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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:22 am 
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The promotion stories I used to write for each pilot when they received a promotion have long been considered as a prelude to Plot 1 since they set up some of the key characters and bad guys featured in the early Plot.

The first promotion story started in April of 1999. When the RS Plot came along at the end of that year, it took over the role of the promotion story. In fact, the very last promotion story (for Myn) became the opening epic story of Plot 2.

Along with Tales from Rogue Squadron, the promotion stories were among the first stories I ever wrote without having to for a school assignment. They are what gave me motivation to finally start writing on my own.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:25 am 
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Date: Fri Aug 27, 1999 11:17 pm
Subject: Promotion ceremony

Notification of Promotion by General Corran Horn

"The Thrown Room" song fills the room as the pilots of Rogue Squadron and a few other New Republic representitives stand to their feet in the main meeting hall of RS headquarters. General Wege Antilles, General Corran Horn, and General Wes Janson stand on the platform at the head of the room. A small wooden box is in General Antille's hands.

"Flight Cadet Tyria Sarkin, step forward!" he commands.

Slightly excited and marginally nervous, Tyria steps forward in front of the commanding generals. She salutes. "Flight Cadet Tyria Sarkin, reporting!" she says in strict military fashion.

"At ease, flight cadet" General Antilles answers, "I'll let General Horn do the honor." At his signal General Horn steps forward.

"Flight Cadet Tyria Sarkin, I, as a general of Rogue Squadron of the New Republic, hearby promote you to the rank of flight officer" he proclaims as he opens the box and hands Tyria the flight officer badge. "For your quality participation in this squadron do we give you this promotion." He shakes her hand, and General Antilles and General Janson do likewise. The
pilots clap and applaud loundly.

"Thank you, sir!" Tyria says overjoyed. "Now, let's get back out there and BBQ some more ties!"

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:26 am 
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Date: Sat Sep 4, 1999 10:13 pm
Subject: Notification of Execution

Written by General Corran Horn

Iella slowly opens the door to the RS headquarters' main conference hall at the summons of the generals. She peers inside and is surprised to see the entire squadron in the room, and all wearing the same grim expression of barely contained dread. Thoroughly confused, Iella glances over to Mirax and Callista for answers, but they quickly turn away and won't even look back at her.

"Flight Cadet Iella Wessiri," Wedge commands, "step forward. We've had suspicions about how loyal you are to the New Republic. After long hours of investigation we have gained proof that you are being paid by the Empire to infiltrate our squadron, and sabotage it," he says with an emotionless expression on his face.

"THAT'S CRAZY!!! I hate the Empire as much as you do! I'd never be traitorous to the New Republic!" Iella retorts in shock and anger.

"I'm sorry Iella," Corran replies "we have all the proof we need to prove you're a traitor. You allegedly caused the deaths of three of our newest pilots in the past few missions by sabotaging their flight controls. You'll have to be terminated immediately."

"WHAT??? You can't do that! I demand a fair trial! It's my right!" shouts Iella.

"Things have changed, Iella. The New Republic has had to crack down on those not loyal to it. We can't compromise. We must proceed." Wedge replies.

"NO! Mirax, Callista, Face, you aren't going to let them do this to me?" Iella turns towards them, but they just stand there with stony expressions on their faces.

"I'm sorry." Mirax finally whispers.

"Pilots, prepare your blasters!" commands General Antilles, "Get against the wall, Iella."

"NO!" she shouts as she tries to make a break for it. Corran and Janson quickly grab her arms and force her roughly against the wall. They step back.

"In formation! Raise your blasters!" General Antilles shouts. The pilots simultaneously raise there blasters and aim them at her. Each pilot holding his blaster with an unwavering hand. Each with the same grim, expression on his face. Iella leans back against the hard durocrete wall; images of her life flash before her eyes. Why did it have to end this way? Had the New Republic come to this; executing people without a hearing? Why hadn't she heard of this new cracking down on the traitorous? How could they possibly be doing this? Was the New Republic starting to take on the form of the tyrannical Empire? Hundreds of questions passed through her mind in mere seconds.

"After all I've done for you guys and the New Republic..." Iella begins in one last attempt to save herself.

"SILENCE!!!" General Antilles bellows. Iella closes her eyes and bravely resigns herself to her fate.

"FIRE!" General Antilles shouts. I loud boom resounds, and suddenly.........Iella is covered in confetti!!!

"CONGRADULATIONS Flight Officer Iella Wessiri!!! General Antilles yells.

Iella stands in total shock with her mouth hanging open as the pilots cheer enthusiastically.

"For your participation in our squadron, for your loyal assistance in our fight against the evils in the galaxy, we now promote you to the rank of Flight Officer of the New Republic Rogue Squadron!"


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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:31 am 
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Date: Sun Sep 12, 1999 12:57 pm
Subject: Notification of Indigestion

Written by General Corran Horn

"Whoa, that was some battle we just had there" exclaims Flight Officer Tierce as he and the rest of the squadron leave their X-wings.

"Ya, but now we're going to have to rush to get to Coruscant on time for the New Republic Pilot's ceremony," answers Flight Cadet Ardele.

"Ok squadron, go get ready for the ceremony," commands General Antilles "I've ordered lunch for you guys, so it'll be ready for you in the mess."

The pilots head off to their rooms. After several minutes when they arrive at the mess, Tierce spots a dewbackburger in a wrapper with his name on it lying on the counter. He quickly picks it up and sits down at a nearby table.

After unwrapping the burger, he takes a big bite.

"OW!" he loudly exclaims as his teeth connect with a hard object.

Several of the pilots glance over curiuosly at him. Tierce pulls open the dewbackburger and looks down at the meat. He sees a reflection of his face in a shiny
lietenant's badge. Underneath the badge is a small piece of paper. He hastily picks up the note and reads:

Greetings Lieutenant,

I hope you didn't put any teeth marks in your new badge. Sorry we couldn't have a proper ceremony for you like we had planned for today; our mission just took too long. I thought you might like to be wearing this when we make our speeches in the Grand Audience chamber today. Keep up your great work in our squadron! We'd be at a loss without you. Fly safely.

General Horn

~We will be watching your career with great interest.~

"YAAAHHOOOO!!!!" yells Lieutenant Tierce "I'm a Lieutenant!"

Suddenly realizing where he is, he turns beet red. Several pilots start chuckling, but soon the whole room joins in a rousing round of applause.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:34 am 
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Date: Sat Sep 18, 1999 11:44 pm
Subject: Notification of Excitation

Written by General Corran Horn

The pilots of Rogue Squadron are busily finishing up their evening meal in the Mess, when suddenly General Antilles' voice comes blaring out of the loudspeakers placed near the several doors of the room. "Attention all pilots! There is a wild animal running through the base, causing a large amount of damage. All attempts of catching it thus far have failed. Whoever can catch this beast will be immediately promoted."

For a second silence fills the room. No one moves a muscle.

Then without warning, the room erupts into total chaos! Everybody starts yelling and screaming! Chairs and tables are physically thrown aside; unfinished meals forgotten as the RS pilots make a mad, maniacal rush towards the nearest exits.

"Whoa! HEY! Watch it!" Flight Cadet Feylis Ardele yells as she is jounced around and trampled by the stampeding mob. "These people are nuts!" she thinks to herself as she pulls herself off the floor, "what do they think they're doing?"

Suddenly she freezes as a thought hits her almost as hard as the mob had.

"WAIT A SEC! He said PROMOTION didn't he? AGH! I've gotta get that animal!" she screeches out load as she stumbles over the fallen furniture towards the main door.

She flings open the main door, and charges out into the now deserted hallway. The rest of the pilots are by now scattered throughout the base, armed with a whole range of various weapons. Feylis races down the hallway towards the loudest source of crashing and shouting sounds. Rounding a corner, she comes to a dead stop as a large crazed animal comes charging straight towards her. At her first and only glance, the animal is quite different than the carnivorous behemoth she had assumed it was. The terrified four-footed animal appears to be more of a grazing type, than a predator.

Pilot-honed reflexes spring into action as Feylis throws herself out of the path of danger. A badly aimed brick, thrown by Face, flies over her head to glance off the wall above the animal's head. Face screams a bloodcurdling battle cry as he charges forward, resuming his chase of the animal.

Feylis takes a short cut thru a side passage, and hears Iella running behind her, screaming incoherently. She meets up with the main hall again, just as the animal zooms by. Continuing after it, Feylis nearly trips over Callista who is lying dazed on the floor. The race continues.

Ahead, she spots Tierce who has now given up on subtlety and has in his hand one of the base's emergency blasters. He carefully aims it at the oncoming beast and pulls the trigger. His shot goes wild as he is tackled to the floor by Ran-Syi. The animal suddenly veers to the right, straight into the hanger bay. It runs past X-wings and startled mechanics.

"This is nut. This is nuts. This is nuts." Feylis keeps muttering under her breath, "the things I do for a promotion..."

An idea starts to form in her head as she spots a camo net folded up on top of a pile of crates. A half a minute, and she is up on top of the crate. She reaches forward and grabs a firm hold of the net, only to discover it jerked out of her hands. She looks up to see Face who had obviously come up with the same idea, starting to pull the net away. Feylis lunges for it, grabs hold of it, and jerks it away with all her strength.

Caught off guard, Face steps back, right off the pile of crates. He falls to the floor, but before Feylis can even make a sound he's up again, grinning maniacally while making his way back up the pile towards her. Thinking quickly she grabs a loose cable hanging from the ceiling and swings away towards a small freighter.

With a loud thump she lands on the top. To her surprise and delight, she spots the crazed animal below her running in circles. With a flick of her wrist, the net unfolds.

"I have you now." she triumphantly declares as she drops the net onto the hapless creature.

Instantly the animal is caught up in the net. Feylis drops down beside it to claim her prize. She looks up confused as the head mechanic comes runs over.

"It's ok Gussy, it's ok." he soothes the creature.

"Wait a sec!" she starts.

"What?--oh. You didn't hurt her did you? This is my pet nerf." he says.

"Your pet what?" she asks.

"My pet nerf. Haven't you ever heard of them? They're a grazing animal that normally lives in herds."

Before Feylis can answer, she hears footsteps behind her. General Antilles and General Horn walk up. "Congratulations, Flight Officer Ardele! You've caught the wild animal!" Wedge says with a slight smirk on his face.

"For one this is not a wild animal; it's this guy's pet! And second, this has to be one of the craziest ways of getting promoted that I've ever heard of!" she replies flabbergasted.

"Well, maybe not the craziest one; not like the one we did to Iella." Corran starts. "Actually, this who things was a complete setup. We meant for you to catch the nerf, not the other pilots. We were originally going to promote you, but we decided to make it a little interesting. Quite good actors our pilots are, huh?" General Antilles finishes.

