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 Post subject: Rogue Roster - Plot 13
PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 2:18 pm 
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Rosters will now be posted in here to avoid them getting lost in WG

Now arranged by wingmate pairs.

Lead General Wedge Antilles / SfPl+ ShPl+ Mch ST Wp
Eleven Lieutenant Rillao / Wp+ UCbt+ Ucov+
Eight Colonel Halley Kadorto / SfPl+ ST+ Ucov Sl
Twelve Lieutenant Deven Tarn / Wp+ HW Dem Md

Two General Corran Horn / SfPl+ Wp+ Mch UCov Ins
Seven Captain Moor Myomor / SfPl+ Sp+ Ucbt Sc
Four ****Colonel Tyria Antilles / Md+ SfPl+ Wp UCov
Five Captain Ailie Datul / Comm+ Ins Md

Three General Wes Janson / SfPl+ Wp+ Sp+ Eng+ Mch+
Ten Lieutenant Taz Krayli / Mch+ Eng Sl
Six Flight Officer Leefa Do'Fey / SfPl+ Mch
Nine Flight Officer Hayden Krah / Mch+ Eng+ Dem

Captain Jesmin Ackbar / SfPl+ ShPl+ Comm+
Flight Officer Ryle Tiizak / ST Mch+ Eng+ Sc
Cubber Daine / Mch+ Eng+ ShPl+
Niles Morvon / Mch+ Wp+ Sl
Diane Doriana / Mch+ Eng+
Dr. Sharon / Md+

Comm = Communications
Dem = Demolitions
Eng = Engineering
HW = Heavy Weapons
Ins = Insurrection
Mch = Mechanic
Md = Medic
Sc = Scout
SfPl+ = Starfighter piloting +
ShPl+ = Starship piloting +
Sl = Slicer
Sp = Sniper
ST = Strategy/Tactics
UCbt = Unarmed Combat
UCov = Undercover/Stealth
Wp = Weapons
+ Denotes that the pilot shows expertise in this area.

-- RANKS --
Flight Cadet
Flight Officer

Generally, Flight Cadets, Flight Officers, and Lieutenants share their quarters, but other ranks are welcome to as well (as long as they're the same gender or married). Each dorm is made up of three quarters arranged around a central common room. There are no dorm leaders...unless the residents wish to battle for that position.

DORM 1 -- The Lava Room
Wedge Antilles/Tyria Sarkin-Antilles

DORM 2 -- Space Lounge
Halley Kadorto/Deven Tarn
Ryle Tizaak/Moor Myomor
Corran Horn

DORM 3 -- The Yellow Submarine
Ailie Datul
Jesmin Ackbar

DORM 4 -- Tech Den
Leefa Do'Fey/Taz Krayli
Hayden Krah
Wes Janson

Post more profiles here, or contact me directly, and I'll add them in.

Name: Jesmin Ackbar
Species/Gender: Mon Calamari female
Approximate age: Late 20s
Homeworld: Mon Calamari
Astromech: Boo, grey mostly with blue stripes
Brief physical description: Standard Mon Cal (I guess you have to be one to tell the difference)
General job description: Chief Insanity Officer, Battlefield Communications Officer, and starship pilot

Name: Wedge Antilles
Species/Gender: Human Male
Approximate age: Approximately 33.5
Homeworld: Corellia
Astromech: Gate
Brief physical description: Brown eyes, 6', rugged looking, not pretty-boy like Face, and wears wedding ring.
General job description: Commanding general of Rogue Squadron, starship pilot, strategist, husband to Tyria, and loving father to Ned (the ysalamiri).

Name: Ailie Datul
Species/Gender: Human female
Approximate age: 24
Homeworld: Coruscant
Astromech: Chunky II
Brief physical description: Tall and slender. Blue eyes. Long, dark, wavy hair.
General job description: Communications/cryptology/translations officer, negotiations/diplomacy specialist, and medical assistant.

Name: Leefa Do'Fey
Species/Gender: Bothan male
Approximate age: Late 20s
Homeworld: Mothuahwa (Bothan colony)
Astromech: Morg
Brief physical description: Wild-furred, dishwater blonde. Average starfighter pilot height and build. Dashingly handsome in his own estimates.
General job description: Specializes in piloting. (Leefa's note: That's an understatement!) Mechanic.

Name: Corran Horn
Species/Gender: Human male
Approximate age: 33.5
Homeworld: Corellia
Astromech: Whistler. Gold R2 with blue trim. (Corran's note: I'm convinced Kenny Baker's inside)
Brief physical description: Average height and build for a starfighter pilot. Brown hair and green eyes. Not that interesting to look at.
General job description: Second-in-command of Rogue Squadron, Jedi, specializing in piloting, unofficial squadron shrink. Undercover operative.

Name: Wes Janson
Species/Gender: Human(?) male
Approximate age: 9................................................+30
Astromech: IQ. A great slicer and even better solitaire player.
Homeworld: Tanaab
Brief physical description: 5' 2". Light green eyes. 230-250 pounds. Black hair. Clothes usually consist of a baggy green or orange flight suit with stains. In short, Janson is pudgy, usually dirty, and somehow always looks like he needs a shave.
General job description: Inventor, slicer, mechanic solitaire player, armaments specialist, expert pilot, sniper, and comic relief (even when no one needs it/wants it).

