller garrisons are using equipment considered obsolete.

The current commander of the Outer Rim Federation Armed Forces is Palmer Conti, a man who as far as we can see has no military experience whatsoever. He appears to have received the post due to his budget management skills and as he is the brother in law of the current Baron Grant Tikonov.

Military Strength – Medium.


The Outer Rim Federation Intelligence Service (ORFIS) is the intelligence arm of the Outer Rim Federation military. Considered all, but useless by many, it is non-the-less the Federations only defence against espionage, whether it be external, internal or-as is usually the case- corporate.


Largely a dictatorship, the Outer Rim Federation is run far more like a corporation. Though the ruling Duke or Duchess makes all the decisions, individual planets can bid on favourable laws and agreements.

This has had the result of making a system that appears corrupt actually workable, as everyone is applying money to an issue, and it comes down to a question of who is willing to pay more.

In most cases, these ‘bids’ (ie:bribes) are usually in the form of materials or luxury goods.

It is a system that has led to a lot of civil unrest which has provided groundwork for two civil wars and as the gap between the haves and have nots increases, can a third civil war be far off.

The Tikinovs have maintained rule over the Federation since it’s founding other than a brief period during the first civil war.


Currently the Outer Rim Federation economy is strong, but has all but collapsed on several occasions due to it being so heavily tied into how the government works. Reforms are currently underway to implement safeguards against such occurrences, but it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be successful or merely a temporary stopgap measure.

Notable Events

Bloodsword Fiasco.
When news of an abandoned Sovereign Class Star Destroyer –the Bloodsword- in a system near Vandenburg emerged in110 ABY, the Outer Rim Federation was best placed to take advantage. Then Duchess Samantha Tikonov ordered a retrieval of the vessel.

At great expense the Federation was able to pull together a salvage force and crew, and launched the expedition in great secrecy and with little support.

Though, the expedition successfully found the Bloodsword and began the salvage operations, they quickly discovered the equipment and crew they had would be insufficient and were forced to request additional support.
Though, a support team was dispatched –at further expense- that second team arrived to find the first under attack from an unknown attacker.

The attacking force, flying antique X-Wing starfighters painted solid white and lacking insignia, easily evaded the salvage teams defending fighters and disabled their vessels, leaving them to watch helplessly as the fighters and a wing of similarly painted Hammer Class Bombers turned their weapons against the Sovereign and systematically picked apart the Destroyer over the course of an hour.

With the Broadsword reduced to scrap, the attackers left the system.

Though the salvage crews suffered few casualties, the expense that had gone into the expedition bankrupted a number of the corporations that had invested in the operation.
The resulting fallout resulted in complete economic collapse the following year.

Meanwhile, stories of mysterious white painted ‘ghost’ starfighters gave rise to tales of the Vandenburg White Wings.

Note: The Vandenburg White Wings were in actuality a Jade Knight squadron dispatched to destroy the Bloodsword and avoid an upset in the balance of power in that region.

First Outer Rim Federation Civil War.
At the height of the economic crisis, Nicolai Hasek assassinated Samantha Tikonov and seized control of the Outer Rim Federation. AS factions polarized around Hasek and Warren Tikonov, the nation quickly descended into civil war.

Whilst the conflict mostly revolved around low cost skirmishes, both the New Republic and the Oberon Confederation took advantage of the Federations preoccupation to seize a number of worlds along the borders.

The war came to a close when Nikolai Hasek was killed on Bespin in an air strike.

Decree Of Unity
During another near collapse of the economy, then Duchess Chiana Tikonov made a public address that become known as the Decree Of Unity. Essentially, extolling the good of the state, the value of stability and the joy of working together for the greater good, the speech is credited with causing a turn around in confidence that almost boosted the economy overnight, thus avoiding a second potential civil war at the time.

Empress Incident.
In 220 ABY, the new Pearl Class Liner, the Empress set off from Bespin on what had been considered a routine run across the Federation to Malastare via Sluis Van.
The initial jump from Bespin went as expected, but the ship and nearly eight hundred passengers and crew never arrived at Sluis Van.

Search crews eventually found debris scattered across the projected exit vector at Sluis Van and an investigation into the disaster was launched.

Examination of other Pearl class liners designed and owned by StarWays Inc, discovered massive flaws in the design and tests indicated that the ships were poorly built and unable to tolerate the rigours of hyperspace travel.

The investigation ended with the arrests and trials on charges of corporate negligence of almost the entire board of directors of StarWays Inc. All nine were found guilty and executed.

Second Outer Rim Federation Civil War.
Taking advantage of a period of unrest, agents from the Oberon Confederation funded little known group known as the Freedom Party. This fringe group pushed from greater freedom from the government and it’s leader Corval was happy to take Oberon money to step up his efforts and shift his focus from peaceful protest to all out violence.

The civil war began with the Freedom Party striking at the mining facilities on Nkklon crippling them for the next hundred years. Loyalists struck back quickly, but the situation became bogged down quickly.

Eventually, Selanta Tikonov was provided with evidence that the Oberon Confederation was behind the conflict and used the information to persuade the Jedi Order to intervene. We did, and a Jade Knight team captured Corval and brought about the end of the conflict.

Eye Of Palpatine Incident.
In 249 ABY, an Outer Rim survey team investigating mining prospects near Belsavis discovered and inadvertently activated a disguised Dreadnaught. This vessel, the sister ship of the Eye Of Palapatine Dreadnaught encountered and destroyed in 12 ABY attempted to complete its mission –to destroy the long gone Jedi enclave on Belsavis- much as its sister ship had done.