"WWWHHHAAATTTT?!?!?!?!" Feylis replies in shock.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:36 am 
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Date: Fri Sep 24, 1999 5:12 pm
Subject: Notification of Extrication

Written by General Corran Horn

"How long have I been in here?" Face wonders as he glances furtively at the enclosing walls around him. Day and night did not exist in this cell. "Why did he have to try to be a hero and chase after those ties?" He asks himself despairingly for seemingly the hundredth time since he had been captured and towed off to this secluded Imperial detention center.

He stands up from his small cot. "I've gotta get out of here!" he exclaims out loud, punctuating his statement by slamming his fist on the nearby wall. Suddenly he pauses. "Is it possible...?" He starts. He slams his fist against the wall again, this time listening carefully. A slight echo reaches his ears, revealing that the wall is hollow.

A hasty search of the room reveals that all other sections of the walls are solid.

Studying the wall closely, Face discovers a near hairline seam at the edge of the hollow section. "Now all I need is a some kind of tool to wedge in there." He thinks.

There is a loud "hiss" as the cell door slides open and a guard strides in. Trying to look innocent, Face quickly turns around and leans casually against the wall.

He noticeably stiffens, as he sees a hovering black sphere coming through the doorway. "Now, rebel scum." the guard sneers, "we will discuss your secret rebel plans." The doors on the cell slide shut.

Hours later, Face awakens. Memories of the agonizing torture he went through by the interrogation droid still lays fresh in his mind. Even through this, he allows himself a small smile.

Clenched in his hand is a small thin piece of metal. During the interrogation, he had thrown himself at the droid, beating it with his fist. Even though the droid was designed for extreme durability, the hinges on a small slot door on the side were not.

Face carefully lifts himself off the cot only slightly
painfully, surprised at the small amount of after effects from his interrogation. He tests the piece of metal in the crack; to his satisfaction it slides right in.

"This is too easy. These Imps are really slipping." He says to himself with a satisfied grin on his face, "now to get to work."

Three hours later, Face peels back a large sheet of metal from the wall.

He reaches into the hole with both hands, and grabs hold of something solid. He slowly pulls himself thru the tight hole. "This must be some kind of old ventilation shaft. They probably sealed if off cause they didn't want prisoners to use this as an escape." he thinks.

Several minutes later, and ten meters down the narrow shaft, the piercing and wailing sounds of an alarm fill the base. "What? Ohno, they already know I've escaped!" fear starts to fill him. "Wait, those are 'attack' alarms! Is Rogue Squadron already back to rescue me? Do they know I'm here?" Face wonders.

Crawling forward a few more meters, Face bumps into a wall. The wall appears to be made out of the same material as the one
he had peeled back. He feels with his hand and discovers that the shaft angles off to the left and the right. "Those turns are too tight for me to get through. The only chance I have of getting out of here is to break through this wall." he mulls.

Imperial Commander Testive stands with a grim expression on his face as he watches nearly a dozen X-wings hammer at his weakening shields. His detention center is old and run-down. The governor of his sector had not bothered to update his facility for years. Now as the rebels chew through the rest of his base's shields, hate for the governor burns in his mind.

"Trooper!" he says as he quickly turns around towards the two
stormtroopers assigned to guard duty by his door, "bring me that rebel pilot we captured a few days ago! He may be of use
to us as a hostage." The trooper acknowledged, and headed for Face's prison.

Only a minute later, the stormtrooper returned. "Sir, the
prisoner has escaped his cell. He pried open the sealed vent covering, and has climbed through the ventilization shaft." he reports.

"WHAT???" Testive yells, "Find him now!!!" This was definitely turning out to be a bad day.

Twenty painful minutes of slamming his fists into the wall reveals that the wall is much weaker than the one in his cell. Face pulls himself into the room, drops to the floor, and stands up. In the middle of the small room stands the main power switch of the base's generator. He cautiously moves toward it, and freezes as a whirring sound reaches his ears.

He leaps to the side, just as two bright green laser blots pierce the wall right where his head had been half a second ago.

Face charges across the room to the far door, and ducks as the lasers from the two worn ceiling turrets fire at him. The door suddenly opens, and a stormtrooper with a repeater rifle steps in. Several more stormtroopers are behind the first.

Thinking quickly, Face slugs the first stormtrooper across the head. As he bends down to pick up the fallen trooper's weapon, two laser bolts
from the turrets fly just over his head to hit the second stormtrooper in the chest. Face aims the gun at the door controls, and blows them out, causing the door to slam shut. He jumps behinds some boxes, as the turrets fire again.

"It's good those turrets are slow firing or I'd be toast by now!" he mutters to himself.

"You forgot to disengage the turrets before we stepped into the room!" One stormtrooper yells to another as they drag the lifeless body of second stormtrooper out of the door.

"Well, at least the rebel won't survive long in there. Come on, let's get this door open." his companion replies.

The turrets pound into the box that Face is crouched behind. He slides the barrel of the gun just over the edge of the box, and sprays the far wall with several bursts.

As expected, the lasers burst several pipes, sending up gouts of steam. The turrets swivel towards the new heat source, giving Face just enough time to stand up and blow them into
little scraps of metal. He carefully peers over the edge of the box.

Seeing that the threats have been wiped out, he walks over to the main power switch, and pulls the handle down. The alarms halt, and the small glow panels in the room go dark.

Under the prying of the stormtroopers, the door rises a half a meter above the ground. Face lies on his stomach down on the ground, lining his gun up to shot the stormtroopers' feet. Suddenly, before he can pull the trigger, there are several loud blasts, and the several white armored bodies outside the door hit the ground.

"What was that?" Face wonders. He slides over to the door and peers out from under it. General Antilles hand reaches down and grabs Face's jacket, pulling him into the hall.

"Thanks for rescuing my, General! I thought that I'd--" Face is cut off as several blaster bolts hit the walls around him.

General Antilles and Face duck behind a corner for cover. The General's comm link gives a beep.

"General, we've had a slight mishap in the base's main reactor
room; the reactor is starting to overheat! The whole base could blow within ten minutes!" the voice blares out from the comm's tiny speaker.

"Affirmative, Janson. Take the rest of the team out through the main doors. Face and I have been cut near the east cell area, so have our shuttle pick us up on the roof." General Antilles commands through the comm.

"Yes sir!" Janson replies.

General Antilles and Face use up several minutes fighting their way to the emergency stairs for the roof. It takes several more minutes to get the roof access door open. They finally make it up onto the roof of the base, near the edge.

"There's shuttle Endor" General Antilles says as he spots it in the sky, coming down towards them. A faint, but increasing
sound of rumbling and explosions reaches Face's ears.

"GENERAL!!!" he yells. Before the general can even react, Face throws himself at him, knocking both of them clear off the roof towards the ground five meters below. They both slam roughly into the surrounding foliage and roll down a small slope into a ditch. With an ear-splitting boom, the whole base erupts into a enormous blazing fireball!

Face is the first to gain consciousness. He crawls over to General Antilles' still form.

"You okay, General?" he says, leaning over him.

"Wha-What?" the general says as his eyes flicker open. A weird grin spreads over his face, as his eyes focus on the worried face looking down at him. "Oh boi, oh boi! Yousa save my life! I love yous fo'ever! General Antilles says in a looney high-pitch voice.

"Huh???" Face says, completely baffled.

"What--oh, sorry. Nevermind about that." the general answers in his normal voice, "You saved my life, Captain. Remind me to
give you a promotion."

"General?" Face inquires a few seconds later.

"Ya?" General Antilles answers.

"Can you give me a promotion?" Face asks with a sardonic

"Yub yub, Commander" General Antilles answers.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 1:37 am 
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Date: Sun Sep 26, 1999 6:29 pm
Subject: Notification of Final Confrontation

Written by Ran-Syi Torack
Edited and revised by General Corran Horn

Darkness and clouds. That's all that could be seen at Rogue Squadron Headquarters. Just ten minutes earlier, the sky had been shining brightly, but now it seemed as if a shroud had come over, a shroud of evil. The way the air became deathly still, or the way hairs on the back of your neck became as stiff as a pole, could just about scare anyone to death.

All the pilots could tell something wasn't right, especially Ran-Syi Torack, for he knew it wasn't something wrong, but someone. He could feel the fear rising within him faster than any x-wing could fly. He knew he had to find Him, for he knew the damage He could cause.

Ran-Syi ran quickly to get his newly-constructed lightsaber from his quarters, knowing that evil was hunting him this very moment, seeking revenge.

It seemed to take him a eternity just to get to his quarters, but finally he was safe. Until he looked up; He was there. He didn't know how He could possibly still be alive, but He was there, standing in front of him.

"Why hello, Ran-Syi" the ominous figure concealed behind his
black cloak said in a smooth, modulated voice.

Ran-Syi struggled to find words, but none would come to him. After a near everlasting moment, he fearfully asked "How are you still...alive?"

The by now, all-too-familiar figure answered, "The dark side is strong, and so am I."

He noticed how Ran-Syi was glancing at his lightsaber on the shelf.

"You want your lightsaber, don't you? Why don't you take it?"

Ran-Syi waited a few seconds, trying to think of some way to avoid this. Finding no way out, he gave a flick of his wrist, and the lightsaber flew off the self into his outstretched hand.

"Isn't there another way, Zev?" Ran-Syi asked furtively,

"No." was all he replied as he switched on his lightsaber, it's red blade gleaming in the light of Ran-Syi's quarters.

Ran-Syi then raised his own saber, and just as the white beam appeared, Zev yelled in rage and charged at Ran-Syi. Barely blocking his attack, Ran-Syi was thrown out into the hall, He quickly pulled himself off the ground and resumed defending Zev's attacks of hatred. Zev, with uncontained fury, kept advancing and pushing him back.

The sounds of Zev's yelling and lightsabers clashing echoed through the hall as Ran-Syi was forced towards the doors at the far end. Face and Trar were just wondering what those sounds were, when Ran-Syi was kicked through the swinging doors of
the mess hall.

Iella looked up in shock, her mouth hanging open, while Face pulled out his blaster and fired a shot at Zev. Zev deflected Face's shot with his lightsaber, and the disoriented laser sped back to knock Face's gun clean out of his hand. Face hastily dragged the still shocked Iella with him as he ran off to inform the generals of the danger.

Sparks were flying as the two sabers crashed back and forth. No longer off his guard, Ran-Syi fought back with determined strength, but Zev came at him with a fury that could not be quenched. Zev jumped on a table to get a better angle, but Ran-Syi swung at his feet, causing Zev to leap over the blade.

Losing his balance, the cloaked figure slipped off the edge of the table; giving Ran-Syi the advantage he needed. Zev got up again just in time for Ran-Syi to use the force to push him out through the opposite mess hall entrance. In the hall, Ran-Syi slammed his blade against Zev's, pushing him back further and further. The tide of the battle was starting to shift.

