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 Post subject: The Plotpedia
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:57 pm 
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This is the ambitious Plotpedia, a project started in July of 2000 and never completed due to the immense insanity of the task. It's a log of characters, characteristics, planets, technology, ship names, etc. that are unique to the RS Plot. The purpose of this Plot encyclopedia was to make it much easier to refer back to things in old Plot stories. You still may find it helpful.

Prelude to Plot 1

    1. Throne Room music played for Tyria's promotion to FO.
    2. The first few promotion stories were based on humor.
    3. Commander Testive, a commander of the prison face was in. Probably dead.
    4. Ran-Syi's lightsaber was newly constructed when he fought Zev in the RS base. The blade is white.
    5. Zev has a smooth, modulated voice.
    6. Ran-Syi didn't know how Zev could be alive.
    7. Zev has a red saber.
    8. Ran-Syi asks General Horn to destroy Zev's lightsaber. Does General Horn do it?
    9. The spirit of Yoda had trained Ran-Syi somewhere else besides Dagobah.
    10. Guardian Y-Wing squadron in Tyria's second promotion story.
    11. The ship Starlifter in Tyria's second promotion story, commanded by an Admiral.
    12. Tangrene, a planet attacked during that time.
    13. Illor, a lush resort planet attacked by Imps.
    14. Lumba III, the ship that the pilots fix up after Bror Jace crashes it.
    15. Dari, Feylis's little sister.
    16. Irlic and Roni, two NRI agents that assist Tierce on Feylis's home planet.
    17. Ossus system, location of Darth Khyron's Dark Trooper facility.
    18. Tarshe, the planet of the facility.

Plot 1a

    19. Cubber, an RS mechanic.
    20. Spinx, Ran's R2 unit with a popcorn maker.
    21. Ran envisions a great white ewok at the end of a long tunnel when he is injured.
    22. Feylis is an almost-red-head.
    23. Squeaky was at the base.
    24. Erisa Dlarit, working for Black Sun, tipped the Imperials off about the location of Tynna Base.
    25. Faruund, a large type of animal on Toprawa.
    26. Commander Brangs, mission briefer for Ran when he was a Landwarrior. Was shot by Iella. Probably dead.
    27. Ran has one blue and one gray eye.
    28. Adirondack, the name of the asteroid the prison/torture facility, Gamma Beta 2, stands. Adirondack System, Quadrant 4 Mid Rim. Cybernetics lab.
    29. Selen Gravin, Adirondack base supervisor.
    30. 1200 of the 15,412 Rebel warriors held there were being converted to Landwarriors. Ran Kether was the first Rebel to be indoctrinated and enhanced.

Plot 1b

    31. Callista's Dark Jedi is slightly younger than she. He has short black hair.
    32. Shadow Enforcer, a YT-1300 that is to be used by RS in the Adirondack campaign.
    33. Foo and Flem, Ran's fish from Chandrilla.
    34. Float Fish, a fish with a stinging tentacle.
    35. Casaba Melon.
    36. Harmzuay, a Kaloth-Class Cruiser that RS captures and gets to keep.
    37. Dr. Sharon, a doctor who graduated from the renowned Rudrig Bio Mechanical University.

Plot 1c

    38. Clink, Myn's astromech.
    39. Zeth, Kyp Durron's shuttle.
    40. Colonel Brenmel, New Republic rival of Wedge.
    41. Controller Harden, the one whom Tyria wouldn't give a flight plan to.
    42. Karen Shellfield, Ran's girlfriend.
    43. Jarcen (f) and Ensign Reily (m), the guards posted outside of Ran's room.
    44. Deep-dish Salfra Cake.
    45. Ler grain bread.
    46. Mubble fries.
    47. Calamarian deep-sea kurn.
    48. Moraine Lake.
    49. Geyser Springs.
    50. Glacier Fields Galactic Park.
    51. Silver Fern Forest.
    52. Cliffs of Moher.
    53. Kapp Dendo, commando who helped in the Adirondack campaign.
    54. Zraii and Koyi Komad, two RS mechanics.
    55. Merr Sonn Glop grenade.
    56. Merr Sonn Munitions Laser Fletchette mine.
    57. T-31 light artillery canon.
    58. E-11 blaster rifle.
    59. D-21 Merr Sonn slugthrower.
    60. Anti-Armor laser.
    61. Blastech DL-44 pistol.
    62. Arc welder.
    63. Sonic pistol.
    64. Kywhyn, a guard on Calli's Dark Jedi's ship.
    65. Doctor Pulaski, RS doctor. Dead.
    66. Mandy, an RS doctor or nurse.
    67. Ilia, Feylis's best friend who died.
    68. Daan, another friend of Feylis.
    69. Jorab, the captured Black Sun Commander.
    70. Disruptor pistol.
    71. Stinger Harpoon Missile Launcher.
    72. C-93 Repeater Rifle.
    73. Vibro shiv.
    74. Zerka Z flame thrower.
    75. C-93 Fletchette launcher.
    76. Plx-2x missile launcher.
    77. Void Creator, Interdictor that Face's group ran into on their way to Adirondack.
    78. Sentenial-Class shuttle, the ship that Face's group flew.
    79. Merr Sonn sonic rifle.
    80. Commander Noves, Imperial commander in Khyron's fortress.
    81. Dozen-and-two Avengers, Kyp's old squadron.
    82. Yuuzhan Vong, the group that killed Kyp's.
    83. DH-17, lighter, faster-firing version of the 44.
    84. Doctor Streakson, the Imperial doctor that cloned Ran. Short, squat, and plump. Probably dead.