Due to a hyperdrive failure, the vessel was forced to make a sublight journey, allowing an Outer Rim Federation fleet to assemble and confront the vessel. Though successful in destroying the Dreadnaught, the task force suffered massive losses.

Operation Striking Eagle.
In 283 ABY, tensions were on the rise between the Outer Rim Federation and the Oberon Confederation, with both sides gearing for a conflict.
Knowing his nation could not afford a drawn out conflict, Grant Tikonov sought a way to blunt the Oberon efforts.

Having learned the Confederation forces were using bases at Eriadu, Omwat and Kerest for their preparations and that the entire assault would be staging from those worlds, Tikonov ordered a daring strike against the bases and fleets stationed there.

Three task forces, comprising some of the Federations fastest vessels launched from their staging areas and using unoccupied stars in the New Republic attacked their targets, sweeping through each system and wreaking havoc and destruction.

The operation was a stunning success. Over two thirds of the Oberon vessels were caught unawares, under crewed and in stand down status and were destroyed or crippled. Even though the strike on Kerest was delayed by two full days, the defenders were unable to stop the attack causing considerable damage.

Having accomplished their mission, the Striking Eagle force successful penetrated the border back over to the Federation, having lost only twenty-three vessels out of one-hundred-seventy.

Their preparations in ruins, the Oberon Confederation was subsequently forced to cancel their attack plans.

Relationships With Other Nations

New Republic
Despite a few early conflicts, the Outer Rim Federation and the New Republic have had a somewhat friendly relationship. Recent trade increases have also helped improve the relationship between the two.

Skye Alliance.
Beyond standard diplomatic exchanges there has been little in the way of dealings between the Federation and the Skye Alliance.

Free Worlds League.
There has been little to no interaction between the Outer Rim Federation and the Free Worlds League.

Circinus Federation.
There has been no overt or covert interaction between the two nations.

Taurian Concordat.
Beyond using the threat of Taurian raids to cow disruptive elements in the population (despite the actual distance between the Federation and the Concordat there have been no interactions.

Oberon Confederation.
The Federation has long had a antagonistic relationship with the Oberon Confederation with a history of border conflicts and raids between the two. Duty on the border is considered extremely dangerous, but with a significant chance of advancement.

Chiss Ascendancy.
There has been no interaction between the Federation and the Ascendancy.

Jedi Order.
The Order is welcome within the Federation borders, primarily due to our efforts to assist with ending the second civil war in the Federation.
The Federation frequently requests our participation during difficult negotiations both within and without its borders, though the impression is that if they were able to market our abilities, they would.

Mandalorian Clans.
The Federation has frequently employed the Mandalorian mercenaries as escorts for convoys, garrison forces and as enforcers during difficult business dealings.

In addition, the Federation has also purchased ships and armoured vehicles from the clans over the years.

Faction: Oberon Confederation.


The Oberon Confederation occupies a portion of the Outer Rim best known for worlds with a greater ration of non-humans to humans. None-the-less, the Confederation is ruled by a human minority just like the old Galactic Empire upon which much of its system is based.
Yet, much of the true power lies with the primarily non-human controlled council of twenty, a grouping of representatives from each of the Confederations twenty districts. It is the council who make the decisions regarding commerce, politics and general running of the nation, leaving the Chancellor to the business of defending the Confederation and expanding its holdings.

Frequent skirmishes with the Outer Rim Federation and the New Republic and raids from the Taurian Concordat plague the Confederation. To combat this, the Confederation often uses propaganda to reassure people that all is well, whilst simultaneously whipping them into a frenzy against its enemies. Planetary authorities are frequently given free reign to curb civil disobedience, often leading to mass arrests and sometimes worse.

It is perhaps this attitude that has recently lead to the cooling of the agreements between the Confederation and the Free Worlds League and Skye Alliance.

Led by the Fuchida family, the Confederation has relied primarily on espionage and misinformation to further its goals, despite the strength of its forces. This has led to the Oberon Confederation carrying a reputation for untrustworthiness and trickery that has affected them in dealings with other nations.

Key Worlds/Systems

Naboo – Capital
Kerest – Shipyard
Tatooine – Shipyard. Home to the Terah Shipyards, one of the largest shipyards next to Bilbringi, Kuat, Mon Calamari and Skye.
Geonosis – Shipyard and home to the largest droid factories outside of Mechis III.
Sullust – Shipyard
Eriadu – Shipyard.


With a focus on heavy starships and planetary armour to the detriment of its starfighter squadrons and infantry legions, the Oberon Confederation Military is considered somewhat top heavy with limited mobility.
Though able to bring a tremendous amount of firepower to bear, the Oberon forces are often lacking in the manoeuvrability needed to combat swifter forces such as those of the Free Worlds League Federation.

Despite this weakness –one that they have attempted to combat by the fielding of druids from the recently reactivated droid factories and shipyards of Geonosis- the Oberon Confederation has been able to maintain its systems against attacks from both the New Republic and the Outer Rim Federation as well as raiding parties from the Taurian Concordat.

However, as Taurian Raids have shown, a group of smaller swifter ships is capable of penetrating Oberon space and using their smaller size and greater speeds been able to achieve their objectives and escape Oberon territory with minimal damage and often without even engaging the slower Oberon forces.
This was demonstrated greatly in 283ABY when the Outer Rim Federation launched Operation Striking Eagle to head of an invasion from Oberon forces. The resulting attacks on Oberon forces unprepared for combat, was costly to the Confederation and led to a strategic reorganisation and the introduction of larger numbers of smaller, quicker vessels to supplement the larger forces.