Pilots ran as the battle clashed on in the hall leading towards
the hanger.

"Now it ends!" Zev yelled as he kicked Ran-Syi through the hanger's entryway.

Zev regaining the upper hand pushed Ran-Syi backwards,
toward the center of the hanger. Several of the pilots rushed into the hanger to try assist Ran-Syi in his battle, but realizing they couldn't do anything, they had to stand helplessly by as Zev relentlessly attacked Ran-Syi.

"Ran-Syi doesn't have a chance! What are we going to do?"
Mirax despaired.

She glanced up to see Callista's x-wing flying in after
her daily patrol of the planet surface.

"What are they doing down there? Some kind of game?" Callista wondered from her cockpit. She landed her ship behind Ran-Syi and popped out of the cockpit. She had just jumped to the ground, when she realized that this was no game that Ran-Syi and the cloaked figure were engaged in; this was a battle.

Sensing that this new presence might in someway interfere with his inevitably victory, Zev went berserk and rushed straight at Callista, shoving Ran-Syi back against the X-wing's forward landing strut.

Right before Zev reached Callista with his menacing blade, Ran-Syi Torack jump in front of her and assumed a defensive posture in an attempt to block her from Zev's attack. Zev's blade slipped under Ran-Syi's, slashing the heroic jedi across the stomach.

Terrified as she watched the Ran-Syi go down, Callista ran over to the safety of the crowd of pilots. Ran-Syi lay on the ground, trying to cover his bleeding wound as Zev stood over his
fallen prey.

"BWAHAHAHAHAH!" Zev laughed with an enthusiasm that greatly
sickened all those who heard.

Sweat covered Ran-Syi's body; he knew he was beaten.

"The Dark side will always be stronger! Join me, and the
power will be yours!" Zev continued in a triumphant voice.

So tempting was the dark Jedi's offer.

"I must not give over to the dark. I must cling to the light, for the dark only leads to misery and destruction." he recited to himself.

As he lay back, a calm started to come over him; slowly pushing aside the shroud of evil formed by the dark Jedi. An idea
started to form in his mind as his life ebbed away in the blood that was slowly pooling across the hanger floor. Zev was standing there, right behind the engine of Callista's X-wing.

"I'll let you live if you turn from your ways and forget the past." Ran-Syi stated in a raspy voice.

Zev seemed quite amused, as he proclaimed, "You aren't exactly in a position to bargain, Ran-Syi. And I'd rather die then become weak like you!"

With all the concentration Ran-Syi could muster, he reached out with the force towards the ignition of Callista's X-wing. His mind closed around the ignition, turning it degree by degree.

"So be it, Jedi. your own pitiful powers have destroyed you." Zev concluded as he raised his lightsaber above his head, ready to strike it down.

"A little more, just a little more." Ran-Syi pleaded to himself as the ignition started to completed it's rotation.

With a roar, the engines of the X-wing fired up. Zev's eyes exploded with terror, as he realized his doomed fate. He tried furtively to leap from the oncoming danger, but it was far too late. The flames from the X-wing's engine trust Zev forward and set his cloak on fire, causing him to scream in pain.

Everything went in slow motion, as he fell towards Ran-Syi, Ran-Syi swung his blade upward, cleaving Zev in two.

With the last of his strength, Ran-Syi rolled to the side, away from the burning corpse.

Zev had been destroyed; his reign of terror ended. With a shuttering sigh of relief, Ran-Syi slipped into darkness.

A week later, Ran-Syi woke up in the headquarter's med center.

"Hey there, Ran-Syi. Feeling better? We almost lost you several times over the past week," General Horn says from the bedside.

Ran-Syi responds with a nod. "That was very heroic of you, saving Callista like that. General Antilles put you in for a purple heart. Oh, and we also got you this."

General Horn continued as he handed Ran-Syi a shiny Flight Officer's badge.

"YEAH!!! Thanks!" Ran-Syi yelled enthusiastically.

"Your welcome, Flight Officer Ran-Syi," General Horn replied with a grin, "One more thing. Here, take this."

He handed Ran-Syi Zev's lightsaber. Ran-Syi made no move to take it.

"Destroy it. I want there to be nothing left of Zev."
he said, struggling to keep his voice steady.


Several weeks later after fully recovering, General Anitlles gave Ran-Syi Torack a few day leave. Deciding it was time to go on a mission of his own. Ran-Syi walked over to his X-wing. After double checking everything, he stepped in.

He knew there was only one place to go.

As he entered the blue tunnel of hyperspace, he thought about the pure hatred in Zev's eyes, his lust for evil, and his want for the destruction of all that is good. He knew he could never become that himself. The tunnel faded away, and Ran-Syi was thrown forward a bit by the sudden deceleration. He had arrived at the Dagobah system.

He searched for thirty minutes looking for somewhere to land, and finally found a open patch. After the landing, Ran-Syi slid out of the cockpit onto the ground and headed off for the hut.

Even though he never had been to Dagobah before, he seemed to know where he was going.

After a mile of tramping through thick swamps and trees, Ran-Syi found what he was looking for. He entered the rotting hut and looked around. It was much larger on the inside then had it appeared on the outside, but what really stood out was the suprising fact that, even though no one had been in it for years, the hut was brightly lit.

"Is it me do you seek, Ran-Syi Torack?" he heard behind him.

He quickly turned around to see a blue glowing figure. Yoda.

"You have defeated Zev, have you not?" Yoda questioned,

"Yes I have, Master Yoda. He is gone forever." Ran-Syi

"Conquered your fears have you. Resisted the Dark side have
you. You have done well Ran-Syi." Yoda solemnly proclaimed, "You are now a Jedi Knight. May the force be with you..." Yoda concluded as his glimmering blue form faded away.

"Thank you, Master Yoda." Ran-Syi whispered as he left the hut to return to Rogue Squadron Headquarters.

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Date: Sat Oct 9, 1999 5:27 pm
Subject: Notification of Eradication

Written by General Corran Horn

Everything goes into slow motion, as he falls towards Ran-Syi, Ran-Syi swings his blade upward, cleaving Zev in two. With the last of his strength, Ran-Syi rolls to the side, away from the burning corpse. After completing his roll, he looks up and sees another dark figure standing above him.

"No!" Ran-Syi's mind screams, "It can't be him! I thought he was dead."

The dark figure raises his long-handled glowing red lightsaber above his head, ready to bring it slicing down.

"Darth Khyron, how can you still be...alive?" Ran-Syi inquires fearfully.

"The dark side is strong, and so am I!" Darth Khyron sneers. Throwing back his head, he lets out a terrifying sound. "BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You weak little fool! So what, you killed my master, but his powers were growing weak with his age. It is now time for me to rekindle the Sith order and bring swift destruction to the Jedi"

"Weak little fool? Remember, I was Zev's..." Ran-Syi starts before Darth Khyron cuts him off.

"HAHAH!!! You were a failure. I was the success! Zev should have never bothered with you; that was his downfall. I was the one who awoke him from his hibernation. I was the one who found that secret Sith code, which I will now put to use! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Goodbye little Jedi!" he brings his lightsaber down towards Ran-Syi.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo...!!!" the doomed Jedi screams.

With a start, Ran-Syi Torack wakes up. Cold sweat covers his face.

"Darth Khyron. He's still alive."

Ran-Syi sits up in his cot. "How can it be possible? I saw his death myself; no one could have survived that one but a powerful dark Jedi. I wonder where he is. Wait a sec...what did he say about that Sith code?"

Suddenly a dreaded realization slams into him like a charging rancor.

"Yavin 4, I have to get there!!!"

Captain Callista and Captain Terrik get up from their chairs after finishing their mid-day meal in the dining hall at Luke's academy on Yavin 4.

"Thanks for letting us rest and refuel here after our mission!" Callista remarks to Luke.

"No problem" he responds.

"Is there anyway we can repay you?" Mirax inquires.

"Well, I was just wondering if you could drop by an NR archeologist site a distance away from here on your way out. There's a small group there, excavating some kind of ruins. They usually contact us at least once a week to report their findings, but it's been nearly a month since we last heard from them. I don't know...I sense something..." He trails off.

"Sure, we'll go there right now." Mirax responds.

"At last...after all these years, I finally have the key for the destruction of the so-called new Jedi order." Darth Khyron evilly grins to himself; "the last pieces of the puzzle are now in place."

He slowly pushes the newly unsealed stone door open. There right in front of him in the middle of the small dank room lies the fulfillment of Khyron's years of work. Ran-Syi, and even Master Zev didn't think that he could ever break Exar Kun's sith code.

Exar Kun with his apprentice Zev had fled here nearly four thousands years before. Hundreds of Jedi had been pursuing them. At the very end, having seen that his death would soon come, Exar Kun had etched a code into the walls of this temple's main tower. The code revealed the location of the secret chamber in which the control panel for the destruction of all his temples lay. He had foreseen that some day Jedi would dwell in them. With a touch of a lever, a temple would collapse as its foundation was blown out, and lava from deep within the planet came spewing forth.

Exar Kun had been killed by the Jedi, but Zev had been able lock himself into a Sith stasis. Completely undetectable to the Jedi, he was enclosed in virtual hibernation for a period of about four thousand years before Darth Khyron had discovered and awakened him.

The control panel now lay before Darth Khyron; a lever representing each of Exar Kun's temples sticking from it's face.

"Now..." the young apprentice says to himself, " is time to formulate which lever spells doom on which temple. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

A slight flicker in the force catches his attention, and he senses two presences approaching.

"Doesn't look like anyone's here." Mirax says to her companion.

"Hmm, that's weird. How 'bout we split up, look around, and meet back here in five minutes?" Callista implores.

With a nod of agreement from Mirax, they trudged off.

During her reconnaissance, Callista sees tools and machinery scattered around as if hurriedly dropped. After five minutes of fruitless searching for the missing archeologists, she returns to the X-wings. Apprehension starts to seep in as sees no sign of Mirax. After Several minutes, her apprehension turns to dread. Acting quickly, she unseals the storage compartment of her ship, and pulls out a few extra blaster power cells and a thermal detonator. She then pulls out her lightsaber and secures it to her belt, silently thanking Mirax for reminding her to bring it along. A quick survey of the ground reveals what Callista believes are her friend's footprints. She follows them down a path, and through a dark crumbling doorway.

Darth Khyron forcefully drags the struggling Mirax down a long spooky corridor. They pause at a doorway, and he shoves her through. Mirax gasps in horror. There in front of her, skeletons of at least two-dozen bodies lay scattered across the floor. Sickened, she turns her eyes away from the appalling sight.

"That is what happens to those who mess with my Master's-Master's temples." Darth Khyron says with a gleam in his eye. "Prepare to join them. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Do not fear, the inhabitant's of the Great Temple will look much worse than this when I'm finished with them! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Feeling faint, Mirax falls down on her hands and knees on the hard floor.