Plot 2

    85. Incom T-69, the type of X-wing we fly.
    86. Phantom, the cloaking facility space station that RS attacked. It was self-destructed by a lone crewman.
    87. Invader, the group of three Assault Shuttles that docked with the Phantom.
    88. Xupracha Brand 499, most potent form of bacta.
    89. When Ran was transferred to Tycho's body, Ran/Tycho got one deep blue eye and one gray one. His hair is starting to turn from blond-brown to reddish brown.
    90. Sniper, Winter's R2 unit.
    91. Cerytiny, the metal used in the explosion mechanisms of large weapons.
    92. Argo III, system at the edge or the Outer Rim territories. The Vertex stops here to mine the asteroid fields.
    93. Colonel Mareek Stele, pilot in Phantom Squadron, a group of cloaked Tie Defenders.
    94. General Veal Cortove, commander of Phantom Squadron.
    95. Gathomy, farm planet with only about fifty people and four times as many droids.
    96. Meno, a game similar to baseball.
    97. Rutter Fish.
    98. Dreenut Sauce.
    99. Raiders of Odul, a pirate group threatening Sluis Van.
    100. Screech, Kyp's R6 unit.
    101. Ceda, Tyria's oldest sister.
    102. Tweak, Feylis's astromech.
    103. Redemptor, Face's personal gun.
    104. Censara III, location of the Imperial Ubiqtorate base where Ran and his commando group discovered the plans for the Cataclysm-Class Cruiser.
    105. Bradstron, part of that group.
    106. Tucker, artillery officer of that group.
    107. Kyle Dekker, squad leader of the group.
    108. Dorjay Carlson, group member.
    109. Deen and Dre, identical twins in the group.
    110. Michael, another group member.
    111. Tara Abbot, another one.
    112. Dane, yet another one.
    113. Expresso, a server droid at the café in Apex Base.
    114. Mugbry stew.
    115. Councilor Gruffan, and three-eyed councilor in the High Council chamber.
    116. Senator Bel Ilbris.
    117. Nocturne, Stealth-Class Frigate.
    118. Arvin, the Stealth-Class Frigate we used instead of the Nocturne to transport Nox Base.
    119. Noz I, II, and III. Noz I is the capital world. All three are field and mountain worlds.
    120. Nemesis, jungle planet with an orbiting shipyard. The main research center for the system is on this planet.
    121. Toloran, similar to Nemesis, but without the research center.
    122. Infiltration team, Face, Kell, Lara, Janson, Ran, and Tyria.
    123. Avenger-Class Transport, smaller ship that attaches to the Cataclysm-Class Cruiser.
    124. Rancor, Kell's talking R2 unit.
    125. Snoops, X-Wing Recons.

Plot 2e

    126. UGS, Universal Guidance System
    127. Vape, Face's R2 unit.
    128. Tonin, Lara's R2 unit.
    129. IQ, Janson's R2 unit.
    130. Bantha steak.
    131. Ithorian salad.
    132. Agamar, a rustic planet.
    133. Gantuas, a large animal.
    134. Tyria's deep purple lightsaber blade elongates. When it is lengthened, deep blue and blood red energy ripples along it.
    135. Commander Qyx, the commander on the Vertex that escaped with Tyyria and brought the Cataclysm-Class Cruiser plans to the Noz system.
    136. General Jesdat, commanding officer of the Nemesis Research Center.
    137. Prime Minister Vee-Nast, director of the Noz Research Facility. Has a long gray beard.
    138. Dr. Jamel, RS doctor.
    139. Gate, Wedge's R5 unit.
    140. Cilghal, a Calamarian Jedi healer.
    141. Dr. Jikl, RS doctor.
    142. After throwing himself into the laser bars as a suicidal attempt, Ran's eyes change color with his personality. Ran now has one light blue eye (Tycho's) and one turbolaser green eye (Corran's). His accent is now a cross between Corellian and Alderaanian.
    143. Nyex, a drug in the form of pills used for patients under life support.

Plot 2h

    144. Chrys Valia, the stormtrooper woman Ran helps. Dead.
    145. Drorphine, a powerful painkiller.
    146. Feylis has brown eyes.

Plot 2i

    147. Order of Chaos, Khyyron's group.
    148. Skirptecil, a paralyzing drug.
    149. Mr. Tarmak, a storekeeper on Toprawa.
    150. Monoath, the planet where Tierce wanted to send Ran.
    151. Warlord Concannon, Imperial.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 1:57 pm 
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Feel free to add to the Plotpedia.

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