The current Commander-in-Chief of the Oberon Confederation is Tola K’nar, a Twi’Lek of Ryloth who has a wealth of experience fighting battles against the Oberon Confederations neighbours and is a supporter of the smaller ships program, despite the resistance of numerous hardliners in the military.

Military Strength – Medium to Strong.


The Oberon Intelligence Service (OIS) is perhaps one of the best funded and maintained intelligence divisions in the galaxy. Approximately forty percent of the military budget is believed to be invested in the OIS and its operatives are amongst some of the highly trained spies and agents.

Though focused on activities against and within the Republic and the Outer Rim Federation, the OIS is also responsible for the internal security of the Confederation and the propaganda that maintains its citizens ignorance.

That said, despite the funding and training of its operatives, the OIS has over recent years become less effective at much of its operations. Much of its resources have been diverted to handling internal problems and the Outer Rim Federation. As a result, its efforts in other areas have atrophied.

This has contributed to our increased ability to monitor OIS and Oberon Authority channels.


Nominally ruled by a Chancellor, though controlled primarily through the Council of Twenty, the Oberon Confederation is a democracy in name only. Though there are democratic elections, in most cases, only the ruling Oberon party runs in the elections. On other occasions, opposition parties often pull out, fail to get enough votes or the candidates disappear.

Vote rigging is not just suspected, it’s confirmed.

Though the role of Chancellor has long been held by the ruling Fuchida family, the Council of Twenty is almost completely dominated by non-humans. This has led to significant friction between the Council and species that have no representative on the Council as well as with human supremacist groups Note: We believe that Cult of Palpatine operatives may be behind these groups.

The Fuchida family have held the Oberon throne for much of the Confederations existence. Much of the bloodline has been known for the ability to plan ahead and play the long game, though there have been examples of decisions made in anger that have often bee costly for the Oberon’s.


Currently the Oberon economy is in a weakened state. The retooling of a number of factories and shipyards to construct the smaller, swifter vessels dictated by the reorganisation of the military has stagnated some aspects of the economy.

As these new facilities come online, it is expected that the economy will recover. Until then, lower public spending and higher prices have caused some unrest.

Notable Events

Aridus Incident.
In 175 ABY, an Oberon Confederation Investigators uncovered one of Emperor Palpatine’s last remaining storehouses on the world of Aridus near the border with the New Republic.

Though little information was released about the discovery it was believed that the storehouse contained artefacts and objects from the height of the Galactic Empire as well as experimental and ancient tech that could upset the balance of power in that region. In order to prevent a destabilisation of the situation, a team of Jade Knights were dispatched to destroy the storehouse.

Disguised as a Republic Commando team, the Jade Knight team did succeed in infiltrating and destroying the storehouse, though not without significant fallout.

The explosion that destroyed the storehouse and the items within, inflicted heavy damage on a nearby city and resulted in significant casualties. In addition, believing the New Republic responsible for the act, then Chancellor Liza Fuchida demanded reparations from the New Republic and when none were forthcoming, she declared war resulting in a brief, but somewhat destructive conflict in that region.

Note: The fallout from this incident also resulted in significant restrictions on the Jade Knights and their activities. Since then, any Jade Knight mission has required the support of seven members of the twelve member Jedi Council rather than just the support of the Order’s Grandmaster as was previously required.

Relationships With Other Nations

New Republic.
With their shared border, it would be expected that the Oberon Confederation and the New Republic would have come to blows far more than they have. In fact, baring a major conflict in 175ABY, the two nations have engaged in little more than border raids and low level skirmishes.

Relations had cooled in recent years with the Oberon Confederation signing an alliance with the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League, but with that alliance itself cooling considerably, the New Republic has stepped up efforts to win over the Confederation.

Skye Alliance.
Though an alliance was signed between the Skye Alliance and the Oberon Confederation, that alliance has since begun to deteriorate due to the Confederations heavy handedness in dealing with civil unrest.

Free Worlds League
As with the Skye Alliance, it is believed that the Confederations brutal efforts to put down dissent are the reason relations have cooled regarding the three way alliance.

Outer Rim Federation
Long time foes, the Confederation and the Outer Rim Federation have long fought over the ribbon of worlds that line their shared border, with little change in control.

Circinus Confederation.
There has been no contact between the two nations barring simple diplomatic exchanges.

Taurian Concordat.
Having long been a favoured target of Taurian raiding and slaver parties, the Oberon Confederation has recently stepped up efforts to deal with Concordat incursions.

Chiss Ascendancy.
There has been no contact between the Ascendancy and the Confederation.

Madalorian Clans.
Though not yet confirmed, we have reports that the Confederation has been making overtures to the Mandalorians with the intention of employing the mercenaries to assist with the Taurian incursions.

Jedi Order.
Despite a cordial relationship with the Order as a whole, much of the Confederation is extremely distrustful of having Jedi operating within its borders. Jedi caught within Confederation space without a liaison officer from the OIS are often treated as enemy agents and punished as such.
Thus, Jedi sent into the Confederation on information gathering missions often do so under deep cover.

Faction: Taurian Concordat


In 151ABY, during the second Republic/Skye War, the Republic Seventh Fleet was dispatched to assault and take the Skye world of Balmorra. Initial gains were made and the Seventh seized several key positions in the system, but these served only to trap the Republic forces when Skye Reinforcements arrived.