"Zev, my master, will be most pleased!" he says with a satisfied grin on his face.

"Hah, what can Zev do to congratulate you now!" she retorts back, slowing gaining back her strength.

"What do you mean?" he questions.

"Zev is as dead as these bones here, I saw Ran-Syi kill him myself." She answers triumphantly back.

Then she suddenly realizes that she may have said too much, as she sees the dark Jedi's face change in a whole host of horrid expressions.

"Ran-Syi...Ran-Syi...RAN-SYI!!! NOOOOOOOOOOoooooo!!!" His enraged scream echoes across the chamber.

"Come here, Mirax." A voice calls from the room's entryway. A golden beam extends from a handle, held tightly in slightly trembling hands. Callista, the bearer of the lightsaber, does her best to look imposing in front of her dark foe.

"DIIIEEEEEE!!!!" Darth Khyron yells as he charges towards her.

The two beams clash. Callista wields her lightsaber with the skill of a Jedi master, but without the force to help her anticipate her adversary's moves, she is far from even matching him. Darth Khyron rains down blow after blow as he steadily pushes Callista back.

"Run, Mirax!" she yells to her friend.

"No, I'm not leaving without you" Mirax answers back, now standing behind her.

Darth Khyron slams his blade into Callista's with enough force to knock her to the ground. He lifts his blade up again; raising it above his head, ready to swing it down at the fallen pilot.

"CALLI!!!" Mirax screams.

Callista rolls to the side, and purposely into a large pile of rotting crates. The dark Jedi defensively slices his blade up towards the falling objects. Callista ducks out of the way, and gets to her feet. She and Mirax charge up the hallway.

"NOOO!!!" Darth Khyron yells for the second time that day.

With a mightly throw, his lightsaber spins like a circular vibroblade towards the escaping pilots. Callista gasps as the ruby-red blade slices into her side. She slumps to the ground with a pleading cry.

"The thermal detonator, Mirax...throw it." She barely manages to whisper.

Without thinking, Mirax picks up the round sphere, set's it to explode-on-impact, and hurls it at Darth Khyron. He sees the thermal detonator coming towards him, and at the last possible second, he uses the force to fling it into the far wall. The explosion resounds throughout the ruins. The walls and ceiling of the room start to crumble, and large chunks crash to the floor.

Mirax hauls Callista down the hallway towards toward the surface. The collapsing ceiling blocks Darth Khyron from their view.

Completely exhausted and battered, Mirax drags Callista the last few feet to the doorway to the outside. With a final roar, the ruins completely collapse and cave-in.

A hand reaches down, and helps Mirax to her feet. Ran-Syi leans down towards Callista, and checks for a pulse.

"She's still alive, but barely." He concludes solemnly.

There is a sudden roar of two powerful engines, as Darth Khyron's sith infiltrator rises above the treetops, heading for deep space.

"I gotta get back to my X-wing, and catch him before he hyperspaces. He'll be no match for me in a dogfight!" Ran-Syi makes a move for his ship, parked nearby.

He stops as he glances down at Callista's still form. "I can't leave her here; she'll die if I don't get her back to the academy right away! Mirax is in no condition to fly; I'll have to take them myself. I can carry them in the X-wing's cargo net and suspended it from the bottom of the craft." He says silently to himself. "Later, Khyron. We'll meet again later."

Trumpets shout forth and drums roll, as two figures stride down the main aisle towards the stage of the Great Temple's Main Audience Chamber. Jedi Knights, Rogue Squadron pilots, and number of other various beings line the spacious room. Luke Skywalker, General Antilles, General Horn, and General Janson stand on the stage, waiting for Mirax and the newly-healed Callista to reach them. With their arrival, General Antilles steps forward to make a speech.

"I General Antilles of the New Republic Rogue Squadron and in the witness of the new order of Jedi Knights, hereby bestow on you this small honor as a token of our appreciation for all the--"

"Get on with it already!" General Janson whispers harshly.

"Ehem! As I was saying..." General Antilles continues, "We are very grateful for the courage and bravery you two showed in neutralizing the destructive plans of Darth Khyron. Because of your action, the Jedi live on. We now present you with these."

He hands each of them a shiny badge with a silver bird with outstretched wings on it.

"Congratulations Commander Callista and Commander Mirax Terrik!"

The Grand Audience Chamber fills with wild applause.

Deep in the forbidding blackness of space, bruised and battered Darth Khyron seethes over his defeat. All those years of work on Exar Kun's code...gone! All of it! How possibly could two force-blind mortals have defeated him! His master would strike him across the face, on first impulse. Worse chastening would soon follow. He knew he deserved it all. But if it was true, that his master was dead, he was all alone in the universe. His master, MURDERED BY RAN-SYI!!!

"I'll get you Ran-Syi...later!"

He punctuates his last pronouncement by raising his hands above his head as if gripping a gaffi stick. Darth Khyron throws his head back and undulates forth. "ARR ARR ARR ARR ARR ARR ARR..."

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Subject: Notification of Infiltration

Written by General Corran Horn
Concluded by Ran-Syi Torack

As a green jewel in the depths of a black void, the once-volcanic planet hangs at the edge of Imperial-controlled space. The stillness of the scene is shattered as a large flash of light announces the arrival of two New Republic fighter squadrons and three larger ships. The twelve X-wings of Rogue Squadron, the twelve Y-wings of Guardian Squadron, and three Assault Transports accelerate towards the planet.

"Rogues, form up. There is a large cloud cover cloaking the base, so switch targeting computers to a tighter range." General Wedge Antilles' voice comes over the com. "Guardians, prepare to make your bombing run."

Two-dozen Tie Fighters and Interceptors come screaming out of the clouds towards the attacking ships. Several green lasers, fired from the base, lance there way up at the X-wings and Y-wings.

"That's all the defense force they have?" Tyria wonders, "Something's not right here..."

The Ties quickly approach.

"General, I--"she starts.

Three large flashes announce the arrival of an Interdictor Cruiser, a Star Destroyer, and a Lancer-Class Frigate. Several smaller support ships appear around them.

"It's a trap! All ships, abort mission!" General Antilles' voice comes though the com speakers. Ties start to pour out of the Star Destroyer's main hanger bay.

"But, General, we're Rogues! We can take 'em on!" Flight Cadet Runt protests.

"I said abort mission, Flight Cadet. The destruction of this base is not important enough for us to lose half our squadron for." General Antilles responds.

"Yes sir.' Runt says subdued.

"Guardian Squadron, head straight for the Interdictor. Rogue Squadron, move to engage any enemy craft that attack the Y-wings. Transports, try to stay back away from the battle until we have things cleared. We'll punch a hole right through them." Wedge orders.

General Antilles' plan works beautifully. The Y-wings pick apart the Interdictor Cruiser, before the Star Destroyer can reach them. The X-wings effectively defend them from the attacking ties, and capital ships. The Assault Transports even manage to disable a large System Patrol Craft that got too close to them.

The battle goes well for the New Republic pilots, all of them, except for one pilot in particular.

"Hey, is anyone awake out there??? I think I need a little help here!" Tyria Sarkin pleads over the intercom for the seemingly millionth time.

Ties swarm around her lone X-wing like a horde of piranha beetles. The only sound that answers her back is a hiss of static. A direct hit from a Tie Interceptor knocks out her hyperdrive, and sends the X-wing into a spin.

"How could they leave me here like this???" Tyria wonders as resentment for her fellow pilots rises like a lump in her throat. Another direct hit takes out her starboard engines. The doomed ship slowly plunges into the planet's upper atmosphere. Tyria hastily swallows her anger.

"I have to think clearly! I could try bailing, but then the Imps would just pick me up. The only thing I can really do is to try to land this thing in one piece."

The Interdictor collapses into an enormous fireball of ionized gas. Eleven X-wings, the nine remaining Y-wings, and the one remaining Assault Transport pierce through the coalescing cloud of gas, just as the Star Destroyer reaches them with turbolasers blazing. In near unison, the escaping New Republic ships leap into hyperspace.

Tyria's X-wing wobbles violently, making it a hard target for the pursuing Imperial pilots, as it soars through the planet's lower atmosphere. A large cloudbank engulfs her ship. She watches the numbers on her altimeter scroll by in a blur.

Tyria looks closely, "5 kilometers, 4 kilometers, 3 kil--."

The X-wing soars out from the bottom of the cloud layer. Before her lies a long and narrow finger-like lake. She jams on her repulsor coils, and pulls the nose of the X-wing up just before impact. A huge gout of water sprays upward, as the ship hits the surface. The X-wing sinks several meters before rising back to the surface.

Very shaken, and slightly battered, Tyria crawls out of her floating ship. A sound from above causes her to look up, Two specks come bursting out of the clouds, right towards her. She leaps into the water, and starts to swim towards the nearby shore, as two ties come screaming down, firing green beams of supercharged energy. The X-wing blows into a fireball, spraying debris all over the lake. The Ties pull up meters from the ground, and head off towards the sky. Tyria crawls up onto the shore as a wave of heat washes over her.

Tyria Sarkin, soaked and shivering, slumps down onto a fallen log.

"What am I going to do now? I won't be able to survive here long, because all my gear was in my ship." She holds her head in her hands, as despair rises within.

"FLIGHT OFFICER TYRIA SARKIN!!! What are you doing, sitting here on a log feeling sorry for yourself??? You're a pilot of Rogue Squadron, and a former member of the Raiders!!! You can figure this one out!" She screeches out loud as she slap herself in the side of the head. "The only way you're going to get off this planet is to steal a ship from the enemy base. Get to it!" Tyria stands up tall. "First thing I need to do is camouflage this bright orange flight suit."

After a moment's hesitation, she drops to the ground, and rolls across the ancient volcanic ash. She gets up and starts her trek through the trees towards the base in her now-gray flight suit.

"Admiral, we have to send a rescue team back. We can't just leave her there! She may still be alive." General Antilles implores to the Admiral of the "Starlifter".

"I'm sorry, General, but we don't have the time. There's an attack on Tangrene, and we're badly needed. Besides, if she is still alive, the Imps have her by now." He replies.

"All the more reason to rescue her!" Wedge protests.

"General, listen to me. If we don't get over to Tangrene, a lot more than one person is going to die. We'll be leaving as soon as we get our stabilizer fixed," the admiral commands.

"Yes, sir," Wedge mutters.

Tyria crouches in the bushes near the unfinished base. Construction crews tramp in and out of the doors, while hover vehicles carry heavy materials and supplies. Tyria leaps out of the bush, and grabs onto the side of a lumbering hover truck unnoticed. She pulls herself between a pile of crates in the back.