Name: Halley Rylin Kadorto
Species/Gender: Human male
Approximate age: Mid 20s
Homeworld: Verran Province, Soltarhim City, on the planet Lianna
Astromech: R3-L7, also known as Tranzo. Classic transparent R3 dome head. The rest of his outer casing is classic white with forest green and orange on appropriate compartments.
Brief physical description: About 6', brownish-blond hair, green eyes, 175lbs.
General job description: Specializing in piloting. Battle strategist. Stealthy infiltrator, as long as he doesn't trip over something.

Name: Taz Krayli
Species/Gender: Human male
Approximate age: 25
Homeworld: Sluis Van
Astromech: R2-C4, Nitro. Grey with neon green trim.
Brief physical description: About 1.7 meters tall with brown eyes and short black hair spiked in the wildest possible directions. Kind of lanky- relies more on endurance than strength.
General job description: Chiefly mechanical, can build and take apart most electronics. However, while he can repair the components of a computer, he can't handle the commands very well. If something doesn't fit, it just needs to be hit harder. Can do a bit of engineering and slicing.

Name: Niles Morvon
Species/Gender: Human male
Approximate age: Early 40s
Homeworld: Corulag
Astromech: R2-J8, Jade. Black with jade green trim.
Brief physical description: Very tall for a human. Strong build without being exaggerated. Black hair with a dark blue sheen highlighting opaline green eyes, wearing blue contacts during current assignment. All scars, moles, and other identifying marks removed from body during recovery.
General job description: Employed as a mechanic, received extended training in weapons and computer systems. Received orders from Diane Doriana to try to get close to at least one of the pilots, more if possible because of his physical similarity to a former comrade, and learn what he can.

Name: Moor Myomor
Species/Gender: Moor is a Gand male
Approximate age: Early 50s, which is equivalent to a human in their 20s
Homeworld: Gand
Astromech: R2-D3 (Dethree)
Brief physical description: Short, green, and bald. Human-like but definitely not human. Large, dark-brown eyes. Three fingers on each hand, which form into a very hard, diamond-shaped fist, capable of penetrating stormtrooper armor and tomato paste cans for Shadow.
General job description: Specializes in piloting and sniping and can be called on for a little hand-to-hand combat. Expertise in scouting.

Name: Rillao Erika (no family name)
Species/Gender: Human female
Approximate age: 23
Homeworld: Llord
Astromech: Eryll. He's white with dark green paneling and black trim, he's also got a penguin logo on his front panel.
Brief physical description: Hair: medium length, black w/ green highlights in ponytail. Eyes: intense, bright and goldish brown. Kinda muscularish, usually smiling, mostly 'harmless looking'--a dangerous assumption
General job description: A hand-to-hand combat expert, a/v tech, and undercover op.

Name: Tyria Sarkin-Antilles
Species/Gender: Human female
Approximate age: 28
Homeworld: Toprawa
Astromech: Twitter, R2 unit; Chunky, soon-to-be-rebuilt R5 unit
Brief physical description: 5'5.5", slender build, green eyes, medium-dark brown hair with auburn highlights (natural)
General job description: Jedi, doctor, pilot, other miscellaneous stuff. By rank, could technically be considered fourth in command of Rogue Squadron.

Name: Deven Tarn
Species/Gender: Male human
Approximate age: 22-23
Homeworld: Chandrila
Astromech: Channing. Ocean blue with grey trim.
Brief physical description: 5' 8'. Light brown eyes. Dark brown hair cut short. Lean and tall, prefers to use speed and tactics as opposed to brute force (Though that works too).
General job description: Mostly piloting. Though he has extensive infantry and commando training, including the use of heavy weapons (Fixed and portable). Also received Jedi training that focused on the combat aspects.

Name: Ryle Tiizak
Species/Gender: Adarian male
Approximate age: Late 20s
Homeworld: Adari
Astromech: R2-K6, Vermill
Brief physical description: Humanoid. Light white/blue skin, nearly thick enough to be a hide. Pure white eyes. Tall, elongated skull with a large hole going completely through above the eyes. No ears or noses, and instead of lips has sharp, bony ridges. Fine hairs covering the skull pick up sound wave vibrations, and glands near the skin's surface allows for smelling.
General job description: A mid-tier pilot, tries to gain a tactical advantage rather than getting down and dirty in a dogfight. Studied to be a starship engineer, but when he became a pilot, expanded his studies some and now has training in all types of engines known to the New Republic. On ground missions functions as a forward scout. Currently an alternate pilot, concentrating on starship and support ship upkeep.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 8:43 pm 
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If at all possible, O Great General, might you please change Tyria's name from "Sarkin-Antilles" to "Antilles" throughout the roster, please? :)

Also...I guess she's like about 28.5 now, come to think of it.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2005 3:37 am 
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Might I ask where Zak is going to wind up? He's not a... stay behind person. He'd steal a fighter if he had to.

For the Empire!

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