Outnumbered by the Skye Forces and trapped against the planetary defences of Balmorra, the Seventh Fleet was decimated. Of the nine-hundred and fifty vessels sent on the assault, less than one-hundred and twenty survived to escape Skye space. Demoralized and battered, the survivors chose to follow the last surviving member of the Command staff –General Jehan Centralia of the Viscount Class Cruiser Taurian- rather than return to Republic space and face being thrown back into battle against the Skye Alliance.

Instead, Centralla led the remnants of the Seventh in a mass exodus –punctuated only by the mutiny of a dozen vessels led by the command crew of the Vostok class Prinz Eugen (See Notable Events: Prinz Eugen Mutiny) – across Free worlds League space and out into Wild Space and beyond.

After two years of travel the Exodus reached a cluster of worlds and systems in the spiral arm out beyond world space and Centralla made the decision that they would settle there.

Each of the forty-three worlds was assigned a number of vessels and their crew based upon vessel size and crew numbers. In addition, resources were carefully allocated, with more being allotted to worlds that had less in the way of natural produce compared to other worlds.

Initially, most of the worlds were settled by grounding and cannibalising many of the smaller ships, though some of the larger cruisers and destroyers also met this fate. Later, local materials were mined and collected and used to fabricate settlements.
Each world of the original forty-three worlds are named after one of the vessels grounded to make the first settlements and this is a convention continued to this day with new colonies named after the colony ship that landed there.

With his people settled and for the time being, needing only to worry about local wildlife and ensuring their supplies could last until local sources could be found, Centralla began the process of creating a governing system to keep the settled worlds together.
Based around a military hierarchy with himself at its head as Supreme Commander, Centralia’s vision for the Taurian Concordat was not far from the same system present in any military with some notable differences. Advancement is via promotion, either through showing aptitude or by assassinating a rival or superior. Military service is seen as a preferable alternative to life as a slave working the farms, mines or factories and any dissent is ruthlessly crushed.

Despite its military bearings and beginnings however, the Taurian Concordat is little more than a bandit kingdom choosing to raid its neighbours for supplies, slaves and technology. Both the Oberon Confederation and the Free Worlds League have long been favoured targets of Taurian Hunter parties The Republic too, suffered from early raids from the Concordat, but those ended following agreements between the two nations.

Key Worlds/Systems

Tauria – Capital World.
Tzenkathi – Shipyard
Hippolatia – Shipyard
Blood Asp – Shipyard
Titan – Shipyard


Due to the Concordats structure, it is often difficult to see where the government ends and the military begins, yet it is perhaps this curious intertwining that gives the Concordat its strength.

Military service is the only option for progression within the concordat and even a rare recruit is afforded the rights of a citizen over a civilian. Becoming a Citizen through military service earns key rights, preferred education for offspring, travel permits off world and is also the only avenue for entering into governmental service. Civilians are often restricted to low level work or in certain cases are forced into slave labour unless supported by a family member with citizenship.

The Taurian military itself is relatively weak, and reliant upon large numbers of older vessels (Sources indicate the use of at least three antique and heavily maintained Imperial Class Star Destroyers)
Instead, the Concordat forces often rely on smaller numbers and tactics that are both reckless and unpredictable. This has worked to an impressive degree against the Oberon Confederation, but has enjoyed only limited success against the Free Worlds League.
The largest deployment of Taurian forces occurred in a massive deep strike against Free Worlds League planets in Hutt Space in 184ABY whilst the Concordat was still weak and again in 190ABY. Both attacks utilized almost the entire military and as a result, the 190ABY assault proved costly when Free Worlds League forces pursued the retreating Taurian forces back to Concordat space and attacked several of their holdings, inflicting massive amounts of damage.

Since then, Concordat strikes have also focused on smaller raids with other forces set up in ambush along the few hyperspace routes.

Military Strength – Weak to medium.

The current Concordat Supreme Commander (And government leader) is Marta Kinsolving. Little is known about her, though she is clearly shrewd enough to rise to the top of the pile, but it remains to be seen what her course for the Concordat might be.


Ruled by its military, the Concordat is run much as a large military unit would be. Advancement is via promotion (Usually by embarrassing or assassinating a superior or rival) Supplies and resources are distributed on request and allocated by need. Breaches of the chain of command are frowned upon, though only punished if the breach grants no benefit for the instigator and decisions are made at the very highest level and passed down through the ranks.

There is little discussion and the lower ranks and the civilian caste are rarely involved in any decision-making beyond local issues.

The slave caste get no say at all.


The economy of the Taurian Concordat is barely non existent and exists more as a barter system at the lowest levels of society and as an ‘allocated by need’ system for the most part.

Some limited trade does exist between the Concordat and the New Republic.


Though considered barely capable by many of its rivals, the Taurian Intelligence Service is not to be underestimated. Though certainly lacking in experience and competence in some areas, they do have some skills. For example, few would have expected the TIS to infiltrate the Sluis Van Shipyards in 275ABY and steal a brand new Tremor Class Cruiser and its full complement of fighters and bombers, yet they did.

That said, TIS also had numerous failures. The farcical attempt in 286ABY to kidnap a high-ranking official from the Free Worlds League jumps to mind. It is that operation that has perhaps been foremost in giving the TIS its reputation of clumsy, bungling incompetents.

Notable Events

Prinz Eugene Mutiny.
During the exodus of the remnants of the Republic Seventh Fleet, the journey across the Free Worlds League was extremely dangerous for the survivors. Thus there was a need for absolute secrecy and discipline, a single vessel breaking formation or failing to make a jump or a stray communication would put them all at risk. A Republic force In Free Worlds League space would not be tolerated.