"Halt!" A trooper says as the hover truck rumbles up to the main entryway. "We detect a life form in the back of your vehicle.

Thinking hurriedly, Tyria glances around for a means of distraction. Seeing a small can of engine fuel, on the tailgate, she levels her blaster at it. The back of the truck erupts into flames. During the mass confusion that follows the explosion, Tyria slips out of the truck and through the base doors. She races through half-constructed hallways.

Alarms blare as smoke starts to fill the corridors. A squad of stormtroopers hustle pass without giving her a second glance. In her dirty "gray" flight suit she has the appearance of a disheveled construction worker. Everything falls apart, as she swings around a corner, discovering four stormtroopers standing at the hanger's entrance with their blasters pointed directly at her. She leaps back into a niche in the side of the hall, a second before four stun blasts fly through the spot where she had just been standing. A couple more stormtroopers appear at the opposite end of the hall, cutting off any attempt at retreating. Stun blasts criss-cross back and forth, while Tyria squeezes herself farther back into the small niche. Tyria leans out slightly to fire off a few shots at them. Another stormtrooper appears, and fires a laser blast. The ruby-red beam grazes her arm, setting her sleeve on fire. She yelps, as the flames start to eat through the supposed fire-retardant material. She drops to the floor, and rolls across it to quench the searing flames. Tyria completes her roll and looks up despairingly into the barrels of several stormtrooper-issue blaster rifles.

Arms locked firmly in the grip of two stormtroopers; Tyria is dragged into a nearby office. A middle-aged man looks up from a crowded desk at the prisoner being dragged through his door.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" He says in a mocking tone.

"Colonel, this rebel pilot was trying to sneak into our base," one of the stormtroopers reports.

"How interesting. Such a pity she didn't even make it to the hanger bay. Interrogate her immediately," the colonel continues.

"You aren't going nowhere." He remarks directly to her.

"Anywhere," Tyria corrects on impulse, prompting a glare from him.

"I'll be back from my lunch break in about one hour. I'll expect the interrogation to be in full swing by then." He announces as he walks through the back door of his office.

As the stormtroopers, still holding her arms, turn towards the front door, Tyria sees her chance. She swings her foot into one of the one stormtroopers' ankles, knocking him to the floor. The other stormtrooper, letting go of her arm as she drops to the floor, raises his blaster and fires it. She rolls towards his feet, as the badly aimed blaster bolt ricochets off the tile floor and into the first trooper. Tyria tackles the second trooper.

A minute later, she rises to her feet, the victor. Both stormtroopers now lay stunned on the floor.

Tyria gives herself a minute to catch her breath, than slowly opens the office door. No one is in sight. She creeps steadily forward into the hanger bay. Once inside, she makes a sharp left, and crawls between some large boxes and the hanger wall. She glances ahead, and sees a gleaming Missile Boat with its cockpit hatch open. Meter by meter she slides towards it. "This is too easy" She says to herself.

A blaster shot rings out, as a bright red beam of light lances past her head to take a splintering chunk out of a nearby wooden crate. Tyria fires a few shots, with a stolen stormtrooper rifle, over her shoulder at the unseen attacker. She breaks into a running crouch towards the ship as more shots blaze around her. She reaches the ship, and throws herself up the ladder and into the pilot's seat. The control panel shows all systems "GO". "The pilot must have left the cockpit to get something right before take-off." Tyria concludes. She closes the hatch, and starts up the engines.

With a roar, the Missile Boat rises from the hanger floor, and shoots towards the closing bay doors. Tyria jams down the throttle and squeezes through the opening with only a meter to spare.

"Phew, I made it!" She sighs in relief as she wipes sweat from her forehead. "Now I have to take down the base's temporary shield generator so I can get out of here."

The hanger bays start to open again for the defending Ties to get past. Thinking quickly, Tyria spins her ship around and fires a pair of proton torpedoes through the opening. Sounds of explosions fill the sky afternoon sky. She circles the base, raking unfinished structures with the Missile Boat's single blaster. Another pair of torpedoes launch from her ship, impacting on the shield generator. The base's shields collapse. Powerful lasers from the base's turrets rock her ship wildly.

"Time to go!" Tyria announces as she pulls back on the flight stick. The Missile Boat heads for deep space.

"Captain, prepare to make the jump to lightspeed," The admiral of the "Starlifter" commands.

"Sir, we have a ship on our scanners! Imperial-class," the captain announces. "Wait for it to identify itself," the admiral commands.

"Sir, the pilot has transferred the correct New Republic codes, and has identifies herself as Flight Officer Tyria Sarkin. She also sent us a small report." comes the answer.

"Looks like your people are more resourceful than I thought." The admiral turns towards General Antilles standing behind him. "Bring her aboard." He orders as he turns back to the Captain.

The stolen Imperial Missile Boat settles itself down unto the hanger bay floor with a soft thump. The only thing Tyria Sarkin wants to think about was nothingness. It seemed like days, not hours, since she had last been standing in this bay. All she wanted was a good long rest. She is slightly startled to see no one greet her as she drops off the ladder. Instead of heading straight to General Horn's office to give a full report as she usually does, the exhausted pilot instead drags herself off to her cabin.

Tyria stumbles into her quarters, her eyes barely able to stay open, and collapses onto her cot. Even though most people in their right mind would think that a pilot's cot was not even near comfortable, it seemed perfect for the exhausted Tyria.

She dazes off into a lazy slumber, until she hears a loud sound.


She sits up looking around for the source of the sound, but finding nothing in the blackness of her quarters she lies back down and returns to her doze.


She sits up again; this time a little more frightened, and quickly looks around. Nothing.

"I must be REALLY tired! I'm hearing things now," she reprimands herself.


"There isn't anything out there, there isn't anything out there..."


Tyria begins to sweat/glow as the objects in her room seemed to be moving before her eyes.

"I'm seeing things now!" She nearly shrieks out loud.

In her mind, she knows, or at least tries to make herself realize, that there really isn't anything moving. The room starts to swim before her eyes. Everything seems to be caving in on her, until she hears a different sound.

"Tyria...." the ghostly voice moans.

She stiffens; too frightened to move.

"TYRIA!" the voice beckons, "You will pay for your deeds! You will pay for them all your life!" it wails. Tyria is so terrified that her mind freezes.

"You will be promoted to Lieutenant!" the voice suddenly shouts.

Tyria yelps in surprise. It takes a second for her to realize what had just been said. She is momentarily blinded as lights came on, and General Horn pops out from behind her dresser. Still blinking, Tyria slips from her bed, and stands up.

"General Horn?" She asks in a bewildered voice.

"Yes, that was I calling out in the voice. You will pay for your deeds. Congratulations, Lieutenant Tyria!"

Tyria stares in shock, not sure whether to thank the General, or deck him. She decides to stick to the first idea.

"Thank you, General Horn, AND DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" she yells.

"Don't worry, I won't," He says grinning as he walks to the door.

"Wait a sec, how did you make those 'THUD' noises?" She inquires.

"What 'THUD' noises? What are you talking about?" he asks as he strides out the door, flipping the light switch off.

"He was kidding. He knew what made those noises, right?


Tyria screams and literally leaps in fright.

"Tyria..." a different raspy voice calls.

All fear leaves Tyria as anger replaces it.

"RAN-SYI!" She yells as she charges for the door in pursuit of the fleeing, laughing figure.

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Subject: Notification of Seperation

Written by General Corran Horn

A mess; those were the only words that come to Flight Officer Bror Jace's mind as he stands outside the wrecked ship. Here they were, stranded on an uninhabited planet, light years from any charted sector.

It had all started when General Antilles had given several of the pilots R&R. He had lent them an old transport to use to get to the lush planet of Illor. Once there, the pilots had planned to do some fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. During the long hyperspace flight to the planet, some of the pilots had become restless, and decided to start a low-stakes Sabaac match. Not caring much for the game, Bror had politely declined, and switched places with Callista at the pilot's controls. Callista had always prided herself as being the Sabaac Queen, much to Iella's disapproval. Upon arrival in the Illor system, Bror had found their ship surrounded by an attacking Imperial raiding force. The Imperials were pounding the planet's main spaceport. Within mere seconds, tie fighters were swarming around the newly arrived transport. Bror had hurriedly calculated a short hyperspace jump out of the system, but in his haste he miscalculated, causing the ship to nearly smash into this desolate reddish planet. The Lumba III now lay a crumpled in a heap.

From the way the ship looked, smushed may have been a better word. This was all his fault. Callista should have been the one piloting the ship, not him. If only he had spent more time to calculate the jump, or maybe if he had set the ship to arrive further away from Illor, they wouldn't be in this mess.

Guilt crushes down upon the pilot's broad shoulders.

Bror Jace looks up from his surveillance of the damage as Iella steps down the gangplank, and tramps towards him. Before she can reach him, Callista stumbles out of the ship in a complete daze and knocks into her.

"Where are we? Did we miss the landing pad?"

Callista's words come out slurred, and her eyes swing back and forth without focusing on anything in particular. Blood pours from a massive gash on her head.

"Calli, get a hold of yourself! This is no time to be playing around!" Iella shrieks as she takes hold of the dazed pilot and shakes her violently.

"Let go of her, Flight Officer Wessiri!" Bror bellows.

Iella freezes; let's go of Calli, who slumps to the ground; and spins around to face Bror.

"And who do you think you are, bossing me around, Flight Officer???" Her eyes flash with anger.

"I out-rank you." Bror responds calmly.

"Oh you do, do you?" Iella growls as her hand shoots out to grab a handful of the collar of his flight suit. "Just 'cuse you were promoted to flight officer before I was and you've been in the squadron longer, DOESN'T mean you out-rank me! You were the one who got us into this mess anyway!"

She glares long and hard at him. He returns the glare with equal intensity, but remains silent. She grips his collar for another second, than lets go. Without another word, Iella stalks off. Bror Jace looks off into the distance with a stony expression on his face, masking the utter turmoil that churns within.

"Hey, Bror! You awake?" Flight Cadet Myn Donos questions his superior officer.

"What? Oh, ya...I'm awake," comes the startled answer.

"Calli and Ooryl seem to be the only ones who are badly injured. Commander Callista was slammed against the balkhead during the crash, and Flight Cadet Ooryl got crushed by some large crates." Myn reports. Then with a shudder he continues. "I'm not sure if Ooryl's gunna make it. He's really banged up. Biggs is trying to stop the bleeding right now."

Face shakes himself completely out of his daze, and pulls himself together.

"Ok, Myn. I'll see what I can do for Ooryl. Meanwhile, check over our food, water, and supplies."

"Yes, sir!" Myn reponds as he turns back towards the ship.

Iella kneels over Callista's curled up, shaking form.

"I'm sorry about getting angry with you," Iella apologizes as she wipes blood from Callista's face with a damp cloth. "I didn't know what I was doing. I guess I was still in shock from the crash."