At some point during the voyage, a number of ships led by the command crew of the Vostok class Prinz Eugene attempted to break from the armada and flee back to New Republic space and hand themselves in, believing the punishment for desertion would be preferable to what was potentially a way trip to death, even if they made it through FWL space without incident.

General Jehen Centralla’s response was to have the renegade ships intercepted and disabled, them boarded. As an example and as display of his determination to keep the fleet together, he ordered the command crews of all the mutineer ships and the entire crew of the Prinz Eugene –thirty thousand souls- to be executed.

With discipline restored and secrecy maintained, the fleet resumed its course with the full knowledge of what the penalty for straying would be.

Note: Our operatives were able find out the details of this story merely by asking citizens and civilians within the Concordat. It seems that the story is public knowledge and is often used as an example to back up threats made by the military elite.

Theft Of The Tigre.
In 275ABY the Oberon Confederation had completed the first of its Tremor Class Cruisers –the Tigre- at the Sluis Van shipyards. Despite the secrecy of the construction, the anaemic Taurian Intelligence Service discovered the ship had been completed and launched an operation to steal it.

Details are still unknown of how they accomplished it –though New Republic intervention cannot be discounted- but the TIS team was able to cross the entire Confederation, infiltrate the shipyards, cut orders for the ship to be left unmanned and then over rode the security systems and stole the vessel.

Despite a complete lockdown of the Confederation, the stolen vessel was able to cross back across Oberon space and escape into the Concordat.

The incident was a massive embarrassment to the Confederation and resulted in many changes to its operational procedures.

The Paxon Incident.
Just nine years after the successful theft of the Tigre, the TIS launched what was considered to be another audacious operation, this time to snatch the Free Worlds League Deputy Minister during his tour of the agricultural world of Paxon.

The operation is widely known to be a complete disaster. The TIS team of twelve operatives arrived on Paxon short three of their number, a miscalculation having left the missing three on a cargo hauler heading to Ylesia.

Two more were killed in the starport when a security officer attempted to return a dropped wallet to one the operatives and the pair panicked believing their cover was blown. The resulting shootout claimed four security officers, seven civilians and the two Taurian agents.

Two more were captured during the infiltration of the Deputy Ministers accommodation and in addition, due to outdated information the agents snatched the wrong person grabbing a low level functionary instead of their target.

That hostage subsequently escaped –killing another agent in the process- and alerted the authorities to the agent’s safe house.

The remaining four attempt to escape, but succeeded only in crashing a speeder into a police speeder, leaving one of the agents unconscious and the others too badly hurt to get further than a few blocks before they were caught.

Even their suicide pills proved ineffective, causing only agonizing, yet non-serious burns to the agent’s mouths and leaving them very alive.

It was this operation that has given the TIS its reputation for incompetence.

Relationships With Other Nations.

New Republic
Long term allies, the Republic and Concordat have a full trade agreement in place with the Concordat also allowing Republic mining companies to exploit resources within the Concordat in exchange for the latest technology including ships and weaponry.

In recent years, the Republic has also taken to look the other way as Taurian raider parties strike into the Oberon Confederation and Free Worlds League to collect slaves, despite the Republics laws on Slavery.

Skye Alliance
The Taurian Concordat has to this date had no interaction with the Skye Alliance.

Free Worlds League.
The Free Worlds League has been a favoured target of the Concordat with Taurian raiding parties striking border worlds and systems regularly and on occasion even striking as deeply as Hutt Space.

Only once has the Free Worlds League chosen to strike into Concordat space. The result was a devastation of Concordat industry that set them back a number of years.

Outer Rim Federation.
There have been no interaction between the Taurian Concordat and the Outer Rim Federation.

Circinus Federation
There have been no overt interaction between the Concordat and the Circinus Federation, though it is suspected that the Concordat has been making overtures with the intent of coordinating strikes against the Free Worlds League.

Oberon Confederation.
Another favoured target for Taurian raiding parties, the Confederation has as yet failed to mount any serious retaliation against the Concordat.

Chiss Ascendancy.
The have been no known interactions.

Mandalorian Clans.
Despite their efforts to hire mercenaries from the clans, the Concordat has usually been on the receiving end of Mandalorian mercenaries hired by the Free Worlds League.

Jedi Order.
Due to current policies regarding Jedi within the Concordat, we have been forced to scale back our efforts in that region. With the current shoot-to-kill policy, our assets are currently in deep cover establishing new safe houses.

Faction: Mandalorian Clans.


The Mandalorians were formed millennia ago by members of the Tuang species exiled from Coruscant following their defeat at the hands of the humans also present there.

Forced to wander they eventually settled a world in the Outer Rim that they called Mandalore, after their leader the Mand’alor and also adopted the name for themselves. Almost fanatical training regimes made them some of the best warriors and soldiers of that era and they demonstrated this by raining and conquering first their neighboring worlds and then striking at the outer borders of the Republic.

This would soon bring them to the intention of the Sith in at 4,000BBY, who then directed them at the Republic in full force. Some years after the defeat of the Sith, the Mandalorians launched their own war against the Republic, only being defeated by the Rogue Jedi –and later Sith- Revan.

Despite the efforts of figures such as Canderous Ordo and Jaster Mereel , the Mandalorians would waver between being unified and being scattered and fragmented factions and it was not till the Galactic Civil War when Fenn Shysa accepted leadership that the Mandalorians became somewhat unified, a trend that continued when his successor, the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett accepted the title of Mand’alor.

Fett kept the Mandalorians out of much of the subsequent conflicts following the Galactic Empires destruction and it was only during the so called ‘Darkest Days’ that the Mandalorians took and active hand in Galactic affairs.

During that conflict, Fett had the Mandalorians turn from being Mercenaries to becoming freedom fighters, liberating or defending many of the worlds in what had once been the Madalorian sector.

When the New Republic fractured, many of the worlds in Mandalorian space were claimed by the Skye Alliance and the Free Worlds League, leaving only a sliver of space that held Mandalore and ancestral worlds such as Ordo, Gargon and Shogun under Mandalorian control.

This changed in 127ABY, when Joshua Loran –a man who claimed ties to both Boba Fett and Garik ‘Face’ Loran- ascended to the rank of Mand’alor. Within two years and with the backing of the Jedi Order, Loran declared the entirety of the old Mandalorian Sector to be back under Mandalorian control.

Both nations lost a number of worlds in the process, but were unwilling at the time to fight the Mandalorians for control of an area of space comparable in size to the Circinus Federation.

Since then, the Mandalorians have maintained a neutral stance in the galaxy at large offering their services as mercenaries once again.

Key Worlds/Systems

Mandalore – Capital
Ordo – Shipyard
Shogun – Shipyard
Roche Asteroids - Shipyards


The military in Mandalorian culture is less an organisation and more a way of life. From a young age, children are inducted into learning combat skills alongside other trades, ensuring that every soldier is also a productive member of society such as a farmer, a builder, a scientist or a technician.

Equipped with some of the very latest in weaponry and equipment, the Mandalorian warriors are amongst the elite and are still apparently capable of living up to their ages old reputation.

However, the Mandalorians have not involved themselves in any large scale conflicts, so other than various skirmishes with the Skye Alliance, the Free Worlds League and the New Republic and their various mercenary actions, there is little information regarding their full scale military capabilities.

The current Mand’alor (Name unknown) is the nominal Supreme Commander, though they are rarely involved in the day-to-day movements of the Mandalorian forces unless they are going into a full scale conflict.

Military Strength – Medium to Strong.


It is unknown if the Mandalorians possess any sort of intelligence service, though it is highly likely.


While the Mand’lor is the ultimate leader of the Mandalorian Clans, the actual task of governing is handled at the Assembly of Warriors, a gathering of clan leaders, respected serving soldiers and respected non-serving warriors.

It is the Assembly that makes the decisions of governing as well as choosing the next Mand’alor should the line of succession by unclear or in dispute.

Local issues are generally handled by clan and district officials, though certain disputes can be elevated to the Assembly if deemed important enough.


The Mandalorian Clans enjoys a strong economy due mostly in part to the high demand for their services as mercenaries, but also through the sale of Mandalorian built ships, weapons and vehicles.

With little need to purchase materials and foodstuffs from outside their space, the clans are somewhat self sufficient and free to purchase the things they do need.

Notable Events

No events have truly stood out within the Mandalorian Sector, at least that we are aware of.

Relationships With Other Nations

New Republic
New Republic interaction with the Mandalorian clans has been sparse in recent years, though Mandalorian strike teams have been employed as mercenaries to strike against both the Skye Alliance and the Free worlds League.

Skye Alliance.
Though not averse to hiring the Mandalorian Mercenaries, the Alliance has skirmished with them a number of times along their shared border. Primarily, supply raids used to test new warriors the attacks rarely do much in the way of damage. In return, the Alliance often rotates green or inactive troops down to the border to give them valuable experience against the clans.

The resulting skirmishes are actually seen by both sides as almost like sporting events, casualties are rarely suffered and while damage is done, the gain in experience is invaluable to the Alliance forces.

Occasionally, the Mandalorians do catch the Alliance forces unawares and launch a deeper strike at a more important world.

Free Worlds League
Despite a number of skirmishes against the Madalorians, the Free World League has not been averse to hiring them as mercenaries on occasion.

Circinus Federation.
Though the Circinus Federation have made efforts to recruit Mandalorian mercenaries, the Federations lack of free funds and nature as a piracy heavy nation have resulted in the Mandalorians turning down the offers.

Oberon Confederation.
Though not yet confirmed, we have reports that the Confederation has been making overtures to the Mandalorians with the intention of employing the mercenaries to assist with the Taurian incursions.

Outer Rim Federation.
The Federation has frequently employed the Mandalorian mercenaries as escorts for convoys, garrison forces and as enforcers during difficult business dealings.

In addition, the Federation has also purchased ships and armoured vehicles from the clans over the years.

Taurian Concordat.
Despite their efforts to hire mercenaries from the clans, the Concordat has usually been on the receiving end of Mandalorian mercenaries hired by the Free Worlds League.

Jedi Order.
Despite restrictions on the passage of Jedi on certain worlds with their sector, the Mandalorians have ever been friendly to the Jedi Order.
Whether this is part of some long time debt of apology dating back thousands of years and regarding Mandalorian involvement in Jedi deaths is unknown.

Faction: Jedi Order

Note: I have added the details of our order as part of this package to maintain a sense of completeness, though I shall refrain from a long, drawn out recounting of our very long history.


Since the founding of our order millennia ago, the Jedi Order has had a great influence on the galaxy at large. Throughout history we have acted as advisors, diplomats, negotiators, healers and when it has been necessary, warriors.