Callista whimpers softly, and doesn't even seem to be listening.

"But then there's that Bror. OH, does he make me MAD! Thinking he's the head and all! The nerve of him too..." Iella's voice trails off.

Four of the six Rogue Squadron pilots huddle around a small dining table in the transport. Bror begins to speak.

"Ok pilots, this is how it works. Under strict rationing, we have enough food to last us two weeks, and enough water to last a little longer than that. It'll take a lot of hard work, but I think the ship is repairable. The communications unit is beyond repair, so we won't be able to call for help. The engines and the hyperdrive took the brunt of the crash when we landed the ship tail first."

"When YOU landed the ship tail first!" Iella mutters none-too-softly under her breath.

Ignoring the comment, Bror continues. "We will get rest tonight, and start repairs first thing in the morning. Flight Cadet Biggs has reported that Ooryl is already doing better, and has regained consciousness, so we can be glad about that."

Bror Jace slowly stands up from the table.

"Ok, that's all I have to say for now. Have a good night's sleep."

"Ok, pilots, it looks like our work is here is finished for now." General Wedge Antilles voice comes over the speakers and into the RS pilot's cockpits. "All survivors have been picked up."

"Copy that, Wedge." Captain Celchu answers. "Our missing pilot's transport, Lumba III, was last seen here during the Imperial attack."

Wedge glances down at the bluish-greenish sphere of Illor.

"Since there is no sign of any wreckage from their ship, I'd say that they probably made a short-hyperspace jump into a nearby system. Pilots, on your display boards, you should see a chart of the nearby sectors. The only thing we can do is to take a look around each one. They may have crashed, because we can get no sign of them on the transponder."

The six active X-wings of Rogue Squadron, accompanied by a frigate, leap into light speed.

Repairs on the ship go smoothly the first week. Though Ooryl shows steady signs of recovery, Callista still seems just as bad off as she was the first day of the crash.

On the seventh day Iella and Myn work side-by-side sealing the hull with a metallic sealer. Myn glances over disgusted at the huddled form of Callista lying in the corner.

"Just look at her, acting like she's sick and everything! She's just trying to get out of work!"

Myn never sees the fist that slams across his head and knocks him to the hard deck. His head pounding like a charging rancor, he rolls on his back and looks up into the blazing eyes of Iella.

"Don't you EVER say anything like that about her again, you here???" She stands over him, shaking her clenched fist in his face.

"Y-yes, ma'am" the fallen pilot stammers.

By the second week, all Bror's dreams of repairing the ship and making it off the dry planet start to crumble. Problem after problem occurs, and motivation runs low.

Another day passes, and the last scraps of food are consumed. The ship is not near ready for space flight. Bror Jace stumbles crestfallen from the hatch, and sits down on a half-buried crate. He holds his head in his hands, and his elbows rest knees. All hope seems lost.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Bror jerks as Iella's voice seemingly rips out of nowhere. Iella stalks up to Bror, and stands in front of him with her hands placed firmly on her hips. Bror barely looks up.

"It's no use. We're all just going to die here," He utters.

Iella gives him a none-too-soft whack across the side of the head with her grease smudged hand.

"C'mon here, wake up! You're not conking out on us now! We can still do it!" Iella screeches at him. A glimmer of hope springs forth in Bror's now-upraised eyes, but it soon fades. Frustrated, Iella turns and stalks off back towards the ship.

Myn who had been leaning back against the outer bulkhead of the ship, suddenly finds himself hauled up by a steaming Iella.

"Get up, you lazy bum! Get back to work!" She orders.

Myn groans, "I'm too hungry, I can't work on an empty stomach."

He abruptly changes his mind, as Iella bangs his head against the transport's metal shell. She next stomps into the sleeping area of the ship, and towards Bigg's sleeping form.

"Hey, stop sleeping on the job; we have work to do!" She roars at him as she shakes his cot vigorously.

"Ok, ok." Biggs relents as he rolls off his cot.

"Can I help?" A small voice comes from the corner.

"Uh, sure Callista, if you feel up to it." Iella answers uncertainly.

"Oh, and if you need any mathematical calculations done, I'll be glad to attempt them." Ooryl speaks from his sleeping pallet.

"OK, guys. Let's get moving!" Iella commands with new vigor.

Two days and a night later of solid non-stop repairing, the pilots stand back to look at the repaired transport. Under Iella Wessiri's command, the pilots, including Bror, had completed the near-impossible task of making the ship flyable again.

"Looks good, but it'd never get past an NR inspector." Biggs exclaims with a smirk on his face. Bror Jace turns to Iella.

"You were right, we are but equal in rank. Besides rank is nothing when put up against the pure motivation and determination to do what has to be done. I see now, that only together can we conquer our obstacles."

He holds his right gloved hand out towards Iella. She looks at it undecidedly for a few seconds, and then a smile spreads across her face. The two flight officer's hands meet together in a firm handshake.

"Ok, now let's get some space between this piece of junk and the ground." Iella advises.

Bror Jace and Iella Wessiri each grip a set of controls at the control board. Bror punches the ignition. A roar fills the cockpit as the engines come to life like a wampa awakening from hibernation. The wine of the repulsor coils rise in pitch. All at once, the engines give a coughing sputter and die. The silence is oppressive.

"NOOO!!!" Iella screams in rage.

She slams both her hands down onto the control panel. The engines roar back to life. The resurrected Lumba III slowly ascends from the ground. As cloud of reddish dust billows around the old transport, Iella throws the throttle stick forward, and the ship shoots forward.

"Prepare for hyperspace." Bror Jace commands as the transport pulls into a wider orbit of the planet.

Iella shoves the hyperspace handle forward. Nothing happens.

"NOOO!!!" She agonizingly wails for a second time that day.

Seventeen days of horror, worry, and turmoil come crashing down upon her. Large teardrops splatter on the control panel screen.

"Iella, I--" Bror starts, "Wait! We have incoming ships on our scanners!"

"Lumba III, this is General Antilles. Please report. Lumba III, this is General Antilles. Please report," comes the voice from the comm speakers.

"WEDGE! Are we glad to see you! This is Flight Officer Bror Jace reporting," Bror yells.

"I'm glad to see you too! Is everyone all right in there? A frigate is on its way here," Wedge inquires.

"Ya, some of us are pretty battered up, but we're all alive! We're also starving to death! I just can't wait to sink my teeth into a juicy nerf burger!" Bror exclaims.

A small ceremony is held on the frigate's main bridge, two days later. Iella Wessiri and Bror Jace stand before General Wedge Antilles as he hands them each a shiny Lieutenant badge.

"Congratulations Lieutenant Bror Jace, and congratulations Lieutenant Iella Wessiri. You have both showed great courage in the face of near impossible odds, and you have shown that we cannot concur our trials alone. What you have done symbolizes what being a Rogue Squadron pilot is all about."

The general shakes their hands, and the watching pilots cheer enthusiastically.

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Subject: [RogueSquadron] Notification of Annihilation

Written by General Corran Horn

Flight Cadet Feylis Ardele stands on the pathway of her home as the taxispeeder drives away. The house sits on a small patch of land and is similar in design to the rest of the houses on the long curving street. She takes a deep breath to calm her jittery nerves. It had been three years since she had last seen her family, three very long years. She had been meaning to visit them several times, but something always seem to come up. She makes her way up the short pathway to the ornately decorated porch entryway. Her finger is posed over the door buzzer ready to press it, when a loud wailing siren fills the city.

Feylis jerks and glances skyward. A glimmering shaft of green energy pierces through the clouds and impacts the ground. Sounds of explosions fill her ears as a shockwaves threatens to throw her off balance. As the pilot gazes in horror at the shocking sight, a sizable defense force consisting of craft such as Y-wings, Z-95s, and R-41 Starchasers rises from several nearby spaceports to challenge the attacking Imperial Star Destroyer. Several more laser bolts rain down as Feylis watches for a couple very long minutes. As she turns back to the door of her home, a brilliant flash blinds her. The sound of fuel tanks blowing, wood splintering, metal screeching under extreme pressure, and glass shattering fills her head in one ear-slitting explosion. She is thrown through the air as if tossed by a giant hand. Wave after wave of scorching heat rolls over her.

Rogue Squadron pilot Feylis Ardele finds herself lying in the middle of the street that runs in front of her house. She is bruised, battered, and slightly scorched, but otherwise very much alive. Shaking her head back and forth in an effort to stop the buzzing sound that fills her ears, she slowly lifts herself to her knees. She freezes as her eyes swing towards the ruins of her home. It is engulfed in flames, as the rest of the houses around her are. Billowing black pours into the sky, and causes her eyes to sting.

Feylis hears a shrill wailing scream from very close by. It takes a second for the agonized pilot to realize that the scream she heard was from her own mouth. "They're gone, Ma, Pa, and little Dari! I'll never see them again!" Her mind shrieks. Throwing herself back onto the pavement, she pounds the ground with her fist as hot tears course down her face.

Feylis lies there on the ground as ties soar over the city, and Imperial walkers land. Finally she gives herself a hard shake and attempts to pull herself together. "I can't stay here; I have to get to my X-wing," she thinks, "I have to get a hold of myself." She had lost close friends and fellow pilots before and handled their deaths quite well, but this was different; this was her family and the only real home she had known. It all had disappeared in a flash of light.

She drags herself up, an emotionless expression now on her face. "Someone will pay." That single thought is all that fills her mind as a new determination sets in. Feylis limps over to her old landspeeder that had been kept in the shed out back for the time that Dari would be old enough to drive it. "And now, she never will be able to." Feylis quickly shoves the thought away. The battered landspeeder is now lying several meters away at a strange angle on the side of the road.

Several minutes pass before Feylis finally gets the speeder righted and running. It chugs down the residential street and towards a main road.

Feylis blindly pulls the speeder around a sharp corner and straight towards a Chartiot Light Assault Vehicle that had been parked on the road. Reacting with pilot-honed reflexes she jerks the steering wheel to the side. The landspeeder's damaged steering jets strain to move the speeding bulk, but fail miserable. Even at the speeder's slow speed, the impact flips the speeder spinning onto its side.

"Get out of the speeder, and keep you hands where we can see them!" A stormtrooper with a red cape on his shoulder orders her from the sideways speeder.

Feylis crawls forward.

"Major, take your men and continue your search of these buildings." He directs to several awaiting stormtroopers. "Irlic and Roni, check the damage on the Chariot. I'll take care of the prisoner."

Feylis is forced into the back of a nearby ground transport. The stormtrooper shuts the door and strides to the front of the transport. He steps into the driving compartment, rolls down the metal wall that divided his compartment from the prisoner's, and pulls his helmet off.

"TIERCE!!!" Feylis shrieks in surpise.