Throughout the days of the Galactic Republic, we helped nurture and guide a loose alliance of worlds and species into a galaxy spanning civilisation, yet always tied to refrain from taking a leading role in its growth, instead seeking to assist and advise when requested.

Yet, whenever the Republic was threatened, we often turned to face the threat.

(Though not always. A reluctance to become involved in the Mandalorian War led many Knights to fight anyway and led to the Jedi Civil War when Revan and Malak fell to the Dark Side))

Wars have been fought against us, because of us and by us, and each time the Order has been diminished and rebuilt.

Yet, the order today is very different to the Order that was there during the days of the Old Republic. That order died at the end of the Clone Wars, murdered in the hundreds by the forces of Emperor Palpatine.

The current Order of course is spawned from the one begun by Luke Skywalker in 7ABY, and it is many of the changes he made that persist to this day. In the old pre-purge order, relationships were forbidden as were families. While, this protected Jedi from the dangers of attachments, it also cut them off those that could support and nurture them at their darkest hour.

Skywalker’s allowance of families and relationships was a necessity of course, the order had been decimated and many candidates were already old enough to have formed relationships, yet there have been many examples when this has been a boon rather than a bane.

Since then, few changes have been made. Beyond our moving into a position of neutrality between the nations and factions of the galaxy and the formation of both the Jade Knights and our intelligence service known as The Watch.

We position ourselves to act as intermediaries between disputing parties and enforce current treaties, thought admittedly, not always with success.

As current Grandmaster of the Order, you, Julian Tiepolo have held the position for close to seventy years, having risen through the order since your days as a padawan in 237ABY.

Key Worlds/Systems

Yavin IV
Alderaan System. Home of the Silver Hope Space Station.


The Jedi Order does not possess a military force as such. All apprentices and knights are trained in combat techniques, including starfighter piloting, though they do not exactly form an army.

Each of our planets does have two Jedi squadrons assigned as defensive forces along with Visage Enterprises Security Forces, though these are purely for defence, never attack, except under extreme circumstances.

The Jade Knights are perhaps the closest thing the order has to a military. Formed by Jaina Solo in 63ABY, the Jade Knights are an arm of the Order that exists to handle the tasks considered to militant or politically delicate for the Jedi to officially become involved in

Numbering just over fifty members at any one time, the Jade Knights are hand picked from candidates displaying combat skills, piloting abilities, infiltration training and slicing capabilities. (Essentially the old Wraith Squadron on a larger scale)

They also have access to the latest ship designs and tech supplied to the Order by Visage Enterprises as well as older model ships and other equipment for missions requiring more discretion,

Primarily tasked with handling cross border apprehensions of dark siders, the Jade Knights have also been used on missions designed to maintain the balance of power between the various nations. Two of these missions, though successful also led to a destabilisation of the regions.

The first, the destruction of the derelict Sovereign Class Destroyer ‘Bloodsword’ resulted in economic collapse in the Outer Rim Federation and a subsequent civil war.

The second mission in, to destroy a newly rediscovered facility holding a storehouse of Emperor Palpatine ended in a brief, but destructive war between the Oberon Confederation and the New Republic.

As a result of this incident, the Jade Knights had several restrictions place upon them including the instruction that all missions required the agreement of a majority of the council (Previously only two members of the council needed to support the mission or even be aware of it).

The current head of the Jade Knights is Conrad Skywalker, a member of the illustrious bloodline who can trace his roots back to Luke Skywalker.


Whilst much of the information possessed by the Order comes from the archives or via Jedi Observers, it was decided that a more specialised section was needed by the Order.

This new arm of the Jedi is known as the watch and is focused primarily of information gathering and internal security as well as identifying and locating force strong individuals.


Though not a government as such, the Jedi Order is overseen by the Jedi Council, twelve of the wisest and most experienced Masters of the Order. Chaired by the Grandmaster of the Order, the Council dictates many of the Orders external actions, whilst leaving much of the orders operations to department heads and other Masters.

The council regularly meets around twice a month and much of the deliberations revolve around training schedules and treaties between nations and our part in assisting with them as well as requests for assistance.


The Jedi Order does not possess an economy. Instead relying on a barter system for supplies we need.

Relationships with Other Nations

The Jedi Order does try to maintain a cordial relationship with all the nations in order to facilitate our ability to find force strong beings and to act as a neutral party in disputes.

Despite this however, Jedi are not permitted within the borders of the Taurian Concordat and the Circinus Federation and a viewed with suspicion in other nations.

Despite, this suspicion the Jedi are often called upon as mediators and negotiators as well as neutral parties in disputes.

Faction: Chiss Ascendancy


Information is scarce regarding the Chiss Ascendancy and what we do know has come through limited contact.

What we do know is that the Chiss race formed the Ascendancy some five thousand years prior to the Battle of Yavin and that for much of that time they concerned themselves only with their own affairs and protecting themselves from outside predations.

Fiercely territorial and xenophobic, the Chiss distrust and shun almost all other races with only a few exceptions, and prefer to keep themselves out what they see as the affairs of others.

Contact with the Ascendancy has been limited to a few incidents with the Jedi and a handful of diplomatic exchanges between the Chiss and the New Republic and Skye Alliance, and only the Skye Alliance has anything close to a working relationship with them and that is limited to a small amount of trading.

In much the same way, other than the actions of the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn, the Chiss have had little influence on the events of the galaxy at large. Though it is believed that it was Thrawn who was responsible for the disappearance of the Outbound Flight prior to the Clone Wars.


The Chiss Ascendancy military is divided into two distinct levels, the Expansionary Defence Fleet and the Colonial Phalanxes.