Lieutenant Tierce winces. "Keep it down, we don't want the some of those stormtroopers outside to here you."

"But--but--what are you doing her???" She stammers.

"Oh, that's kind of a long story. Irlic and Roni over there are two of my buddies from Intelligence, but none of the other stormtroopers here know who we really are. Anyway, enough of the chat; we have to get back over to the shuttle." The undercover pilot responds.

The transport roars down the street towards the nearest spaceport. Hordes of people run screaming through the streets from the pursuing Imperials. At-At Walkers fire off bursts of ruby red lasers at planetary defense turrets. Ties tangle with defending ships, and shoot down escaping ones.

Feylis's red-rimmed eyes scan the nightmare surrounding her. Her home planet, the place where she had always thought she could go back to, was under Imperial siege.

The transport makes it to the spaceport in less than fifteen minutes. Tierce and Feylis charge out of the transport and towards the shuttle that had brought the disguised Rebel in. Irlic and Roni, who had been behind them in the damaged Chariot, follow close behind.

"Halt! What do you guys think you're doing?" The guard at the bottom of the shuttle's gangplank demands.

"Oh, we're just going on a little field trip." Lieutenant Tierce answers casually as he slid his blaster from his holster.

In a shower of blue sparks, the stunned trooper slides to the pavement.

Once in the cockpit, Tierce grabs the controls, and maneuvers the shuttle out of the spaceport.

"Just look at all those people down there," says Irlic, "running around in circles, not knowing where to go."

"Ya, that's because the city's bomb shelters are already packed out." Teirce informs him.

"Bomb shelters." For some reason that word sparks something into Feylis' mind. "BOMBSHELTER!!! How could I forget???" She screams out loud.

"Give me the controls, Tierce!"

Before Lieutenant Tierce can even respond, he finds himself rudely shoved from the pilot's seat. "

Hey!" He yells indignantly, but Feylis isn't even listening.

Instead, she leans forward staining her eyes out the front viewport; her knuckles white from gripping the flight stick. The shuttle shoots off towards the ruins of her home.

"What's she doing?" Asks Roni as Feylis charges from the shuttle, parked on the street in front of her house.

"I don't know. I'm starting to get worried about her. Losing her whole family like that must be tougher than I can even imagine." Answers Tierce.

Feylis charges into the smoldering debris of the building that had once been her home. Digging around frantically reveals what she had returned for. There, under the ash that had once been the living room rug, lays a steel door embedded in the floor. The door had been warped by intense heat caused by the near direct hit from the Imperial Star Destroyer's blast. Tierce and the two agents from Intelligence assist her in prying it open.

With a loud creak, the steel door slowly opens. The anxious face of Feylis' father peers up at them.

"Pa!" Feylis screams as she leap down the hole into his arms, nearly bowling him over.

Feylis spread her arms wider to include both her mother and her little sister in a massive hug. A small tear glistens in Tierce's eye as he witnesses the joyous family reunion.

With a mighty roar, the shuttle lifts off.

"Tierce, look over there! Those two transports are trying to escape, but those At-ats are about to mow them down!" Feylis, back at the pilot's controls, exclaims.

She steers the ship towards the lumbering metal beast.

With the help of the shuttle's full stack of proton torpedoes, the walkers soon lay in unidentifiable heaps of melted armor. Bringing the shuttle's lasers to bear, Feylis clears a path through the ties heading towards the escaping transports.

Twenty minutes later, the shuttle and the transports soar past the Star Destroyer, and leap into hyperspace.

Tierce and Feylis stand outside the door of General Horn's office.

"Come in!" General Horn barks.

Tierce and Feylis glance at each other uncertainly. The general seemed to be really upset about something. Tierce slowly opens the door, and they step through. Once inside, the two pilots snap to attention and salute smarty. General Horn returns the salute, but leaves the pilots standing there. He slowly steps around his desk, and stands in front of the nervous Lieutenant and Flight Officer.

"Pilots, I am very disappointed in your performance today. You took unnecessary risks, and neglected significant parts of the mission plan. Because of your horrible conduct in attempting to attain the mission goal, thousands if not millions of innocent people were slain by the raiding Imperial forces." The general declares in a stern reproaching voice.

Lieutenant Tierce and Flight Officer Feylis Ardele have to fight to keep they're mouths from dropping open in shock.

"You know what I'm going to do about it???" Corran inquires in a angry voice.

The pilot's are too afraid to even respond.

I asked a question! Do you know what I'm going to do about it??? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" The general's face is steaming, and his ears are getting quite red.

A sly grin spreads across Tierce's face. "You're going to promote us."

"Uh,'d you know?" General Horn looks up baffled. His hand stopped halfway in his pocket, clutching two shiny objects.

"Oh, ya. Well, I just wanted to tell you that there couldn't be found two better pilots then you guys!" General Horn beams.

"Of course you do have equals in our squadron, but none better!" He quickly corrects. "Seeing pilots like you always assures me that Rogue Squadron is really the elite of the elite squadrons. Congratulations Captain Tierce, and congratulations Lieutenant Feylis Ardele! I'd hold a formal ceremony for you guys, but we just got a call from Admiral Ackbar. We're needed back at Coruscant right away. We'll hold the ceremony later."

'Thank you, general!" Captain Tierce and Lieutenant Feylis cry simultaneously.

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Subject: Notification of Penetration

Written by Ran-Syi Torack
Edited by General Corran Horn

"This is going to be a slightly different kind of mission then you're used to, so listen up." General Horn explained. He was in front of the briefing room's display screen as he told the two pilots of their upcoming mission. "There is a Imperial facility in the Ossus system. Our intelligence tells us that the facility is used for the manufacturing of TIE interceptors and TIE bombers. You, along with your two X-wings will be dropped 2 kilometers away from the base perimeter, and from there, you will need to scope out the base and determine how much firepower is needed to take it out. When you have made your estimations, return to your ships and rendezvous with the fleet in the Tanaab system. Is everything clear, pilots?"

Ran-Syi and Mirax both nodded their heads.

"Well then, get your gear loaded up, you're moving out at 15:00."

The flight to the Ossus system seemed to last forever. Both of the pilots tried to concentrate on the mission ahead, but shards of nervousness clogging their minds.

"So, we're both going to go up the mountain near the base, and then we try to get a good idea of what is needed to take it out, right?" Ran-Syi asked.

"Yes, and hopefully, that's all we'll need to do. If things aren't certain, I'm going to need to sneak into the base." Mirax said.

"And if we do that, I'm just going to stay on the mountain, right?" Ran-Syi questioned.

"Yep, I outrank you, so I go in." Mirax said, just as they reached their destination.

The two pilots flew away from the fleet and entered the planet's atmosphere. The planet of Tarshe was a green forest planet, uninhabited because the imperials used to control all access to the system. The pilots flew just barely above the trees, searching for a place to land their X-wings.

"How does that area over there look?" Ran-Syi asked.

"It will work. It's a pretty tight fit, but it will work. Hopefully we won't be in a rush to leave." Mirax replied uncertainly.

The usual nervousness and uncertainty that came from a mission like this, seemed to be much more oppressive than normal. Ran-Syi and Mirax jumped down from their X-wings and put on the camouflage gear that was given to them. Once they were ready, they headed out for the mountain that was near the base.

The hike was quiet, lacking any pointless conversation, and soon they had reached the base of the mountain. They scaled the mountain at a fast pace, considering Mirax was an ex-smuggler and Ran-Syi was a Jedi Knight. Even though it took about two hours to get from the ships to the top of the mountain, the pilots showed little fatigue.

"Now let's have a look at this base." Mirax said, as she took out her macrobinoculars and peered at the structure below the mountain.

Ran-Syi took out his own macrobinoculars and started looking around.

"The base security is virtually invisible..." Ran-Syi reported.

"Yeah, I guess the imperials don't have the budget to defend this place. Still, I've got to double check...I'm going to sneak in. If you need anything, you can use the radio. I'll contact you right before I enter the base, okay?" Mirax asked.

"Okay, if you think it's necessary." Ran-Syi answered.

Mirax picked up her stuff and started her descent down the mountain.

"Mirax!" Ran-syi called out. "Be careful."

"You to, Ran-Syi." She called back over her shoulder.

The officer approached his commander, unsure of the plan.

"Commander, why are we waiting? We could have taken them out when they were in orbit!"

The Commander replied with arrogance, "Patience Lieutenant, we will have them soon. Our leader needs them to lure someone else to him. Wait for the one to enter our base, and them we will capture them both."

"Okay, I'm about to enter the base. Contact me only if it's an emergency, and I'll tell you when I'm out. Got that, Ran-Syi?" Mirax asked over the radio.

"Got it, I'll be ready." Ran-Syi replied. Something wasn't right. The security just wasn't there, and things were disturbingly unanimated at the base. The thing that disturbed Ran-Syi the most was the fact that there wasn't a single stormtrooper anywhere...

Mirax threw a rope around one of the spikes on the west wall, and climbed up it with practiced ease. After looking around to check that no one was is sight, she lightly repelled down the wall. She threw the rope back over to the outside of the wall, knowing that she had a extra with her to get out with. Holding her breath every step of the way, she approached the main compound. Avoiding all the officers and workers, she snuck around to the back of the main building. Right there in the back of the building was a open window. She leaned over just enough to take a peek through the open window to see that no one was in the hallway.

"This is way too obvious." Mirax thought, but she decided to go through the window anyway.

She slipped in, and looked around at the different doors in the hallway. Not many ways to go; there was a communications lab, a armory that required a key card to get in, a door that didn't have any markings on it, and a fourth door that caught her attention. The words "Commander's office" were etched in gold on the door's wooden paneling. She heard muffled voices coming from behind the door, so she quietly crept up and listened in on the conversation.

"The attack against Coruscant is ready to launch at 19:00, Commander." said a voice.

"Great work, Lieutenant. Soon Coruscant will be a mass of rubble and our master will have his bait..." replied another voice.

Mirax quickly looked at her watch, and saw that the time was 17:47, she got up and headed for the window and pulled out her radio and was about to contact Ran-Syi, when she heard something...


Mirax quickly contacted Ran-Syi, "Ran-Syi, we have a problem! They knew we were here the whole time, and they are going to strike Coruscant at 19:00! You have to..." Mirax was interrupted by a dark, mechanical sound that was chilling to the bone...

"Mirax? MIRAX?" Ran-Syi yelled into the radio, but all he got for a response was static.

Ran-Syi didn't know what to do. An attack was going to be launched in about one hour, and Mirax had probably been captured. He tried to think about what to do, but something caught his attention first.

Three objects shot straight up into the air from the base. Ran-Syi had no idea what they were, but their presence frightened him. After flying about thirty meters higher than the mountain, the objects stopped their vertical ascent and headed straight in the direction of Ran-Syi. Ran-Syi started to get an idea of what the objects were as they approached.

He hastily pulled out his lightsaber, and flicked the power switch. The white blade rose from the handle. Ran-Syi knew what they were for sure now. Before he could think about what to do, the sound of three plasma guns start to fire off. Dark troopers. They were all supposed to be destroyed now, but there they were, hovering over him. The blue energy quickly coming closer to the mountain. There was only one thing to do.

Ran-Syi used the force to jump high into the air, and levitated himself at the peck of his jump. He hadn't had much practice in using the force to fly, but he was going to have to do it anyway. Deifying gravity for this long had been a somewhat legendary trait of Ran-Syi's past generations.

He leaped into the air, and was carried higher than expected by the planets low gravity. Ran-Syi was now level with the three dark troopers, and flew at the one to his left. The dark troopers fired off their plasma guns at high speeds, and Ran-Syi's force reflexes barely reacted in time to avoid the shots.

He held his lightsaber over his head and cut the trooper vertically in half, sending the two pieces of metal flying down to the planet surface. The center trooper prepared to fire at Ran-Syi, but the other one launched a missile. The troopers were still just machines, and this became very apparent as the missile directly hit the center one, causing his jetpack to fail. As the trooper fell, Ran-Syi quickly flew over and decapitated the last trooper.

"Sir, our strike is ready to launch in one hour, and we have one of the pilots captured." reported the commander.

"Good work. What about the other one?" demanded the dark figure.

"We located him by tracing the captured pilot's last com transmission. We have sent three dark troopers to engage him." said the commander.

"That should be more than adequate, but do not fail me, or I will personally remove your heart from your body and let you watch it stop beating." threatened the figure in a menacing tone.

"Uhhh..understood completely, sir." Answered the frightened commander.

As the dark figure shut off the video screen, he felt something odd. An all too familiar presence had come over him, a picture of light and of all things good. A picture of redemption from darkness into light, from death into life, from destruction to healing. It sickened him as images of the past flew through his mind, images of change, images of light. He had potential to be strong, but he became weak like all the others. He knew what was happening here, and he wished it hadn't changed to the entire light it was now.

Ran-Syi could feel something as he glided toward the base, an all too familiar dark presence that sickened him to the bone. Something that used to have hoped to change from it's roots, but now was unchangeable. Flashes of Ran-Syi's past flickered through his head, old wounds openly flowing through him and images of darkness that no one should ever see. He knew what was happening here, and he wished that it hadn't changed to the entire darkness it was now.

Both of them hated when this happened. Whenever one of them found something connected to the other, they always found each other's presence. Ran-Syi was tortured by dark specters of the past, and Khyron was blinded with a pure image of the light side. Both were disgusted at the other, and whenever it happened, it was destructive to the other. They were both relieved that it only happened seldomly.

Ran-Syi pressed on, trying to block out the darkness, and make it to the base. He used the force to make himself appear invisible to humans, and jumped over a wall. Because of his mind control over the weaker Imperial minds, he effortlessly entered the main compound. Even though he was invisible to humans, he wasn't invisible to dark troopers. He proceeded with extreme caution. Ran-Syi glanced around the complex, looking for anything that could help him. One door caught his attention, it was the armory, but it needed to have a keycard to open it up. There were too many people to slash it with his lightsaber, and he didn't have any equipment to hack into the card slot. If he could just open the door, slip through quietly, and close the door within a couple seconds, there was a good chance that no one would notice. An invisible blade hacking a door apart would just be a bit to obvious.

Just when he was about to give up, a lieutenant walked out of the Commander's office behind him, his keycard on his belt.

Ran-Syi had to struggle to keep his invisibility and pull the key card from the Lieutenant's belt, but with a little effort, the keycard flew to Ran-Syi's hand. He swiped the card through the slot and entered the armory. There were all kinds of weapons placed around the room, stormtrooper rifles, dark trooper weapons, thermal detonators, imperial repeaters, and one sequence charge. Ran-Syi picked up the only sequence charge and put it in the back of his belt. Now he was set to blow up the base. He had no time to spare. A grim determination settled over him, as he stepped from the room.

18:27 was the time that was displayed on Mirax's watch. Only thirty-three minutes till Coruscant would overrun with dark troopers, and then the empire could strike anywhere and destroy the entire planet. She only hoped that Ran-Syi was able to contact the fleet in time, if he was still alive. Suddenly, she heard the sounds of the dark troopers outside her cell attacking something. The plasma shots could be heard from inside the cell, but so could another distinct sound. A lightsaber.

A beam of white light sliced through the trooper. A second later the door opened. "Ran-Syi! What are you doing here? You should have told the fleet about the dark troopers!" Mirax exclaimed in relief.

"I didn't have enough time to, so I decided just to blow up the base instead." Ran-Syi said.

"Just blow up the base instead? You can't just walk into a base and press a button and expect it to blow up!" Mirax said exasperatingly.

"You can if you have a sequencer charge." Ran-Syi answered. "Let's get over to the reactor core quick!"

As soon a Mirax grabbed one of the dark trooper's weapons, they headed off towards the reactor core.

Khyron was trying to figure out why he had felt Ran-Syi's presence; it took something directly related to either of them for it to happen. Capturing one of the RS pilots shouldn't have done that, and even if Ran-Syi found out that he had captured the pilot, it still wouldn't do that. With a jolt of shock, Khyron realized what had happened. Ran-Syi was on Tarshe. He was the other pilot.

They headed down the hallway to the entrance to the power generator; both of them ready to engage any foe. The dim, red lighting eerily flickered as they walked down the stairs. They became tense as the descent continued, and finally, they reached the core. No dark troopers were in sight. Mirax covered Ran-Syi as he opened up the panel on the power couplings. Ran-Syi was fully aware of different traps that were set off when weight, like the weight of a sequencer charge, was applied to the power couplings. Sometimes poisonous gases were released, or a alarm was sounded, or gun turrets popped up and shot at the charge placer.

Ran-Syi dismissed this as he set the charge to 5:00 minutes. Sweat covered his brow. There was just enough time to stop the attack on Coruscant. Ran-Syi nervously prepared to place the charge. He brought the charge up next to the coupling, and then placed it. It was planted, and the timer was ticking.

"Let's get out of here!" Ran-Syi yelled to Mirax.

All of the sudden, six doors sprung open, and six dark troopers appeared. Both of the pilots were caught off guard, and alarms started to sound off through the base. The troopers pointed their guns at the pilots and fired off their plasma shots. Ran-Syi and Mirax dove behind a pillar just in time.

With teeth clenched, Ran-Syi pulled out his lightsaber and charged at one of the troopers, while Mirax shot at another one with the dark trooper weapon. Before the trooper could get another shot off, it's arms where no longer attached to it's body. Ran-Syi deflected a plasma bolt into the next one, and finished it off with a severing slash.

Mirax had finished riddling the first trooper with plasma and shot a missile at the other two. Ran-Syi spun around and thrust his lightsaber threw the chest of another trooper. Mirax fired off two missiles and took out the last two.

The remaining charge time read T-3:48 seconds.

Mirax dropped the dark trooper weapon as both the pilots ran for the exit. They quickly charged up the stairs and through the jail cell hallway, hearts pounding violently. They were going to have to run faster to get out in time. The two pilots were getting quite desperate. People scrambled in panic to get out as they ran through the complex.

T-1:18 seconds were left on the clock.

They stumbled through the halls and ended up on an outside balcony. The ground lay many meters below.

T-0:46. There was one option left.

Ran-Syi took a deep breath and pulled forth his last vestiges of energy. He picked up Mirax and leapt from the balcony. Mirax's scream caught in her throat as they plummeted to the ground. At the last possible moment, Ran-Syi pulled up. He flew as low as he could and headed toward the mountain. He safely landed on the mountain set Mirax down.

T-0:03 seconds left.

The explosion was gigantic. Ran-Syi laid completely exhausted on the dirt. It was amazing how a well placed explosive could bring down an entire base. After a brief rest, the two pilots proceeded on the way to their x-wings.

The hall was huge. Hundred of pilots and New Republic dignitaries filled the cavernous room. The two pilots strode erect down the red velvet carpet as the crowd erupted with applause. The two heros held their chins high, in an successful attempt to hide their fatigue.

"Congratulations, pilots! You have saved Coruscant from destruction and have wiped out the last traces of the Dark Troopers from the galaxy. For that, you are rewarded with the Kalidor Crescent."

General Horn declared with a generous grin.

"It is a token of the highest prestige, given to those who distinguish themselves beyond the call of duty. Ran-Syi, for your repeated acts of bravery, and self-sacrifice, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations!"

General Horn exclaimed, as he handed the pilots their medals and gave Ran-Syi his lieutenant badge.

The crowd roared with cheers as the pilots received their honors. General Horn turned back to the microphone for one last statement.

"Now, as General Janson always says, let the party begin!!!"

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:51 pm 
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Replies moved here

Myn Donos
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Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 10:34 am

I figure its better to talk here than in the post itself.

I can't possibly make all the comments I would like to, but wow - that was sure a blast from the past! I remember reading half of those the day they were "posted" (read: emailed).

Here's one comment though, regarding this line:

"Ran-Syi sits up in his cot. "How can it be possible? I saw his death myself; no one could have survived that fall" "
From "Notification of Eradication"

Lucas stole that line from us! Come on, a Jedi/Sith thought to be dead because he fell off a cliff? Too coincidental. I bet one of those registered users who lurk in the shadows and never post is actually GL.


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Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2005 11:56 am

Heh, wow, I didn't remember that line, Myn. For some reason, though, lurking within the depths of my subconcious I seem to think I stole (was inspired by) that from Jedi Knight. Was that in Jedi Knight?

Another funny thing that happens sometimes is that I come up with a great idea and suddenly get a sense of deja vu. Then I realize that I had come up with that exact same idea months or even years ago but had just never done anything with it.

<reading stories>

~Slightly excited and marginally nervous~

I think I was trying to be a little too creative with my wording ;-)

~"For your quality participation in this squadron do we give you this promotion."~

Ack! Yoda I sound like. Kudos, though, for being able to pull of present tense writing, despite its akwardness.

Hehe, our characters do sound like teenagers in these stories, but then again, the stories were more about the teenage people behind them the characters themselves. The writing quality seems to be progressing as well from story to story.

Oh, man, I love this nerf story. Insanity.

I'll have to read more later. Commenting on my own stories is a bit strange, but hey, it's been six years since I wrote 'em ;-)


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Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2005 2:37 pm

<finishes reading>

The first stories are definiely funnier (and cornier, but they do have their charm), and the later stories are more serious (and better written). What I find interesting is how much the missions and stories vary from each other, and they often involve small teams of people rather than the whole squadron. I'll definitely keep that in mind for future Plot stories.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 3:12 pm 
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Notification of excitation is still the best :D

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