It is the Expansionary Defence Fleet that is responsible for patrolling and defending Ascendancy space as well as mounting operations beyond their borders.
Highly trained and extraordinarily disciplined, in the few engagements witnessed by outsiders, the CEDF troops have defeated and routed forces far greater than theirs and while few have ever approached the tactical and strategic level of Thrawn, their ability to outthink and out plan an opponent is one of the Chiss’ greatest strengths.

Equipped with the latest ships and weaponry, it is a foolish foe who challenges the CEDF.

The Colonial Phalanxes are much smaller units assigned to each of the colonies of the Ascendancy and are akin to militia units though their training and equipment is on a par with that of the CEDF.

House Nurunodo currently leads the CEDF, much as it has done since centuries ago when the Chiss who would come to be known as Thrawn to the galaxy was inducted into the military and house Nurunodo.

Military Strength – Strong.

Politics/System Of Government

Very little information exists about the politics of the Ascendancy.

What we do know is that the government is democratically elected, with a leader picked from each of the colony worlds. These form the parliament, with issues moved up through a cabinet of governors and from there to the Aristocra, with each Aristocra representing each of the Ruling families.

Each Ruling Family is responsible for a different department of the government, though these roles often change with the waxing and waning of a family’s fortunes. What we do know is that the Nurunodo family is responsible for military and foreign affairs and that the Chaf family often handles contact with outside influences.


We have very little data on the Ascendancy economy, but from what we can tell it appears to be strong, due to the Ascendancy’s self sustaining nature.


While we believe that the CEDF operates an intelligence service, we have no information to confirm this belief.

Relationships With Other Nations.

Other than the limited contact between the Ascendancy, the New Republic, the Skye Alliance and the Jedi Order, there has been no contact between the Chiss and other nations in the galaxy.

Minor Factions

Tortuga Dominion
In 80ABY, a New Republic task force struck at and destroyed the base of the Blackwind Pirates at Giju and routed the survivors. The remnants fled into the Unknown Regions where the attacked and seized several worlds.
Over the next century, this small group of worlds was expanded to form the Tortuga Dominion, a somewhat loose alliance of pirate gangs that use the region of space as a base of operations.
Smugglers, slavers and black listed mercenary units as well as rogue military units also use the Dominion as a hideaway from civilized space.

Visage Enterprises.
Though primarily a company specialising in a wide range of areas, Visage Enterprises also controls the holonet, acting as a neutral party in operating and maintaining the galaxy spanning communications network, thus ensuring that no one nation can control the network.

Visage Enterprises also keeps the Jedi Order supplied with up to date equipment and transports as part of an age old agreement.

Hapes Consortium.
Though considered a part of the Skye Alliance, the Hapes Consortium is more an independent nation with Alliance borders. The Hapans –ruled by their Queen Mother- handle all their own affairs domestic and foreign and the Hapan military patrols Hapan space independently of the Skye forces.

In several conflicts, the Hapans have answered requests from the Skye throne for military support by sending their forces, but since the Skye Civil War Hapes has not joined the Alliance in any further conflicts.

The Hutts

Though a founding member of the Free Worlds League, the Hutts run their territory as a semi-autonomous nation within the League. As part of their original agreements with the other League founders, the Hutts gave up slavery and the supporting of slavers and pirates and in return, they would be permitted to carry on their smuggling and spice supplying businesses.

Though there was friction at first, the legitimacy of the Free Worlds League gave the Hutts the a lot more freedom in their business dealings allowing them greater profit margins, which helped salve their pride over the loss of their slaves.

Cult Of Palpatine
A mix of religious organisation and terrorist group, the Cult of Palpatine emerged sometime around 81ABY on Anaxes and preached the Emperor Palpatine would return and reclaim his throne.

By 110ABY, the Cult had expanded its influence to large fractions of the New Republic as well as portions of the Free Worlds League, Skye Alliance and Oberon Confederation. Rarely numbering more than a few dozen members on each world, the Cult has never been a force politically, which is perhaps why their chosen tactics have always been subversion and terrorism.

By around 287ABY however, the Cult dropped off of the radar, whether this means that the Cults members have finally given up on their pointless waiting for Palpatine’s return or they have gone underground for other reasons remains to be seen.

Shadow Front
Little is known about the Shadow front, beyond rumours and the few bits of information we have gathered. What we do know is that it began life as an information gathering and brokering network started sometime around 20ABY by Dru Kargin, a former pilot with both Rogue and Wraith Squadrons.
Following the splintering of the New Republic in 35ABY, Kargin quickly found his network vying with similar organizations for the attention of many of the new nations who lacked their own intelligence services at that time.
By 60ABY, Kargin’s organization had passed to his daughter Lyn and she continued to expand the network across the galaxy, competing with or absorbing other organizations.

Sometime around 170ABY, the Kargin Organization had officially taken the name Shadow Front and adopted a far more secretive attitude.

No one knows who runs the Shadow Front now, or where it is based, but all know that if you need information of a certain kind AND can pay the price, they can provide it.

As long as you don’t cross them.

-End of data package-

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*Datafile Update*

Recent update of our glactic map displaying current capital worlds and borders.

Capital Worlds are marked White.
Jedi Held Worlds in green.

(Note: It's not brilliant, but it is the extent of my limited abilities to take an existing map and draw on it hehe. May have to right click and view or even save as to zoom in enough to see some of the detail. Sorry for that I iz inept at this kinda thing)

File comment: Updated map
Borders Pre- War resized.jpg
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